Rajasthan assembly polls: Modi, Shah set to kick-start election campaign

modishahJaipur, Oct 6: The BJP is all set to launch its election campaign for the Rajasthan assembly elections. The campaign would be launched by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah.

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Telangana polls: KCR wins hands down, Modi leads over Rahul Gandhi

modi-kcr-rahulHyderabad, Sep 16: As Telangana prepares for an early election, a survey has shown that the K Chandrashekar led Telangana Rashtra Samithi is way ahead of its rivals.

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Not forcing anyone on ‘one nation one poll,’ but debate needed: Modi

modi2New Delhi, Sep 10: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he is not forcing anyone on the doctrine of ‘one nation one poll.’ He however added that a debate in this regard is necessary.

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To pay Vajpayee a tribute, PM Modi walks the distance

New Delhi, Aug 17: Atal Bihari Vajpayee was cremated on Friday with full state honours. Thousands of people including several foreign dignitaries, including political leaders paid tributes to the departed leader, Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

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Why Modi will sound the 2019 poll bugle from Maghar, the ‘Gateway to Hell’

modi-newPrime Minister Narendra Modi will sound the poll bugle for 2019 from Maghar, in Uttar Pradesh which is often referred to as the Gateway to Hell. In 2014, the PM had made holy city of Varanasi the epi-centre of the BJP’s campaign and he even won the seat.

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CBI prepares RCN against Modi, Choksi in PNB fraud case

The Central Bureau of Investigation is preparing a request to the Interpol to issue a red corner notice against Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi in connection with the PNB fraud case.

48 months vs 48 years: Modi ‘sarkar’s’ slogan on 4th anniversary

48 months vs 48 years is likely to be the theme of the Modi sarkar which completes 4 years in office on May 26. A committee has been set up by the Prime Minister’s Office which is finalising the showcase areas of the government’s achievements.

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In a close contest between Siddaramaiah and Yeddyurappa why Modi is the X factor

sidd-yeddyA Modi wave is what the BJP is hoping for to win the Karnataka assembly elections. Going by recent pre-poll surveys the margin in terms of popularity between Siddaramaiah and Yeddyurappa is not very wide. For the BJP to make that extra push, it is relying very heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is campaigning in the state.

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In Karnataka, Modi plays the nationalist card

modi-newPrime Minister, Narendra Modi played the nationalist card during his election rally in poll bound Karnataka. He spoke about the surgical strikes, the heroes of the Indian Army and even questioned Rahul Gandhi for disrespecting Vande Mataram, the national song.

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On Cariappa, Thimayya Congress hands out Modi a fact-checker and ends up getting it wrong

modi-karThe reference to two of India’s greatest military heroes by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in Karnataka led to a storm on Twitter. The Congress was quick to put out a fact checker on Field Marshal, K M Cariappa and General K S Thimayya, but the party did not get it entirely right either.

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