Demographic jihad: Radical Islamists oppose NRC, NPR as Indian govt stands in the way of their plans

CAA-prtoestsWhy have protests over the citizenship law turned so violent? The events that transpired in the national capital only highlights the point that the government’s measures stand in the way of the long-term plan of radical Islamists called “demographic jihad”

The radicals have come on to the streets and wrecked absolute havoc. They say that they are protesting the newly amended citizenship law, which does not affect them at all.

When the debate progresses, these radicals speak about NRC and NPR. The NPR is a normal census exercise and the NRC aims at identifying illegal immigrants, so that the real citizens of India are not deprived of their rights.

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Delhi elections will not be about NRC, citizenship law

CAA prostests, Inset pic: Dr Sandeep Shashtri

New Delhi, Jan 21: The elections in Delhi are round the corner and the battle promises to be an interesting one. The question is whether the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will return with a similar mandate as it did in 2015 or will it lose the battle to the BJP.

Leading psephologist, Dr Sandeep Shastri speaks with OneIndia about the trends in Delhi and who has their nose ahead in the elections. He says that looking at the recent trends, it is clear that the voter is making a distinction between national and state elections.

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Children not part of NRC won’t be sent to detention centres: AG tells Supreme Court

NRC-assamNew Delhi, Jan 06: The Centre has told the Supreme Court that children will not be separated from their families and taken to detention centres if any of their parents names are included in the final NRC.

The centre made this submission after it was pointed out that 60 children had been excluded from the Assam NRC. They were excluded despite showing all documents. However their parents were included, advocate Aparna Bhat pointed out.

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A voter ID for Rs 150 and an assurance of a vote, here’s why Mamata opposes NRC so fiercely

mamata-banerjee-mn1Political interference that deterred officials from eliminating the threat of radical Islamisation by way of sending illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, raids that have unearthed fake voter ID cards, all point to the involvement of those who seek to protect their vested interests by using immigrants and put national security at risk by opposing NRC

In the midst of a heated debate around the NRC, there are several videos doing the rounds in which Bangladeshi nationals are heard saying that they have Indian voter cards and have voted for a particular party in the Opposition, that helped them get these cards.

The NRC is a hot topic and would need to be implemented urgently in the states of West Bengal, Kerala and Karnataka. Although Mamata Banerjee has gone on a rampage against the NRC, the fact remains that it needs to be implemented there first as it is the entry point and it is there where they first procure official government documents.

Busting every single lie Congress has told so far on NRC, NPR and detention centres

caa-1211Bhumidhar Burman, the revenue minister of Assam in 2009 had informed the state Assembly that two detention camps would be set up to house illegal immigrants. It is clear that the detention centres had come up in 2008-09 under the Tarun Gogoi government.

In Assam alone, 70,000 persons, who were declared as illegal immigrants, have vanished. They were to be deported, but they have blended with the rest of the population in the country and remain untraceable.

Before the Supreme Court, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta had submitted that several illegal immigrants had blended with the local population both in Assam and other parts of the country.

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CAA protests: How radical Islamists hide behind the veil of cries for democracy

CAA-mn-1.jpgIn the aftermath of the violence and subsequent police firing, several ‘liberals’ spoke out stating that democracy is under threat. However, reports reveal that several radical groups had planned these protests in the name of anti CAA-NRC and wanted to make it about the Indian Muslim.

The eyes of the security agencies are on an office in the vicinity of Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Jamia Nagar, Batla House in Delhi.

Several Islamic radicals from the area were instrumental in fanning the violence during the protests against the newly amended citizenship law. Top home ministry officials confirmed to MyNation that several radicals had come out and instigated the violence not just in Delhi, but in Uttar Pradesh as well. Most of these persons have now gone underground, the official also said.

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Let us bust the myth: NPR is not a first step towards NRC

npr-11What’s NPR? How different is it from the NCR? Are the two connected? Is NPR necessary and how does it benefit the government and the people? Let us break it all down for you.

The decision by the Union Cabinet which approved over Rs 3,900 crore for a National Population Register (NPR) has invited criticism from the Opposition. The Opposition was quick to say that the NPR is the first step towards the National Register of Citizens or NRC.
Union home minister Amit Shah made it clear that the NPR is not going to be used for the NRC. There is no connection between the two processes and it cannot be used in each other’s survey, Shah also said.

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How Congress, SIMI, urban Naxals ran a sustained campaign to endanger sovereignty of India

collage-mnDo read what the (Citizenship Amendment) Act is about, Prime Minister Modi advised these persons while stating that they should value their education. The rumours of detention centres are being spread by the urban Naxals and Congress, Modi also said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a startling remark about the protests relating to the newly amended citizenship law. He said that the Congress, its allies, educated Naxalites living in the cities – urban Naxals are spreading rumours that the Muslims will be sent to detention camps.

Do read what the Act is about, Modi advised these persons while stating that they should value their education. The rumours of detention centres are being spread by the urban Naxals and Congress, Modi also said.

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Do vested interests want to renew call for Greater Bangladesh by opposing NRC, CAB

New Delhi, Dec 20: The Opposition has gone from Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and has not only staged protests but also damaged public property. In plain words, the Citizenship law aims at giving citizenship to those religiously persecuted and the NRC aims at identifying the illegal migrants who have now for years stolen the rights of the genuine Indian.

There are nearly 2 crores, illegal immigrants, from Bangladesh and now Myanmar staying in India.

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Illegal immigrants and Bengal’s land jihadis mandates we need an NRC now

nrc-1New Delhi, Dec 11: Union Home Minister, Amit Shah has repeatedly stated that a nationwide, NRC will be carried out. The statement has come under criticism and several in the opposition have opposed the same.

Shah said that NRC would be carried out across the country on the lines of Assam. He said that there is no need for people of any religion to be worried about it.

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