Illegal Bangladeshis in South India are real, ticking time bombs

bangladeshiInvestigating agencies are confronted with a situation that is like a double-edged sword – the problem of illegal Bangladeshis coupled with that of the Rohingya Muslims. Karnataka and Kerala have turned into hideouts.

In raids conducted across the city of Bengaluru on Saturday, the police arrested 30 Bangladeshis staying illegally. The police said that they would be booked under the Foreigners Act and deported accordingly. These raids come at a time when there are demands for an NRC to be conducted in every state.

Over the years, South India in particular has seen a large number of illegal Bangladeshis settling. The late Maloy Krishna Dhar, former joint director of the Indian Intelligence Bureau had spoken at length about this issue. During a talk at the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) in the year 2006, Dhar had spoken about how Karnataka and Kerala had become hotbeds for such illegal immigrants. He even said that there are several modules that have been set up in these states.

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Radicalisation of South India by Wahhabis who came and went before we knew it

zakir-naikNearly 1,800 Wahhabi preachers came to South India between 2006 and 2012. They preached, they radicalised, and they left, and the government sat over it.

The latest chargesheet by the National Investigation Agency paints a very grim picture about the state of affairs in Southern India. The growth of the Islamic State, extreme levels of radicalisation coupled with the problems of the Rohingya Muslims are the major issues that stare at the southern states, particularly Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The latest chargesheet is with regard to the Kerala ISIS case. The NIA states that one of the accused, Riyas Aboobacker was radicalised in 2017 through social media platforms. Further the NIA says that he had held conspiracy meetings in Kochi in which it was decided to carry out a series of suicide attacks in India.

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Sending shivers down Pakistan’s spine: Indian Army continues to break backbone of terrorism

The Indian Army has gone after the top commanders in the Valley and not just some run of the mill foot soldiers. The Indian armed forces’ aim seems to be to break the spine of terrorism lodged up in the Pakistan looking to infiltrate India

The artillery firing that the Indian Army resorted to in a bid to destroy terror camps in Pakistan has been termed as unprovoked by Pakistan media. Further, Pakistan also claimed that nine Indian soldiers were killed in the attack.

Both the claims made by Pakistan is laughable in nature. It has lined up 500 terrorists along the border and violated the ceasefire 2,317 times. Further, sources have confirmed that no Indian soldier was killed in the attack. Instead the Indian Army managed to kill 18 terrorists and 16 Pakistan Army soldiers during the artillery firing that took place on Sunday, the source further confirmed.

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Why does Kerala have an exclusive department for schedule caste converts to Christianity?

kerala-scst-chirstainAn extraordinary gazette notification dated July 27 2019 issued in Kerala invited applications through a ‘One Time’ Registration Scheme for assistant surgeon and casualty medical officers. The notification was issued by the Kerala Public Service Commission. However what is quite interesting or do we say shocking is that vacancies have been notified for the Schedule Caste Converts to Christianity (SCCC).

Bengaluru: An extraordinary gazette notification dated July 27 2019 issued in Kerala invited applications through a ‘One Time’ Registration Scheme for assistant surgeon and casualty medical officers.

The notification was issued by the Kerala Public Service Commission. However what is quite interesting or do we say shocking is that vacancies have been notified for the Schedule Caste Converts to Christianity (SCCC).

This is the third time that such a motivation is being issued to fill up the 25 vacancies. Similar notifications have been issued since December 14. It states that the pay scale is Rs 45,800 to 89,000.

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Is the Kamlesh Tiwari murder part of an international conspiracy to silence Hindu leaders?

kamlesh-tiwariWith the murders of Kamlesh Tiwari and other Hindu leaders in the recent past, a little bit of investigation into the motive for the crime brings into question whether these killings are isolated incidents aimed at revenge or if there is a clear pattern to it.

The murder of Kamlesh Tiwari is yet another grim reminder of how vulnerable Hindu leaders have become.

Tiwari was shot dead by two persons and the police are on the trail of two persons in Surat, Gujarat who go by the names Sheikh Ashfaq Hussain and Pathan Moinuddin Ahmed. Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath said that this is an act aimed at creating terror.

The question is whether these are isolated incidents aimed at revenge or is there a clear pattern to it.

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Indian history is not what the Left wants it to be: It belongs to Indians

dk-hari-dk-hemaBengaluru: We have all learnt history through various forms. It has either been through books or from what our parents and grandparents have told us. Now when a third party tells you what your parents have told you is wrong, what do you do? Would you trust a thief or those who have given birth to you and brought you up?

Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of talk about Indian history and with many saying that it does not cover the entire picture. To understand this more, MyNation caught up with DK Hari and D K Hema, founders of Bharath Gyan, an NGO.

Did India make an effort?

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A much needed free hand to the Armed Forces has done wonders to its morale

The manner in which the Indian armed forces have been operating in retaliation to unprovoked firing and in its attempts at thwarting terror and infiltration cold only mean that the government has given the Indian Army a free hand.

In a display of might and brute power, the Indian Army destroyed three terror camps in Pakistan. Around 10 Pakistani soldiers shielding these terror camps too were killed in retaliatory action by the Indian Army opposite to the Tangdhar and Keran sectors in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Indian Army carried out heavy artillery strikes and destroyed terror camps located at Athmuqam, Kundal Shahi and Jura on Sunday. This is a major attack after the Balakot strike by the Indian Air Force, which targeted a Jaish-e-Mohammad facility on February 26, 2019.

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Stifling the flow of funds: Here’s how Modi sarkar is bringing an end to the Naxal movement

The efforts of the Modi government in curbing Naxal funding has yielded much result. Crackdown on illegal transfers, recovery of demonetised currency, has led to the arrest of members of the outfit. Furthermore, surrenders of Naxals because of disgruntlement with ideology has brought about a decline in the Naxal movement

In the past four days there were two very important developments where the fight against Naxalites was concerned.

The first was the arrest of Lalita Devi, the wife of Chhotu Kerwar, a regional commander of the CPI (Maoist) from the Balumath area in Jharkhand. The second was the filing of a chargesheet against 11 persons part of the proscribed Peoples’ Liberation Front of India (PLFI).

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There was an India before 1947: Here’s why Indian history needs to be re-written

In the last few years, the government has decided to revise history books. The archaeological finds of the past few decades have widened the civilisation of the region. Such moves have been met with criticism. Especially by those from the Left who have accused the government of trying to distort history.

Union home minister Amit Shah called upon historians to re-write India’s history. He was also all praise for Veer Savarkar for naming the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny as the first war of independence.

He said that history only takes into account those who change the rules and that it is the responsibility of the historians of the country to preserve and re-write history. How long do we curse the Britishers? We should not get into controversy over the past writings and write history with our point of view, he remarked.

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Love Jihad: The dangerous undercurrent that is destroying our social fabric

Officials who have probed cases of Love Jihad say that it is an undercurrent and many are not ready to accept the problem. There is a concerted effort to lure women from the Hindu and Christian community and convert them to Islam.

Bengaluru: There is a section that lives in absolute denial about the concept called as Love Jihad which had caught on at a rapid pace in Kerala. Recently a woman from Kannur opened up about her ordeal she had to undergo and how she was rescued from the trap of Love Jihad.

She said that she had a met a person called Mushabeer and fallen in love with him. However, he began to pressurise her to change her religion in case she wanted to marry him. She said that he threatened to pour acid on her if she did not convert.

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