NSCN(K) banned for 5 years

nscnNew Delhi, Sep 16: The union government has banned NSCNK(K) a terror group operating out of Nagaland and Myanmar.

The same group headed by S S Khaplang was responsible for the Manipur ambush in which 18 army personnel were killed.

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Who is controlling NSCN(K) head, S S Khaplang?

khapWho is controlling S S Khaplang, the leader of the NSCN(K) which carried out the Manipur attack in which 18 Indian army soldiers were killed.
The National Investigating Agency which is probing the Manipur ambush case has found that the decision to violate the cease fire was not taken by Khaplang on the spur of the moment.
It has been found that the decision to abort the cease fire deal with New Delhi was taken almost an year back. Khaplang aborted the cease fire deal with India officially on March 27 2015. Read more

Pakistan’s draft resolution on Myanmar is filled with factual errors

pakiA draft resolution against Myanmar tabled at the United Nations Humar Rights Council by Pakistan is filled with factual errors.
The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) states that Pakistan’s draft resolution against Myanmar tabled at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on Wednesday contains factually incorrect information.

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Indo-myanmar deal to fight terror will be re-worked

 India and Myanmar will hold another round of talks after a concrete deal to carry out joint operations to flush out North Eastern militants did not materialize as expected. 

National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval who held a series of meetings in Myanmar will have to chalk out a new strategy to engage both countries in carrying out joint operations along the Indo-Myanmar border.

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The Khaplang-Myanmar deal that India missed

   The Intelligence Bureau can no longer take the issue of North East militancy lightly. While the attack on the army at Manipur which killed 18 soldiers was an intelligence failure, there have been some developments in Myanmar which the Indian agencies have missed. 

What appears to have missed completely the striking of a deal between NSCN-K chief S S Khaplang and the Thein Sein government in Myanmar.

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Myanmar was neither with us nor against us

sskhapNational Security Advisor Ajit Doval will press for the extradition of S S Khaplang the leader of the NSCN-K, a militant outfit which is said to be behind the Manipur attack in which 18 soldiers of the Indian army were killed.

The extradition of S S Khaplang is of extreme importance and India can no longer trust this person ever since he broke a 14 year old cease fire violation with New Delhi. Khaplang although aged 75 still has a good amount of control within Myanmar.

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Myanmar border-Drug trade needs to be curbed

 In our fixation for Pakistan, we appear to have completely ignored the Myanmar border. Here is a statistic that would be of interest and also indicate the scale of the problem along the Indo-Myanmar border. 15 tonnes heroin is smuggled along the Indo-Pak border every year. In the case of the Indo-Myanmar border, it is 25 tonnes every year. Read more: Interview: Why Myanmar operation can’t be replicated in Pakistan? This statistic would once raise the issue that India will need to go beyond terrorism while it deals with Myanmar.

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Manipur attack: Why nabbing militant leader Khaplang is important

khapWhile the army action along the Myanmar was a major success, the probe by the National Investigating Agency into the incident at Manipur in which 18 soldiers were killed is extremely important.

The NIA has commenced the probe and while decipehering the attack in detail would also focus on the mastermind of the attack S S Khaplang, the supreme leader of the NSCN-K, a militant outfit.

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Manipur ambush: India-Myanmar launch offensive

   The Indian army with the help of Myanmar has commenced a process to flush out the militants involved in the killing of 18 soldiers in Manipur last week. The army has learnt that most of the militants who had taken part in the attack had fled to Myanmar.

The Indian army carried out an operation along the Myanmar border in which it managed to neutralize several militants involved in the attack. The operation is likely to last for several days as it is believed that there were nearly 70 militants involved in the strike at Manipur which killed 18 soldiers.

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Manipur attack: Time to deal with Myanmar strongly

maniThe National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval is taking stock of the situation following the killing of 20 soldiers in Manipur yesterday.

20 soldiers of the 6 Dogra Regiment were killed in what has been termed as one of the deadliest attacks on the Indian army in 2 decades.

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