No bar: MLAs/MPs can double up as lawyers says Supreme Court

dipakmisra2New Delhi, Sep 25: The Supreme Court has said that there is no bar on lawmakers practising in courts during their tenure as legislators.

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How Karnataka’s ‘lost and found’ MLAs are giving sleepless nights to the Cong-JD(S) coalition

cong-jds444Bengaluru, Sep 24: There is dissidence in the Karnataka Congress and the rocky road for the coalition government in Karnataka continues. With allegations and counter allegations of poaching, there is something really hilarious that is taking place in the state.

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MLAs of southern states spent most on vehicles, least on media: Report

New Delhi, June 29: Among the southern states which have gone for elections in the past five years, it has been found that MLAs had found most on vehicles used for campaigning. A report by the Association for Democratic Reforms has analysed the election expenditure and vote share of 907 out of 922 MLAs from southern states such as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and a Union Territory Puducherry. Analysis of Election Expenditure of Karnataka has not been included since the data was not available at the time of making this report.

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These MLAs, MPs have pending cases relating to crimes against women

womencrimeAmidst the growing outcry against rapes in India and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi terming it as a crime against humanity, here is an interesting report on the subject. The Association for Democratic Reforms has analyzed 4,845 out of 4,896 election affidavits of current MPs and MLAs. It includes 768 out of 776 affidavits of MPs and 4077 out of 4120 MLAs from all the states of India.

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Back in Gujarat, MLAs check into another resort

gujmlas2The Gujarat MLAs who were holed up at a Bengaluru resort to avoid poaching ahead of the Rajya Sabha elections have arrived in Ahmedabad.

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AAP’s hall of shame: Here are all the MLAs who are in the dock

Somanth-Bharti-AAP-facebook3The troubles for the Aam Admi Party are never-ending. The latest row in the party has cropped up following the sacking of water minister Kapil Mishra who has alleged that the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal had got Rs 2 crore from Health Minister Satyendar Jain at his residence. The party has denied the charges while the opposition has sought for the resignation of Kejriwal. Several members of the AAP are facing various charges.

Here is the list of who is facing what.

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UP assembly has lesser MLAs with criminal background compared to 2012

At least 36 per cent of the MLAs in the new Uttar Pradesh assembly have declared criminal cases against them. Out of the 402 MLAs analysed, 143 MLAs have declared criminal cases against themselves.

In the 2012 assembly there were 189 MLAs with a criminal background against them according to a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms.

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Karnataka MLAs bunk but take home a full salary

klaWith a monthly salary of Rs 65000, which is being paid from public money, one would expect regular attendance from that person. The Karnataka Legislative Assembly probably has one of the poorest attendance and in the 224 member house.

They are either protesting or are out of town and yesterday’s attendance was a poor 40, which has caused a lot of discontentment among the public.

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