Mysore tense: Protest against VHP activist’s murder

VHP-rally-AFPMysore, Mar 14: Mysore is likely to remain tense today following a bandh call to protest the killing of VHP activist, Raju. The police have launched an investigation into the murder of the 39 year old activist who was killed on Sunday near the Netaji circle which falls under the Udayagiri police station limits.
There were violent scenes witnessed following the murder with a major crowd demanding answers from the police commissioner of the city, B Dayanand.

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Communal clash alert for Mysore: Cops told to be on their toes

VHP-rally-AFPNew Delhi, Mar 14: The Karnataka state intelligence unit has issued an alert suggesting that communal clashes could break out in Mysore city. The police have been told to be on very high alert.
The advisory has been issued in the wake of the murder of a VHP activist, Raju who was murdered yesterday at the Netaji circle falling under the Udayagiri police station limits.

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Shami Witness: Bengaluru cops search for Mysuru links

IMG_0054.JPGA team of the Bangalore police force (CCB) is camping in Mysore after they found few calls made to a number in that city. Moreover the police have also claimed that he had visited Mysore more than once. An officer with the Bangalore police told Oneindia that a team is in Mysore and they are carrying out investigation.
The officer however pointed out that nothing concrete has emerged, but they need to be doubly sure. The officer also said that they wanted to see whether he had any links in Mysore, although preliminary investigations have so far found that he is a virtual and not an actual force.

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Jaffer Sharrief quits Congress


Probably one of the oldest members of the Congress and seven time MP, Jaffer Sharrief has quit the party and wants to stay away from politics.
Visibly upset over the way he was treated by ths Congress which denied him a ticket to contest his last elections from the Bangalore central constituency, he sent his resignation to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.
Sharrief who left for Mecca on March 19th is being coaxed by the Janatha Dal (S) to be its candidate preferably from Mysore. However Sharrief says that he wants to stay away from politics while sympathising with Dev Gowda who he claims has given him more respect than his party of six decades did.
Sharrief is one of the oldest members of the Congress. On many ocassions he has said he was a young man who sat next to Jawaharlal Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri and that would give anyone an indication about his lengthy association with the party.

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Kumaraswamy- Modi wave artificial, Janata parivar will unite

H_D_Kumaraswamy_300While the Bharatiya Janata Party banks heavily on the Narendra Modi wave in Karnataka, former Chief Minister and Janata Dal (S) leader, H D Kumaraswamy says that this wave is artificial. Kumaraswamy is confident that the JD(S) would be part of the government to be formed at the Centre.

In this interview with Kumaraswamy, the son of former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda says that both the Congress and BJP say Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi will be Prime Minister respectively, but what I want to ask all of them is are we not there?

Is the JD(S) ready to support the candidature of J Jayalalithaa as Prime Minister?

My father Deve Gowda had said that she is welcome to be the Prime Minister. He had said that he wholeheartedly supports the candidature of Jayalalithaa for the Prime Minister’s post provided such a favorable political mobilization takes place. Whether or not she would become Prime Minister would entirely depend on the numbers she has at the end of the elections. Deve Gowda had also said let Nitish Kumar or Mulayam Singh also become the Prime Minister.

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Mysore Maharaja no more

The Mysore Maharaja is no more. Srikanta Datta Narasimha Raja Wodeyar passed away 15 minutes back at the Vikram hospital in Bangalore due to a cardiac arrest. He was 60.
He was brought to the hospital this morning after he had complained of a chest pain.

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Al Badr- The Kerala connection

Pak authorities arrested Fahad on October 27, 2006 as he was plotting with others to attack the Vidhan Soudha in Bangalore. Pic: ISVG
Pak authorities arrested Fahad on October 27, 2006 as he was plotting with others to attack the Vidhan Soudha in Bangalore. Pic: ISVG

The responsibility for the ghastly Samba attack yesterday was claimed by the Al-Badr militant group. This outfit which is based out of Pakistan has a very close South India link and there was a time four years back when investigations had revealed that some of these members enjoyed political patronage of some politicians in Kerala.

Based out of Pakistan, Al-Badr which also goes by the alias Al-Badr Mujahideen 300 members. Founded in the year 1971 by the ISI, the group had only one agenda and that was carrying out subversive activities against India. The first time it came to the limelight is when it carried out the massacre of 10,000 ethnic Bengali intellectuals in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) during the Pakistani Civil War. Continue reading “Al Badr- The Kerala connection”

Why BJP lost urban Karnataka


The urban voter was clearly in favour of the Congress. Be it at Bangalore, Mysore or Mangalore the three major urban areas in the state, the Congress put up a good show and the high voter turn out in these belts indicated that the people voted for a change.

In Bangalore alone there are 28 constituencies and the Congress managed to win 13 of them. The prominent wins were by Roshan Baig, N Harris, R V Devraj, Priya Krishna, Dinesh Gundu Rao among others.

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Who will the techies vote?

Infosys voters awareness drive. Pic: Bpac
Infosys voters awareness drive. Pic: Bpac

All political parties have realised the importance of wooing the voters from this sector and hence have gone on a major online campaign. The Janata Dal (S) which till date had refused to acknowledge the presence of an internet too has majorly taken into online campaigning.

It will not be sufficient to get these techies to have an opinion. It is important that the politicians get them to the polling booths. Bangalore has had shameful voter turn out in the past few years. During the 2008 assembly elections the turn out was 44 per cent and during the general elections next year it was 47 per cent. Ironically the techie turn out at the polling booths was just 20 per cent.

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What prompted Karnataka to take the contempt risk?

Cauvery waters-

Where is the need to release water to Tamil Nadu when excess water as a result of the North East rains is already flowing there is what Karnataka has in its defence when it faces the contempt petition filed against it by Tamil Nadu.

When the submission was made before the Supreme Court that it was in no position to release anymore more to Tamil Nadu was made, Karnataka was well aware that it could run the risk of being held in contempt. Looking the decision to stop release of water to Tamil Nadu is contempt of court technically, but Karnataka can take hope in the fact that it was saved by mother nature as a result of the excess rainfall it received thanks to the north east rains.
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