CIA officer Dark Prince a.k.a Ayatollah Mike behind Soleimani, Bin Laden attack killed in crash?

qasem-solemaniNew Delhi, Jan 29: A top CIA official who led the hunt for Osama bin Laden is behind the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, the media in Iran is reporting.

The media named Michael D Andrea as the man behind the drone attack. Andrea also goes by the name Dark Prince and Ayatollah Mike.

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How Osama Bin Laden kept a close watch on Kashmir

osamaOsama Bin Laden kept a close watch on the developments in Kashmir, the David Headley files have revealed. Scores of documents were seized from Laden’s hideout in Pakistan after he was killed.

US wanted Raymond Davis out of Pakistan to gun down Osama Bin Laden

raymondavisRaymond Allen Davis was a contractor with the CIA. He was arrested after he shot two men in Lahore on January 27 2011. On March 16, 2011, Davis was released after the families of the two killed men were paid $2.4 million as blood money. Judges then acquitted him on all charges and Davis immediately returned to the United States.

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Osama Bin Laden’s son looks to avenge his father’s death

osamaHamza is hell-bent on avenging the death of his father, Osama Bin Laden. The revelation was made by a former FBI agent who is familiar with the personal letters seized during the raid that killed Laden, the leader of the al-Qaeda.

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Nawaz Sharif took $1.5 billion from Osama Bin Laden to promote Kashmir jihad

nawazIn more trouble for Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s opposition leader Imran Khan’s party has said it would sue Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for allegedly taking money from Osama bin Laden to promote jihad in Kashmir.

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Help us purify jihad in India: Declassified letter to Osama states

Kashmir based jihadi groups had pleaded with Osama Bin Laden to help purify jihad in India and also termed the Pakistan’s spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence as deceitful. A declassified letter written by Ilyas Kashmiri, the head of the al-Qaeda’s 313 Brigade, tells of how upset jihadi groups in India were with the ISI.

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How the ISI sheltered Mullah Omar

mullahMullah Omar was sheltered by the ISI in Pakistan. There are several accounts for this claim which has been made time and again. However, the Hillary Clinton emails clearly states that Mullah Omar was saved by the ISI.
The email regarding Mullah Omar is one of the many mails launched by the US state division. The bone of contention in these emails is that Hillary Clinton had acquired these emails on her personal server when she was the secretary of state. It is clear that the Pakistan’s ISI had two very important desks that it had set up. While one was to shield Osama Bin Laden, the other was to do with Mullah Omar.
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Mullah Omar dead: Pakistan lied yet again

mullahIslamabad, July 30: Pakistan has been caught lying once again. This time, it is regarding the death of Mullah Omar.
The Afghanistan Government says that Mullah Omar had died in Karachi in the year 2013. He was suffering from a health condition and had died at a hospital.
Pakistan had repeatedly denied the presence of Mullah Omar on its soil just like it did in the case of Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan also denied the presence of Dawood Ibrahim on its soil.Read more at: 

Osama’s Indian brother: 3 possibilities

Photo courtesy:
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When the declassified Osama Bin Laden documents were made public, there was one interesting note which speaks about the late Al-Qaeda chief’s Indian brother.

When one speaks about the Indian brother three names instantly come to mind as these persons have either been directly or indirectly connected to the Al-Qaeda and its chief Osama Bin Laden.

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Choose me in Paradise, Laden tells wife

IMG_0392Osama Bin Laden was determined to fight against the US till his last breath. Although there were reports that he was done and dusted, the declassified documents reveal that he had the will to fight till the very end, but there was also an emotive side to him.

The emotive side to Bin Laden is seen in one of the letters he had written to his wife, where he appears apologetic for putting her in a difficult situation. While giving her permission to re-marry, Bin Laden says on judgment day she will have to chose between him and her new husband in paradise. The letter that has been written in Arabic does not however indicate clearly to which of three wives he has written the letter to. It seems as though he wrote the letter to his youngest wife, who many had claimed was his favourite. Read More: