Batla House: “Kyun yeh encounter farzi nahin tha”

It is based on the encounter that took place in 2008. There was a hue and cry after the encounter, with a large number of persons debunking the encounter and calling it fake.

A supreme sacrifice was made by inspector Mohan Chand Sharma during the encounter.

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Two ISIS terrorists arrested, were using Delhi as transit point

New Delhi, Sep 7: The Delhi police has arrested two suspected terrorists. The arrested duo hail from Kashmir and were arrested on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday.

They are currently being questioned for further details. The police say that the duo are part of the Islamic State of Jammu and Kashmir. They were picked up from the Red Fort area. They have been identified as Pervez and Jamshad and are residents of Shopian in south Kashmir.

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Sale of firecrackers a crime in Delhi, not distribution: Bagga

tajinder baggaFourteen people including three women were arrested after they burst crackers outside the Supreme Court in open defiance on its order. The SC had banned the sale of firecrackers this Diwali or Deepavali in the National Capital Region.

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21 year old Delhi girl who resisted rape by friend in critical condition

rape-1-580x395A 21 year old woman from Delhi was pushed off the fourth floor of an under construction building after she resisted a rape attempt by her friend. The incident occurred Rohini district’s Begumpur. The victim who works as an assistant chef in five star hotel in South Delhi is in a critical condition. The police got to know about the incident at 11 pm on Friday when the victim’s friend made a PCR call.

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MFN to Pak, Cauvery row: Focus on New Delhi today

INDIAPAKISTANFLAGSTORYNew Delhi, Sept 29: The National Capital would on Thursday witness two major events. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his team would be reviewing the Most Favoured Nation status to Pakistan, senior minister Uma Bharti would hold talks on the Cauvery issue with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
Both these meetings are being watched with keen interest. Modi would chair the meeting later on Thursday to review the MFN status to Paksitan. On the other hand, Uma Bharti would chair a meeting at 11.30 am of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to try and find a resolution to the Cauvery Waters dispute.

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Terror advisory: Delhi police told to be on high alert

delhi-alert_story_647_030616065257New Delhi: The union home ministry has advised the Delhi police to be on high alert at the event organised by Sri Sri Ravishankar. With intelligence from Pakistan suggesting that ten terrorists had entered the country, the threat perception has been graded higher.
A home ministry official informed that there is no cause for panic and the advisory was only precautionary in nature. There were unsubtantiated reports that suggested that the terrorists may have entered Delhi. However, there is no confirmation of the same.

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Did India play a role in Rajapaksa’s defeat?

A report from Sri Lanka suggests that an Indian official had a role to play in the defeat of Mahinda Rajapaksa, a charge that has been denied by New Delhi. The Sunday Times newspaper in Sri Lanka had a report which stated that an officer with the Research and Analysis Wing had lost his job in Colombo due to his links with the anti Rajapaksa faction or the opposition in Sri Lanka.

Was the officer recalled? Sources in New Delhi inform that the report in Sri Lanka is not correct. We had transferred the officer who was the head of the RAW’s Colombo station and this was a routine procedure. However the buzz in Sri Lanka is that this officer had played a vital role along with the opposition in the defeat of Rajapaksa. The same line has also been towed by the new establishment in Sri Lanka which says that it is not aware of these developments.
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Delhi on alert- IM at work


The Indian National Capital New Delhi has been placed on high alert following an intelligence warning of a possible strike by the Indian Mujahideen. The alert put out by the Research and Analysis Wing has been classified serious in nature and has been based on a tip off from Saudi Arabia.
The possible places under the target as per the tip off are the Pragathi Maidan, parts of Old Delhi and also the Delhi Metro.

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Looking at our threats 3 years later

Three years have passed since India witnessed one of its worst terror attacks. While the National Investigating Agency tries to pile on the evidence in the case specific to David Headley and Tawwahur Rana, security agencies across the country find themselves being foxed by a new wave of terror-Uroganised Hell.
All agencies including the NIA which probes terror cases say that the biggest threat perception for India would be from within. Home grown terror which would be carried on smaller scales will continue to haunt the country. We do not dispute the fact that the Lashkar-E-Tayiba will look to launch bigger attacks. However there would be these smaller cases every now and then which would continue to cause an irritant to security forces. Radha Vinod Raju, former boss of the NIA too points out that such fringe groups would continue to trouble agencies thus making the job ahead very tough.
The Indian Mujahideen in particular which has been revamped as the Bullet 313 is capable enough to carry out smaller strikes even in their weakest form. Although they are lying low today, there continues to be splinter groups within the outfit which carry out individual attacks. In addition to this there has been some movement within this group which indicates they are trying to strenghthen themselves. Intelligence Bureau reports suggest that some members of the Student Islamic Movement of India have been moving into the I’m. This is largely because of the frustration of the ban. Many members feel that the government is being unfair towards them and the better way to hit back is to join the IM which is a clearly a destructive outfit.
While the threat from the IM would continue to haunt India, the other headache comes from the Babbar Khalsa International which has shown all signs of a major come back. Although the area of focus for the BKI would be mainly Punjab, the ISI has been coaxing them to widen their area of operation to New Delhi also. The recent Ambala haul is testimony to that fact. This outfit would however focus on hitting out using political reasons. Unlike the IM which carries out attacks on innocents, the BKI would be used for bigger operations such hostage crisis and political murders. The BKI which has been sheltered by the ISI too has insisted on such type of attacks since they do not want to divert from their original cause.
Security experts also do not downplay the threat by some Hindu groups in the days to come. The recent spate of investigations have sure put the breaks on them, but it is a threat that cannot be ruled out completely. Their attacks would however be retaliatory in nature, police and Intelligence sources point out.
The areas of concern in India in the days to come would be Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. The IB has sounded alerts regarding these states as they are considered to be the epicente of terror. A lot of movement especially by Islamic organisations have been found in these states and reports suggest that most of the modules are very much active in these parts of the country.
On the international front, the threat perception for India is largely from the Lashlar, Harkat-ul-Jihadi and the Jaish-e-Mohammad. The HuJI has been making moves and have had sucess to a certain extent. The investigations into the Delhi High Court blasts point towards HuJI. This outfit had warned of an attack at Delhi recently. Their modules are active mainly in Hyderabad, Delhi West Bengal and Kerala.
The biggest threat from over seas however is from the Lashkar. The ambitious Karachi project is something that continues to be a concern. Although Pakistan does claim that it is doing everything to curb terror, all reports from across the border show that the Karachi project which is a combine between Pakistani and Indian Home grown jihadis is on. Stephen Tankel, an expert on matters pertaining to this outfit pointed out that Lashkar is still India’s biggest enemy and the outfit could unleash fury.

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“Freelance Jihad”

It is a concept know as freelance Jihad and these traits were found following theVaranasiand 13/7 blasts. There was a great deal of suspicion regarding this concept and investigators had started to make sense out of it after these two blasts.

This has raised a very big question about the manner in which terror operations would be carried out inIndiain the future and today going by the investigations into the Delhi High Court blasts it becomes clear that this is nothing but a concept known as outsourced or freelance Jihad.

In this context the investigation/interrogation of Waseem Malik, an accused in theDelhiblasts becomes important.

At the start of the interrogation the National Investigating Agency believed that Malik a resident of Kashmir who studied inBangladeshwas an operative of the Jaish-e-Mohammad. However as they continued to interrogate him it became clear that he only followed their ideology and did not have a direct link with the outfit. During the probe they have also found he had arranged for a couple of like minded boys to carry out theDelhioperation and during a visit toIndiafromBangladesh, he actually finalised the entire plan.

In reality the entireDelhiplot is still a mystery and it would be a while before the real picture comes out. There is a great deal of confusion regarding the men who carried out the blasts as some Intelligence reports also went on to suggest that this could well be a ploy between the Babbar Khalsa International and the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. The NIA says it is looking into leads and at this point in time they would not want to say much about the progress of the investigations. The leads are strong and we will shortly crack is what they say. Regarding the interrogation of Malik, they say he has been speaking about the operation and has also told them from Bangaladesh he had gone toDelhiwhere he met up with a couple of youth with whom he planned this attack. Going by the initial reports it is clear that he had masterminded the operation.

While the operation by Malik is something that is being probed the bigger angle to be looked into is this new concept which is becoming quite an irritating trend today. Right from Kerala toKashmirthis trend is being found and this has eventually led to the creation of splinter groups which again has made the job of security agencies a big headache.

Sources in the Intelligence Bureau say that these boys just subscribe to the views of a particular organisation and then they carry out a blast in the name of that outfit. Most of the time these outfits would not even know about the existence of such persons and the more interesting part is that they don’t not even object to someone subscribing to their ideology and carrying out an attack in their name.

The trend basically of carrying out attacks individually started in Kerala. T Nasir, the accused in theBangaloreblast is the man who set this precedent. However today one can get to see such trends in Kashmir, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh andDelhi. Earlier there were individuals who subscribed the views of the Indian Mujahideen and carried out attacks in Uttar Pradesh and also Old Delhi. Today that trend can be found inKashmirand the Delhi High Court is one such example. The IB says that even terror groups have intentionally let such individuals carry out such attacks. They do not provide any support materially or financially and have no qualms about their name being used. These youth who operate individually have managed to learn the tricks of the trade on their own. Procuring ammunition is also not an issue since they have access to several persons who can arrange for the same. The person who supplies the material is also another individual and would have procured the material either through some terror group or stolen it from a place where it has been seized.

These terror groups are aware that such operations will only create havoc in the Indian security system and they are quite pleased that such activities are taking place. What makes matters worse is that after the incident, police keep groping in the dark since they never seem to find a pattern.

Take the case of Malik. As per his interrogation he was just a medical student. However he felt very strongly about theKashmircause and also goes on to say that he hero worshipped Afzal Guru. This is one of the reasons why the mail sent out after the Delhi High Court blast had a mention about the Afzal Guru death row. He said that he felt very strongly about this issue and felt that he needed to do something about it. He had started off as a normal human being but later realised that he needed to do something forKashmirsince he felt that there was too much injustice. He gradually started to believe that Jihad was the only way out and he had planned on dedicating his life for the cause. He felt that the people ofKashmirhad waited long enough and had borne the brunt of draconian terror laws.

The IB says that Malik is just one such person in this entire mess. There is a gradual movement of radicalisation which is on in various parts of the country and the more one digs into the last few incidents of terror this fact becomes evident. At first investigators were under the impression that theVaranasi, 13/7 and the Delhi High Court blasts were inter connected. However today one fact becomes clear and that all these were individual operations and in the days to come there would be more such incidents of freelance Jihad.