Bhima Koregaon: Accused formed Committee for Defence and Release of G N Saibaba

GN Saibaba

New Delhi, Aug 03: The National Investigation Agency conducted raids in connection with the Bhima Koregaon Elgar Parishad case at Gautam Buddha Nagar in Uttar Pradesh.

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NIA arrests key aide of naxalites in Hyderabad

arrestNew Delhi, June 15: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested one person from Hyderabad, who played a key role in supporting and furthering the activities of the naxalites.

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NIA arrests two naxals in case relating to killing of Chhattisgarh MLA

NIA-33New Delhi, Apr 09: The National Investigation Agency has arrested two persons in connection with the kill of an MLA from Chhattisgarh and four police personnel.

The accused have been identified as Bhima Tati and Madka Ram Tati. The case is related an IED blast followed by indiscriminate firing on April 9 2019 near near Shyamgiri village in Kuakonda Police Station of Dantewada district of Chattisgarh. Bhima Mandvi, the then sitting MLA of Dantewada was killed by the CPI (Maoist) cadres along with four police personnel.

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PLFI extortion: NIA arrests two top operatives

NIA-33New Delhi, Mar 03: The National Investigation Agency has arrested two persons in a terror funding case relating to the People’s Liberation Front of India (PLFI). The arrested have been identified as Jai Prakash Singh and Amit Kumar.

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NIA charges 7 naxals after recovery of foreign made arms

NIA-33New Delhi, Feb 17: The National Investigation Agency has filed a supplementary chargesheet against 7 accused in connection with a naxal case.

Those who were charged belong to the proscribed PLFI, based in Jharkhand. The case pertains to an incident in which members of the organisation had gathered at Titir Mahua forest area and were conspiring to conduct an unlawful act. On the basis of credible information, a raid was conducted and four accused persons were arrested. Foreign made arms and ammunition was recovered from the accused persons.

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NIA arrests wives of PLFI chief in naxal terror funding case

New Delhi, Feb 01: The National Investigation Agency has arrested two accused in connection with a naxal terror funding case.

The two have been identified as Hira Devi and Shakuntala Kumari, the wives of Dinesh Gope the chief of the PLFI.

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NIA taking over Bhima-Koregaon case involving urban Naxals is in national interest

koreganThe Bhima-Koregaon case has seen a lot of interference by the state government There has been a demand to drop cases against some of the activists, who have alleged Naxalite links It was only necessary then that the National Investigation Agency take over the case from Pune Police.

In a significant and much needed decision, the National Investigation Agency was directed to take over the Bhima-Koregaon case from Pune Police.

The Maharashtra government led by the Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress have questioned the decision and also expressed unhappiness over the same. The probe was being conducted by the Pune Police and the NCP has been demanding that the same be handed over to the SIT. There has also been a demand to drop cases against some of the activists, who have alleged Naxalite links.

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Lal Salam, Pakistan zindabad: Documenting anti-national acts at JNU

gateway-mnRuckus at campus is an age-old trick followed by the Left. Chants like Lal Salam or activities to back the naxalites are nothing new. Most students are used by the Opposition to set their political narrative and target the nation.

The protests at the JNU would show that the Opposition would go to any length to use students to serve their political ambitions. We witnessed this in 2015 and we are witnessing the same even today.

It is an age old trick by the Left to begin a ruckus at a campus, knowing fully well that there would be a chain reaction. In 2016, the protests began at JNU and spread to Jadhavpur and Hyderabad Universities. It is similar even today and the protests at JNU have spread to other institutions as well.

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NIA seizes documents from residence of Akhil Gogoi accused of helping naxals

akhil-gogoi-newNew Delhi, Dec 27: The National Investigation Agency has seized plenty of material from the residence of Akhil Gogoi, who is accused of helping the naxalites during the protests against the newly amended citizenship act.

On Thursday carried out searches at the residence of RTI activist and peasant leader Akhil Gogoi, who was arrested by the agency earlier this month, officials said.

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False narrative: Time to look at the role of Naxals, SIMI in CAB protests

cab-protests22While protests over CAB continue to take place, we take a look at the pattern of proceedings to reveal the hand played by Naxals and SIMI in fuelling and fanning the fire

The violent protests that have broken out in various parts of the country over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is a clear indicator that it has been fanned in a particular pattern. Both leaders of the Opposition and Left-wing sympathisers have deliberately created a false narrative around the Bill and fanned violence, as a result of which public property has been damaged in large measures.

Going by the advisory of the Ministry of Home Affairs and a report prior to that by the Intelligence Bureau, it becomes clear that the violence has been stage managed as a result of which it has become a chain reaction.

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