Saradha: I held my head high, Mukul Roy texts Mamata Banerjee

IMG_0247 held my head high when I walked into that CBI office, a text from Mukul Roy to Mamata Banerjee read. “I held my head high when I walked and while I walked out,” the text message sent to the West Bengal Chief Minister further read.

“Thank you,” was the response by Mamata Banerjee to the text sent to her by her most trusted or many would say former most trusted aide, Mukul Roy.

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Revealed: What Mukul Roy told CBI about Saradha

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has found that a Kalimpong meeting in which several high ranking TMC leaders had met with Sudipta 2015/01/img_0242.jpgSen was a crucial one and alleged inroads into the state machinery was in fact made after this.
CBI sources probing the Saradha scam told Oneindia that they will go deeper into this meeting and find out if the same was aimed at cozying up to the high ranking state leaders in a bid to continue with the charade called the Saradha scam.

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2015 Delhi polls: 114 candidates with criminal background, 230 crorepatis in the fray

The Delhi elections will see a total of 114 candidates with criminal cases pending against them fighting the polls this year.

2015/01/img_0243.jpgcording to a detailed research done by the Delhi Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) in the previous elections to Delhi 130 candidates had declared pending criminal cases against them.

230 out of 673 candidates are crorepatis. During the previous Delhi Assembly elections in 2013, 265 crorepatis and in the 2008 Delhi Assembly elections there were 180 crorepatis.

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Syed Ali Shah Geelani: Enough said, time to act now

It came as no surprise when Separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani paid a 2015/01/img_0239.jpgtributes to the two Hizbul Mujahideen militants who killed decorated Indian army officer Colonel MN Rai and head constable Sanjeev Kumar Singh during an encounter in south Kashmir’s Tral area this week.

There is outrage in the social media for a couple of days and then it dies down. Kashmir separatists have often made such statements since long and one often wonders, why do they still roam around scot free.

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How the US kept Taliban alive

The statement by the United States of America that the Taliban is not a terrorist outfit Taliban-fighters-in-Afgha-001is shocking indeed, but comes as no surprise.
How often do you witness a scenario where an army pays the enemy for protection on one hand while fighting it on the other.
The Afghan Taliban headed by Mullah Omar is backed by the ISI and is being nurtured to fight against the Tehrik-Taliban and the ISIS in Afghanistan.Read more

BJP vs AAP- How the last leg of campaign is shaping up

┬áThe Delhi elections is all about micromanaging. BJP’s party chief Amit Shah has bjpaapdecided to unleash 125 workers to micromanage the party’s campaign in every possible area in Delhi.
On the other hand Aam Admi Party will ensure that a host of spokespersons will engage the BJP in a war of words all through the campaign expecting the BJP to make a mistake. Read more

Jayanthi Natarajan- The writing was on the wall

The Jayanthi Natarajan issue is making headlines today. Her jayandecision to quit the Congress after making a scathing attack on Rahul Gandhi was very much on expected lines and the tension between the two leaders was visible since last year when she was dumped as the environmental minister in the UPA-II government.
The decision to dump her as minister was quite a shocker for many and several persons had even said that she had been made a scapegoat.Read more

How police over-enthusiasm deters the war against terror

What deters the fight against terrorism the most? Arresting a wrong liaqatman. Over-enthusiasm, the urge to outdo agencies working towards a similar cause are all aspects that have hindered our fight against terrorism as a whole.
For starters, terrorists recruit using various factors and the main selling point has always been wrong doing by the agencies. Atrocities, crimes for no rhyme of reason by mindless policemen have been the biggest selling points for terrorists.Read more

Man arrested from Karnataka is a member of Bangladeshi terror outfit

The man arrested in Honnali in Davangere is a suspected operative burdof the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh the same outfit behind the Burdhwan blast, police have learnt.
The police say that it is as per the confession of Mohammad Pabanur Hussain that they found that he was part of the JMB.
The police also point out that he had come to Honnali from West Bengal a month back and was working here as a lorry driver.
He told his employers that he has no family and should be given a job on sympathetic grounds.

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New ISIS chief in Afghanistan- A profile

saeedThere is a need for a unifying and implementing force for the successful implementation of the Sharia Law is what Mullah Saeed Orakzai alias Hafiz Khan, the newly appointed chief of the ISIS in Afghanistan had said way back in the year 2007.
The appointment of the former Taliban commander as the chief of the ISIS in Afghanistan comes on expected lines and many in the security agencies would say that this was something that was waiting to happen.

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