Why is the Islamic State roping in Malayalam, Tamil speaking recruiters

New Delhi, May 11: It is now a well known fact that the Islamic State has become the primary sponsor for local radical groups in India. The Sri Lanka bombings showed clearly that the ISIS had tied up with the National Towheed Jamath (NTJ) for the attacks.

Investigators and Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials have learnt now that the ISIS has recruited a large number of persons based on the language that they speak. This, officials say has been done to target a select audience of a particular state.

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Danger lurking: ISIS has become primary sponsor for radical groups in Bangalore, Kerala

New Delhi, May 07: The bombings in Sri Lanka have shown that the Islamic State which lost ground in Iraq and Syria has gone on to become a sponsor of terror. Intelligence agencies who have been analysing the attacks in Sri Lanka tell OneIndia that the manner in which strikes were carried out clearly suggest that neither the National Towheed Jamath (NTJ) or the ISIS could have carried out the attack on its own.

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Colombo bombings: Why ditto ideologies of NJT, ISIS, Kerala Salafis should worry us

New Delhi, Arp 26: One of the key points that came up post the suicide bombings in Sri Lanka is that there were efforts on to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the southern region.

While it all began with Pakistan’s ISI fanning communal sentiments in Sri Lanka, it gradually developed into a larger plot. It may be recalled that it was Pakistan through its High Commission in Colombo that set up modules, fanned communal sentiments between Buddhists and Muslims before attempting to carry out strikes in the southern region.

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Colombo bombings: Why it may not be a bad idea to look at Maldives as well

img_0039-3New Delhi, Apr 24: A day after Sri Lanka said that they do not believe that only locals were involved, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the deadly Colombo suicide bombings.

This came in the wake of the investigators pointing a finger at a radical group known as the National Towheed Jamat (NTJ). While the attacks and motive do bear the signature of the Islamic State, the question is whether the group was capable of carrying out such a major strike on its own. This considering the group has lost considerable ground in its once before strongholds of Syria and Iraq.

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Did Sri Lanka take Mohammad Zaharan and his National Thowheeth Jamaath lightly?

New Delhi, Apr 24: The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Colombo bombings, but the scanner of the Sri Lankan agencies will continue to remain on the
National Thowheeth Jamaath (NJT).

NJT, a radical Islamic group emerged in the year 2015. Led by Mohammad Mohammed Zaharan. He is a known radical Islamist and has been accused of preaching hate on online platforms. Having spent time both in India and Sri Lanka, he has been under the radar of the intelligence agencies of both countries

Colombo bombing: National Thowheeth Jamaath under scanner

Colombo, Apr 22: The Sri Lankan police have arrested several members off the National Thowheeth Jamaath in connection with the deadly serial bombings that struck the nation on Sunday.

The NTJ is known to be anti Buddhist and has in the past been involved in the vandalisation of Buddhist statues.

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