Had RDX laden, timer controlled bomb exploded in Delhi, scores would have died

New Delhi, Jan 18: The National Security Guard has told the Delhi Police that the bomb found at the Ghazipur market had RDX in it and was attached to a timer. The findings make it clear that the bomb was a powerful one and was timed to go off at a time when the crowd was huge at the market.

Last week the NSG destroyed an IED found near the Gate Number 1 of the market. The bomb disposal squad of the National Security Guards destroyed the IED through a controlled explosion.

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3 kg bomb: Quick action by Delhi cops, NSG saved scores of lives in Delhi

New Delhi, Jan 15: The bomb disposal squad on Friday destroyed an IED found near the Gate number 1 of a wholesale market in Delhi. The bomb disposal squad of the National Security Guards destroyed the IED through a controlled explosion.

The Improvised Explosive Device comprised RDX and ammonium nitrate and was found at the gate of the Ghazipur flower market. Sources tell OneIndia that the IED was attached to a timer device and had the explosion taken place as planned the effects would have been disastrous. There were nearly 5,000 people in the market, the source also added.

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A salute to J K Dutt who undertook India’s most complex operation: The attacks of 26/11

New Delhi, May 20: It was one of the worst attacks, India had witnessed when terrorists of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba stormed Mumbai and attacked the city on November 26 2008.

The terrorists wrecked havoc while killing scores of people in an attack crafted by the Lashkar at the behest of the ISI. As people looked helpless, it was the National Security Guards, which came into the picture before taking the terrorists down. We recall this incident as the man J K Dutt who led the commando force against the terrorists and killed them lost a battle to COVID-19 after spending nearly a month in hospital.

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J k Dutt no more: His thoughts on 26/11 attacks

In an interview with Vicky Nanjappa, published on Rediff.com on November 24, 2009, Mr Dutt, the NSG’s then director general, looked back at the dilemmas, decisions and delays that the force faced during the terror attacks.

Former National Security Guard director general J K Dutt, who headed the commando force during the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, died on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, due to complications arising out of COVID-19. He was 72.

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No nuke MoU for Kudankulam programme if Russia does back India at NSG

kudankulamIndia would stall cooperation with its foreign partners for development of civil nuclear programmes if it is unable to become a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. India has threatened to put on the back burner an MoU with Russia for developing 6 reactor units at Kudankulam.

Did NSG ignore plea to rescue security guards during Pathankot attack?

pathankA statement by an Air Force officer claiming that the National Security Guard did not pay heed for rescuing defence guards under fire from terrorists at the Pathankot air base (in January 2016) is being examined by the National Investigation Agency.
The officer tells the NIA that he heard on the radio transmission that defence security personnel saying that one person is dead. “Two are wounded, please somebody come evacuate us,” else we would die, the officer also said while quoting one of the personnel he had heard on the transmission.

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Has China isolated itself by blocking India’s NSG bid

chinaNew Delhi, July 1: The pulling up of Wang Qun, China’s lead negotiator at Seoul where the NSG meet was held is an indication that the nation is losing out on support gradually.
China’s contention that India should not be allowed into the NSG as it is a non NPT member had the backing of just 4 nations in the 48 member club.

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