‘Can wage Jihad even if I am in jail’, says ISIS operative in West Bengal

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480Jihad can be waged from jail too and this was a startling revelation made by a highly radicalised Islamic State operative lodged in the Alipore jail of West Bengal. A warden of the jail was admitted to hospital in a critical condition after the operative Mohammad Masiuddin alias Musa hit him with a stone and slit throat.

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FBI pays ISIS recruit a visit in Kolkata

isisuaeNew Delhi, Dec 9: Mohammad Masiuddin alias Musa, the suspected ISIS recruit from West Bengal had visitors from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Musa who was interrogated by the National Investigation Agency had revealed that he had plotted attacks on US Nationals in Kolkata.

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Why India should not ignore the rise of the Bengal Caliphate?

tersilBengaluru, Sept 24: As India puts its entire focus on terror emanating from Pakistan, intelligence bureau officials warn that groups such as the JMB-ISIS combine may try and make further inroads in other parts of the country. The JMB-ISIS combine which operates in Bangladesh, West Bengal and Assam has been looking to set up the Bengal Caliphate.
The investigations conducted following the arrest of Mohammad Masiuddin at Tamil Nadu’s Tirpur, a resident of Birbhum, West Bengal have revealed that there is a sinister plot in store.

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