Squirmed for a bit before going still: The final moments of Nirbhaya’s killers

nirbhaya-killers-tiharNew Delhi, Mar 21: Moments before their hanging, the four convicts in the Nirbhaya case asked the Tihar jail authorities if any court order had come. They were in fact hopeful until the very last minute that their hanging would be stalled.

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Nirbhaya: None of the four convicts slept at night

nirbhayaNew Delhi, Mar 20: The convicts in the Nirbhaya case, who were hanged this morning did not express any last wish.

Jail authorities said that they had no last wish, but two had prepared wills.

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Nirbhaya: Only two convicts wrote a will, one wanted to donate paintings, another his body

nirbhaya-hangmanNew Delhi, Mar 20: The four convicts in the Nirbhaya case were hanged early this morning. Before their hanging, each one was asked if they wanted to write a will. Only two of the four convicts wrote a will, the jail authorities said.

Pawan and Akshay said that they did not wish to write any will or donate anything to their families.

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Nirbhaya: What went on at Tihar this morning before the execution took place

tihar-jailNew Delhi, Mar 20: For the authorities at Tihar, the hanging of the four convicts in the Nirbhaya case was no easy task. Although the preparations were on in full swing, there was some uncertainty as the convicts had decided to petition the Supreme Court late into the night.

Tihar authorities speaking on condition of anonymity told OneIndia that they were sure that the hanging would take place this time as the convicts had exhausted all legal remedies.

On Thursday afternoon, we had told the convicts to prepare their wills and also make a final wish. The convicts however did not make a will and inform us about their last wish until the last moment as they felt that they still could stall the hanging by moving the court.

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Nirbhaya: The drop at the gallows explained

nirbhaya-hangmanNew Delhi, Mar 20: The four convicts in the Nirbhaya gangrape and murder case will be hanged in a short while from now.

The jail authorities have procured 8 sets of Manila ropes. While four of them would be used the rest are being kept on standby.

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Remorse and resistance: The final moments before Nirbhaya’s killers were hanged

nirbhayaNew Delhi, Mar 20: The final moments for a death row convict is always an eerie one. One would expect that the night before the hanging, the convict would reflect upon his sins, knowing fully well that his death is about to come in a few hours.

The four convicts in the Nirbhaya case were extremely restless before the hanging that took place early this morning at the Tihar jail. Jail authorities tell OneIndia that they had hope until late in the night as their plea was being heard by the court. They resigned to their fate once their plea was rejected.

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Nirbhaya: First time four executed simultaneously at Tihar jail

nirbhaya-hangmanNew Delhi, Mar 20: This is for the first time that four men have been executed simultaneously at the Tihar jail. The four convicts in the Nirbhaya case have been hanged at the Tihar jail.

The hanging was undertaken by hangman Pawan, who was escorted from Meerut earlier this week.

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How a noose is knotted: What it takes to be a hangman


New Delhi, Mar 20: The execution or hanging of the four convicts in the Nirbhaya case has finally taken place.

The execution was carried out by Pawan, who was brought in from Meerut. To find a hangman has always been a challenging job for jail authorities. Not many jails have a hangman who is permanently on the job.

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The last wish of a death row prisoner

nirbhayaNew Delhi, Mar 20: The last wish of Nirbhaya’s killers will be made known in a while from now.

The four were hanged at 5.30 am at the Tihar jail today. Meanwhile, let us take a look at what the last wish of other convicts in the recent past have been.

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Nirbhaya: The final moments before a hanging

nirbhaya-hangmanNew Delhi, Mar 20: The last minute preparations for the hanging of the four killers in the Nirbhaya case has been completed.

The hangman Pawan woke up at 3.30 am to oversee the preparations. The convicts were subject to a medical test and were declared fit and fine for the hanging.

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