Pak boat was not on a fishing expedition

There is increasing evidence to show that the Pakistan boat which sailed into Indian waters was no ordinary fishing boat. The four members on the boat who blew themselves up on the boat were not fishermen and the manner in which they behaved was extremely suspicious, investigations have revealed.


The coast guard commander of the North West Region Kuldip Singh told the media that the four men did not look like fishermen. They were not smugglers either the commander confirmed. Singh also pointed out that the four men were wearing t-shirts and half pants.‎ Further Singh said that the probe is being handled by multiple agencies.


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NIA files charges in high quality fake currency case

The National Investigating Agency has filed a chargesheet in the fake currency case involving a lynchpin of the Dawood Ibrahim syndicate. In the chargesheet the NIA names Ekramul Ansari as the prime accused who had attempted to smuggle in fake currency notes worth Rs 49 lakh from Dubai to India.

IMG_0210The NIA states that Ansari had brought into India fake currency worth Rs 49 lakh from Dubai and had planned on circulating it. All the notes that were found were of the Rs 1000 denomination and on verification at Nashik it was found to be fake.

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Pak boat- What really happened

Post 26/11 there was a lot that the Indian agencies got to learn. While strengthening coastal security and gathering/sharing intelligence were the top priorities the other key aspect was to take an aggressive approach especially when it came to Pakistan as there was no way that they ever could be trusted.


The latest incident in which a boat was blown up by its inmates most definitively from Pakistan already has several theories attached to it. Talk about it being “JUST” a diesel smuggling incident has become a point of debate with many quick to question the entire operation terming it as fake.

However it would be interesting to point out here what exactly transpired and why the coast guard felt that it was important to chase down this boat and while sounding repetitive it is important to note here once again that when it comes to tackling terror and Pakistan you cannot take a chance. As the famous line goes, “ terrorists need to be lucky just once.”
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When al qaeda almost took over a frigate

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/df0/17815303/files/2015/01/img_0075.jpgThe waters have been a cause for concern. Today’s incident is just a reminder of how unsafe the waters and also how much terror groups thrive on water.
This is possibly the second failed attempt by Pakistan to infiltrate and carry out a strike on Indian waters. The first was by the Al-Qaeda in the sub-continent where in they tried to hijack a missile frigate and launch attacks from the sea.

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Updates: Was Pakistan vessel on a suicide mission?

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/df0/17815303/files/2015/01/img_0074.jpgFour persons in a boat from Pakistan blew themselves just when they were about to be intercepted by the Coast Guards. The incident occurred in the wee hours of January 1. As per the statement from the Ministry of Defence the Indian Coast Guard intercepted a suspicious Pakistani fishing boat, laden with explosives, in the Arabian Sea in the early hours of January 1.

Although warning shots were fired by the coast guards the boat did not stop. Just when they were about to be intercepted the four persons on the boat blew themselves up.
Here are the latest and exclusive updates:
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Sajid Mir ordered shipping of 60,000 rounds ammunition into India by sea

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/df0/17815303/files/2015/01/img_0065.jpgIt was the year 2009 when investigations revealed that Sajid Mir the transcontinental terrorist from Pakistan had cleared the name of Ahmed

Yakub to ship 60,000 rounds of ammunition through the sea into India. Ahmed Yakub was appointed and cleared by Sajid Mir who incidentally was the handler of David Headley. This bit of the investigation was even confirmed by the US Treasury.

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Govt ready to unblock sites once objectionable content removed

siteblockedThe blocking of 32 URLS by the government has come under severe criticism and several persons especially on the social media have questioned if blocking is the right approach.
The government however has clarified that once objectionable material is taken off the websites they would be unblocked. The government also said that show cause notices had been issued before blocking the websites, but only a couple of them had responded. Read more

Why was shammiwitness case IO moved out?

mehThe transfer of Hemanth Nimbalkar who was leading the investigations in the Mehdi Masroor alias @shammiwitness case has raised many eye brows, but sources within the police department and Karnataka Home Ministry say that it was a routine procedure.
Nimbalkar who was the Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) is now posted as the as the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services. He will be replaced by M Chandra Sekhar, DIG, Karnataka Fire and Emergency Services, Bengaluru.Read more

2 suspected terrorists nabbed in Noida

ternoidaTwo persons with alleged terror links have been held at Noida. While one is a Bangladeshi national the other is a resident of Uttar Pradesh and the police claim that they had plans of carrying out a series of blasts across the country.
The duo Rakatulla and Abdul Aziz after being questioned by the Intelligence Bureau have been taken into custody by the West Bengal ATS.Read more

Bengaluru Church Street blast: Probe on in Bihar

blstThe National Investigating Agency will question one person arrested by the Bihar police on the suspicion that he could have had a role to play in the Bengaluru Church Street blasts.
The person who hails from Jehanabad was picked up after the NIA alerted the state police. NIA sources tell Oneindia that this person is a suspect, but only once a thorough investigation of the person is done will they come to any conclusion.Read more