Sunanda Pushkar Case: What was Shashi Tharoor asked and what he answered

IMG_0001Shashi Tharoor was questioned for five hours today and with the investigators almost certain that an IPL angle led to the death of Sunanda Pushkar, the entire questioning was around that angle.

Unlike the last time, Tharoor did not have an easy questionnaire today. While the last time it was more about the relationship he shared with his wife, this time around there were hardcore questions posed regarding the IPL issue.

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Bihar crisis will cause more erosion in JD(U)

manjhiThe Bihar crisis is nothing but a power struggle and also marks the launch of the election campaign. There are allegations that Jitendra Manjhi is being remote controlled by the BJP to ensure that a power transfer does not take place smoothly.

To discuss the crisis, Oneindia caught up up Sankarshan Thakur, an expert on Bihar politics and author of a number of books, including those on Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar. Sankarshan Thakur who is the The Telegraph‘s Delhi-based Roving Editor.

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‘Prevent radicalisation’ notice to Muslim institutions sparks debate

IMG_0248The Task Force on National Security has directed the implementation of its recommendations in Muslim institutes in a bid to help curb and prevent radicalization.

The notice directing the implementation of the recommendations was sent by the National Council for the Promotion of Urdu Language and National Security has stirred up a controversy.

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Banning Jamaat-ud-Dawa: Take it with a pinch of salt

The Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) has once again been banned in Pakistan and its assets frozen, but its brain continues to roam around free.

2015/01/img_0231.jpgWhat does this indicate? Hafiz Saeed who even went ahead and held at rally at Karachi yesterday has vowed to continue with charity work.

After all he has the Falah-e-Insaniyat, a pseudo name for an organization which does what the JuD used to do.

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Mehdi has confessed to running ISIS Twitter account

IMG_0051Mehdi Masroor Biswas who was arrested by the Bangalore police has confessed to running the twitter handle @shamwitness. He has been booked under Sections 125 of the Indian Penal Code which is punishable for waging war against an Asiatic country in alliance with the government of India.
He has also been booked for Unlawful Activities and Section 66 of the Information Technology Act. After an initial denial he confessed to the police that he was recruited at the West Bengal Institute of Technology.

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@shamiwitness- Agencies get the man, but no links found

The 25 year old Mehdi Masroor Biswas has not left Bengaluru. He hails from Kolkata and his address listed as per government records is West Bengal, Rajarhat Gopalpur, North 24 Parganas .

IMG_0195.JPGHe works at a major food conglomerate in Bangalore. However there is a little twist to the tale and he has claimed to the agencies that his account may have been hacked and he is not @shamiwitness.

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Kashmir attack- Read all the reasons here


The synchronised attacks at the Valley yesterday had more than one agenda. While the first message of the terrorists was to show the Indian establishment that they were down, but not out, the other was to stamp their authority in the Valley. Intelligence Bureau officials tell Oneindia that the attacks were aimed at keeping the Lahkar-e-Tayiba united and also ensure that the attacks coincided with the visit of the Prime Minister to whom they wanted to send a message that democracy will not succeed in Kashmir.
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Can Mamta deny her own state police report?

mamMamata Banerjee has accused the centre of stage managing the Saradha and Burdwan cases as it being investigated by agencies which report to the state government. Now what happens when the West Bengal police and the District Intelligence Bureau (IB) which are under the control of the state administration accuse TMC MP of stage managing violence?

Now what happens when the West Bengal police and the District Intelligence Bureau (IB) which are under the control of the state administration accuse TMC MP of stage managing violence?
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Dawood’s Bangladesh network

Dawood-_10The re-arrest of Abdur Rauf Daud is an extremely significant move in a lot of ways. The right hand man of Dawood Ibrahim is a very crucial catch not only for Dhaka investigators but also for India.
The arrest of Rauf comes just five months after Indian Intelligence Bureau officials had picked up intercepts of Dawood Ibrahim himself conversing with ISI officials from Bangladesh. There was an attempt that was made by the ISI to move Dawood into Bangladesh with the Indian agencies stepping up the heat.

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Dawood’s UP connection

Dawood's fortress in Pak ImpregnableAzam Khan, the man with the foot in the mouth disease, on Friday, Nov 21 said that Mulayam Singh’s birthday bash was funded by Dawood Ibrahim. Khan is the only person who can explain why he made that statement, but here is an interesting report prepared by our intelligence agencies which goes on to show how deep the nexus between the Dawood Ibrahim gang and Uttar Pradesh has been.
Dawood’s India operations are handled directly by Iqbal Kaskar who happens to the brother of India’s most notorious don. As per the report of the Intelligence Bureau between the years 1999 and 2011 there were at least 80 politicians from Uttar Pradesh who have lent assistance to the D Gang and even used his money to win the elections and reach Parliament. The IB says that while the number of parliamentarians alone has been 80 there are easily over 100 MLAs who have used the services and the money of the done to reach their goal.Read more