Saradha did fund Burdhwan after all

Pic: Economic Times
Pic: Economic Times

The Bangladesh investigators apart from questioning the suspects in the Burdwan blasts have also given our agencies vital leads on how Saradha funds had helped carry out this operation.

Finances: Several crores of Indian rupees had been transferred to the Islamic Bank in Bangladesh which were used to fund the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh module.

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Areef Majeed went in search of heaven found hell

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Areef alias Areeb Majid, the youth who joined the ISIS only to return disillusioned, has been giving a lot of information to the National Investigating Agency (NSA). Majeed a civil engineering student was assigned odd jobs in Iraq and when he landed in the Hind camp in Iraq, due to his background he was told to supervise construction work.

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Hafiz Saeed reacts to our story

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The story-
the ISI’s remote control against India has promised separatists in Jammu and Kashmir a handsome pay hike if they disrupt the elections. The highest paid separatist in the Valley is Yasin Malik and Saeed who has been conversing on a regular basis has ensured of a major hike in pay if the elections to be held in the Valley are disrupted.
Conversation intercepted on November 18, 2014: Conversations intercepted as early as three days back by the Intelligence Bureau suggests that Saeed is still in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and has been in touch with the separatists in the Valley.

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India’s handling of ISIS on right track

IMG_0190.JPGAreef Majeed has hit the headlines and there are several reports that have been posted regarding his state of mind. While there is no doubt that he was radicalized over the Internet and felt very strongly about the cause being espoused by the ISIS, the story of his return needs to be told correctly.

The Indian government has treaded very carefully and responsibly regarding the issue of the ISIS. Right from rescuing the nurses from Mosul to bringing Majeed back, overseen by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval have been dealt with a great deal of care.

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Majeed begged, cried to be rescued

IMG_0189-3.JPGThe four youth from Maharashtra who had been radicalized on the internet before leaving for the ISIS were being monitored on a daily basis by the Indian Intelligence Bureau and during each of the conversations with their families they were weeping un-controllably seeking help to return.

In other words, Areef Majeed and the rest had literally begged to be brought back to India.

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ISIS-returnee: NIA files case against Areef Majeed under UAPA

IMG_0189-2.JPGThe National Investigating Agency has registered a case under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act against Areef Majeed who returned to India from Iraq after joining the ISIS.
A First Information Report has also been filed. Areef Majeed who returned to India six months after he left to allegedly fight alongside the ISIS has a bullet injury on him which the agencies believe was sustained while he was trying.
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ISIS Indians- Not what they signed up for


The return of Areef Majid is a shot in the arm for the Indian agencies fighting the ISIS threat. What Majid has been saying since his return needs to be a message for every Muslim youth who thinks the ISIS is perfect. When he signed up for the ISIS not once did he expect that he would end up as either a scavenger or a man who arranges women for the ISIS thugs. There is no doubt that the ISIS wants Indians, but then they sure don’t need them on the battle field since they are highly incapable
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Maldives to Syria-jihad effects in Kerala

isis3There is a great deal of activity in the Indian Ocean and one of the primary dangers for the security establishment is the growth of Maldives as a launching pad for Jihadi activities. All these years, we read Intelligence Bureau reports of how the Lashkar-e-Tayiba had taken over several islands in Maldives which were to act as launching pads against India.
Now with the Al-Qaeda in the Sub-Continent (AQIS) threat looming large and the Al-Qaeda, India too has a great cause for concern and in this context it would be interesting to take a look at what is happening in Maldives.

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ISIS captives- They are safe

isis3It has been nearly 6 months since 40 Indians have been taken captive by the dreaded and barbaric ISIS in Iraq. While one managed to escape, there is a great deal of concern among the relatives of 39 others who continue to remain captive.
A recent claim that some of them have been killed has only added to the worries of the families although sources in the Ministry for External Affairs tell OneIndia that there is no confirmation and efforts are on to release them.

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26/11- How politics prevented a fair probe?

ChildrenEvery single year since 2008, we ask this question- was there political interference in the 26/11 probe?
Speaking to a cross section of people who have put their efforts into decoding the entire incident, one gets the impression that an attack of such a magnitude could not have been staged without the help of locals and political patronage.Read more