‘Can wage Jihad even if I am in jail’, says ISIS operative in West Bengal

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480Jihad can be waged from jail too and this was a startling revelation made by a highly radicalised Islamic State operative lodged in the Alipore jail of West Bengal. A warden of the jail was admitted to hospital in a critical condition after the operative Mohammad Masiuddin alias Musa hit him with a stone and slit throat.

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Al-Qaeda in Kashmir: Pak should remember this is 2017, not 1990

ter4This is 2017 and not 1990. Pakistan does want to give the impression the uprising in Kashmir is similar to the ones in the 1990s, but in reality that is not the case. The security forces are more aggressive today and with the Doval doctrine and an iron fisted policy, Pakistan will find it hard to play the 1990 game in 2017.

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Revealed: What the FBI found on Kolkata IS operative

isischemicalBengaluru, Jan 1: The visit by a team of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to Kolkata to question an Islamic State operative was a crucial one. Masiuddin alias Musa who was chargesheeted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) was also questioned extensively by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
For the FBI the questioning was extremely important as they found that Musa’s handler Shafi Armar, a resident of Bhatkal now with the IS in Syria, was planning on targeting Americans.
The FBI learnt from the chat transcripts that Armar had drawn up a list of American targets not just in India but in other parts of the world as well.

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Indian IS operatives’ new strategy: ‘Stab and run’

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480During the interrogation of Musa alias Masiuddin, the Islamic State inspired operative, a very interesting conversation he had with his handler cropped up. An officer with the National Investigation Agency tells OneIndia that they were speaking about an operation known as ‘stab and escape.’
The conversation between Musa and his handler Shafi Armar reveals how they were sharing tactics between each other on stabbing non-Muslims and escaping from the spot. The stab and escape tactic has been discussed on several forums that are sympathetic towards the IS.

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When Bengal ISIS operative raised the ISIS flag in Srinagar

ISIS-afghanNew Delhi, Dec 27: The National Investigation Agency in a detailed chargesheet has stated that an ISIS operative from West Bengal had planned a Lone Wolf attack at the Dal Lake in Srinagar.

The NIA also said in the chargesheet that it was Musa who had waved the flag of the ISIS at a congregation held at Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir in May 2016.

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FBI pays ISIS recruit a visit in Kolkata

isisuaeNew Delhi, Dec 9: Mohammad Masiuddin alias Musa, the suspected ISIS recruit from West Bengal had visitors from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Musa who was interrogated by the National Investigation Agency had revealed that he had plotted attacks on US Nationals in Kolkata.

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