How chat2hire, xTrust and q-Whisper elicited information from the BrahMos techie

nishantagarwalLucknow, June 28: Sejal Kapoor stated on Facebook that she is an employee with a firm called Growth Company. Her name cropped up following the investigation into the BrahMos spy case of 2018.

Following the arrest of Nishant Agarwal in connection with the infamous BrahMos case, Sejal’s Facebook page cropped up.

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BrahMos spy case: Why India must not ignore the US role in it as well

New Delhi, Oct 15: As the investigations into the BrahMos spy cases continues, the police are ascertaining if the main accused, Nishant Agrawal had leaked sensitive data relating to the supersonic missile.

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BrahMos breach: How gaming codes were used to send seeker technology of the missile

nishantagarwalarrestNew Delhi, Oct 9: A joint operation by the Anti Terrorist Squads of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra led to the arrest of a Brahmos Aerospace engineer in Nagpur. The person to be held has been identified as Nishant Agrawal and has been booked under the Official Secrets Act.

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