No Operation Lotus, here is how BJP plans to form government in Karnataka

Bengaluru, May 23: There is trouble brewing in Karnataka, with the BJP winning big in the Lok Sabha elections. The Congress-JD(S) alliance has performed poorly and analysts feel that this would have an impact on the government in the state.

Senior Congress leader, Roshan Baig on Tuesday ruffled several feathers, when he went on to call K C Venugopal a Buffon and Dinesh Gundu Rao a flop show. He went a step further to say that if the NDA is coming back to power, then he appeals to his Muslim brothers to learn and compromise with the situation.

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In Karnataka, a crisis is not over until the last MLA returns

Bengaluru, Jan 18: In cricket it is often said that it is not over until the last ball is bowled. In Karnataka, the case is similar. Three Congress MLAs are still elusive and this means that the BJP has not lost all hopes as yet. The Operation Lotus is not over until the last MLA returns.

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Inside story of how Siddaramaiah led the operation against Operation Lotus

Bengaluru, Jan 17: For the BJP it was yet another failed attempt at installing the government in Karnataka. Despite being the single largest party in the state with 104 MLAs, the BJP’s third attempt to form the government failed after the Congress rebels backtracked at the last moment. For the Congress and JD(S), the Herculean task was to convince the rebels, who were upset after the Cabinet expansion. Some of them had rebelled after being left out and nearly 5 of them had been camping in Mumbai giving the coalition the jitters.

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Operation Lotus: An unwanted adventure, when focus should have been the LS polls

Bengaluru, Jan 17: Another misadventure by the Karnataka has come to an end, with some rebels in the Congress returning to their fold. It began with the fiasco of trying to install a government after the 2018 assembly elections, which was short lived.

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Operation Lotus fails again

Bengaluru, Jan 17: Another attempt gone down the drain. The ambitious plan by the Karnataka BJP to topple the ruling JD(S)-Congress coalition in the state suffered a setback after some rebels developed cold feet. Some of the disgruntled Congress MLAs began backing out and were seen gradually returning to their home turf even as allegations of the BJP trying to poach them were reported widely.

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Operation Lotus on back burner? Why BJP decided to stay away from Karnataka MLC poll

cpyogeshwar-guttedarBengaluru, Sep 25: Amidst all the drama that is taking place in Karnataka, the BJP has decided to give the legislative council polls a miss. With this, the MLC polls would be a mere formality and the candidature of two Congressmen Naseer Ahmed and M C Venugopal and JD(S) nominee Ramesh Gowda would go through without any trouble.

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It is strategy abstain, not Operation Lotus this time for BJP Karnataka

bjp223After a mid marathon hearing in the Supreme Court, B S Yeddyurappa was finally given the green-signal to take over the Chief Minister of Karnataka. This would however be subject to the petition filed by the Congress and JD(S), the court said while deciding to take up the matter on Friday.

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TMC to BJP- Don’t forget Operation Lotus

BJP-rally_shots_650_1There is a beeline that is being made by several members of the Trinamool Congress party to join the Bharatiya Janata Party. The BJP, however, would carefully scrutinize every entry and not open the doors blindly since they do realize the mistake that was made in Karnataka in the form of Operation Lotus or Operation Kamala.

A senior BJP leader from Delhi tells oneindia that those wanting to party hop will not get a free entry into the party. There will be a thorough scrutiny of every entrant as we are aware of how we burnt our fingers in Karnataka when we undertook Operation Lotus.

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End of Operation Lotus

Seeking to downplay the Sushma Swaraj vs Arun Jaitley tussle over the Reddy brothers of Bellary, Karnataka, Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa said that the issue was blown out of proportion.
Interacting with the media in Bangalore, he said he was aware when they were inducted into the Cabinet he was aware of it. There are many issues surrounding them, but the question of axing them does not arise since none of the charges against them have been proven as yet. I will await the Supreme Court verdict on the illegal mining issue before any decision can be taken, the Chief Minister also said. He also said that this issue was blown out of proportion and too much was being read into it.
Further Yeddyurappa who completed three years in office as the first BJP chief minister in South India, he said that his government will sail through smoothly for the next two years. The Operation Lotus kind of programme will not take place any more and the next two years, he will focus only on development. There will be no dissidence here onwards and the rebels have learnt their lesson, he also said.
On illegal mining, the CM said that he had checked this and added that there has been a major improvement in the scenario. The extent of the problem is just 10 per cent now and this is a marked improvement he added. On cabinet expansion, he said that he would do it in consultation with the high command.