PM Modi sensitises President Putin on safety of Indians in Ukraine

New Delhi, Feb 25: Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on telephone with Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.

President Putin briefed Prime Minister about the recent developments regarding Ukraine. Prime Minister reiterated his long-standing conviction that the differences between Russia and the NATO group can only be resolved through honest and sincere dialogue.

Prime Minister appealed for an immediate cessation of violence, and called for concerted efforts from all sides to return to the path of diplomatic negotiations and dialogue, the Prime Minister’s Office said in a release.

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ISI spy ring boss had worked with NATO in Afghanistan

isispyNew Delhi, Feb 3: The probe being conducted into the ISI’s spying ring in India has revealed that one of the accused had worked with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Afghanistan. Gulshan Kumar who was arrested for being part of the spying ring was also running an illegal telephone exchange in Uttar Pradesh through which he would spoof calls and gather information from Army officials.
During the course of investigations, it was revealed that Kumar had worked with the NATO in Afghanistan with the US Army. He said that he applied for the post through an online interview and was selected to work as one of the technical support.

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Did ISI hire NATO infiltrators to fuel Assam exodus?

While the Indian government has blamed Pakistan for morphing images and sending them into India to create a panic among the members of the North Eastern community, the other side to this story is pretty alarming.

The question- Did the ISI hire the services of people who the NATO used against Gaddafi to create these images in their cyber war against India?

Professor. Madhav Nalapat, Manipal university, who also holds the UNESCO Peace Chair says that the information that he has is alarming. My information is that the ISI has managed to use the services of those people who were trained by NATO for the Libyan revolution. In order to pull down Gaddafi, NATO had trained several persons in this art of creating morphed images so that there would be wide spread panic which led to the revolution and the fall of Gaddafi. It was a psychological warfare that was used at that time. The same team which helped pull down Gaddafi is now active in Syria.

Now the issue is that the antecedents of most of these people were trained in this warfare by the NATO were not checked and in the bargain several elements owing allegiance to terrorist groups also managed to slip in. It was unfortunate that the agencies were not able to recognise the terrorists from the genuine activists. However this aspect was given a go by since both the NATO and these terrorist elements had the same objective where the war against Gaddafi was concerned.

The ISI was however aware of such elements in the group trained by the NATO. These men after the Libyan incident moved to Syria and it was there that the ISI managed to get a hold of some of them. These persons were in turn told by the ISI to help them in this war against India. It is unfortunate that the training given by NATO which is friendly towards India has been used against our country at the end of it. It was a similar case in Afghanistan as well. The Taliban were trained to shoot at the Soviets and it was those very same skills that they started to use against India as well.

The ISI identified these men who were part of the Libyan campaign and requested their services. They in turn used the same methodology used against Gaddafi. They morphed images and managed to send them into India thus causing a great deal of panic which led to such a massive exodus. They managed to misuse the training that was given by the NATO.

While the objective of such training was to bring down Gaddafi it has now been misused and unfortunately the target has first been India. My worry is that they will continue to use this tactic that they have learnt from the NATO since it appears to have done a great deal of damage in India. They are quite capable of sending in morphed images of Hindus being ill-treated in Pakistan or Bangladesh which could stir up the emotions down here in India. This is a dangerous precedent that has been set even as the ISI continues to rope in Libyan and Syrian activists for this cyber warfare which causes a great deal of psychological damage.

Osama dead- Next on the rolls
With Osama Bin Laden gone, the question is who will succeed him. Indian Intelligence agencies say that their structure is in place and this was done a couple of years back when Laden had to take a back seat owing to health reasons. The first name that comes to mind is that of Ayman al-Zawahri who already held the number 2 position in the Al-Qaeda for the past many years.

An Egyptian national and a surgeon by profession, Zawahri will be the face of the Al-Qaeda while Ilyas Kashmiri and Baddaruddin Haqqani will head the operational structure of the outfit.

While Laden took a backseat due to health reasons, Zawahri had already become the popular face of the outfit and in the past few years there were videos of his being put out by the outfit which conveyed the message of Jihad. Zawahri was always close to Laden who considered him to be his most trusted aide. For the past few years Zawahri had come to the forefront and he was the chief of the organizational wing of the Al-Qaeda.

The first association between Laden and Zawahri was in the year 1980 when the two met at Peshawar. Both were in the same place with the same cause and that was to fight the Soviets. They had met at Peshawar when both were garnering support to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.

After having done his medicine in the year 1974, he spent two years practicing it and then took to the cause of Jihad. His first operations were in Afghanistan where he felt the need to fight Soviet troops. He had even joined the Eqyptian Islamic Jihad and was part of the operation which assassinated President Anwar Sadat in the year 1981.

Over the years, Zawahri had become a key figure. The first time the world saw his face when he sent out videos of himself speaking in favour of the 9/11 attack and why it was necessary. Only until recently he was once again in the news for sending out a strong message to fight US and NATO forces in Libya.

While it is pretty clear that there will be no confusion who the successor to Laden would be, the Al-Qaeda also has in place the operational structure which would be headed by both Kashmiri and Haqqani.

Kashmiri has played a very big role with the Al-Qaeda when he took over as the Chief of the 313 brigade of the outfit. This is the strike force with the most fierce warriors and the men in this group are personally trained by Kashmiri. The intelligence bureau says that the Al-Qaeda had intentionally bifurcated its outfit so that there would not be a huge vaccum in the event of a death of an important leader. Kashmiri will continue to rally his forces in the Afghanistan region and he has already made it clear that his prime target would be the US troops. He had even had a falling out with the ISI who had asked him to stay away from Afghanistan and invest his resources in India. However now it appears that Kashmiri will continue his battle in Afghanistan and would look to avenge the death of his leader, Osama Bin Laden.

Then comes Baddarduddin Haqqani. The Al-Qaeda had inched closer to the Haqqani network in the past couple of months. The strategy was to groom alternate leaders and Baddaruddin was chosen to head operations alongside Kashmiri. A very recent announcement by both the Al-Qaeda and the Haqqani network had claimed that he would be the most fierce and feared leader till date. While the Haqqani network would fight to a large extent in Afghanistan, it would have its eyes on India as well as per the wishes of Bin Laden who had always maintained that Kashmir is an important battle to wage. Under the Al-Qaeda and the Haqqani network there was a recruitment of nearly 26000 youth in the past few months and according to intelligence sources they have been rearing to go.