‘Mumbhai’: Explosive laden vehicle, uranium and now 12k gelatine sticks

New Delhi, May 19: First it was an explosives laden vehicle parked outside the home of Mukesh Ambani. Following this was a seizure of uranium and now the Thane police have seized around 12,000 gelatine sticks from the Karivali area in Bhiwandi. 

Acting on a tip-off the police seized 63 boxes of 12,000 gelatine sticks and four boxes of 3,008 detonators. However there is no indication that these are linked to the vehicle parked outside the home of Ambani with 20 gelatine sticks. 

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Waze wanted Hiran to own up in bomb scare case to prevent probe going to NIA, ATS

New Delhi, Apr 01: Suspended Mumbai cop, Sachin Waze was pressurising Mansukh Hiran to own up to parking the explosive laden vehicle outside the residence of Mukesh Ambani.

There was immense pressure being mounted by the Opposition in Maharashtra to hand over the probe to the National Investigation Agency. Waze on the other hand who was part of the Antilla bomb scare probe did not want the investigation to go out of his hand. By asking Hiran to own up to the crime, Waze wanted to shut the case and ensure that it was not handed over to the NIA or the Maharashtra ATS, a report in the Indian Express said.

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Scorpio’s journey from Mulund to Ambani’s residence cracked, as NIA digs into motive

New Delhi, Mar 31: A phone handed over to suspended Mumbai cop, Sachin Waze was used to contact the conspirators who eliminated Thane based businessman, Mansukh Hiran, the National Investigation Agency has said.

In its submissions before a Special Court, the NIA said that Waze and dismissed constable Vinayak Shinde attended a meeting where a conspiracy was hatched to eliminate Hiran. 

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Sachin Waze stayed in 5-star hotel with fake Aadhaar

New Delhi, Mar 23: The National Investigation Agency conducted a search operation at a five star hotel in Mumbai where suspended Mumbai cop, Sachin Waze had stayed recently.

The search was conducted at the Trident in South Mumbai, where Waze had reportedly stayed from February 16 to 20. He had reportedly booked a hotel room with a forged Aadhaar card. He had used his photo with a fictitious name on the card, NIA officials said. 

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Jaish-ul-Hind is a terror group on Telegram and not Indian Mujahideen 2.0

New Delhi, Mar 16: In both the Israeli embassy IED blast case and security scare outside the home of Mukesh Ambani, a lesser known or non-existent group called the Jaish-ul-Hind group claimed responsibility.

Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that although the same group claimed responsibility, there is no link between the two incidents. First and foremost, the group is a non-existent one and has no operational capabilities. 

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Mukesh Ambani security scare: Indian Mujahideen terrorist to be questioned in Tihar

New Delhi, Mar 15: Officers from the Special Cell of the Delhi Police will visit Tihar jail today to question Indian Mujahideen terrorist Tehseen Akhtar in connection with the Mukesh Ambani security scare case.

On Saturday, the police had questioned Akhtar for several hours. However his answers were evasive and he tried to mislead the police. 

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