An eye for an eye: How KPS Gill wiped out militancy in Punjab

kpsgillWhen we speak about Operation Blue Star, our memory immediately goes back to the Khalistan Movement in Punjab. This movement in which a separate nation was demanded for had become extremely violent in nature and gave birth to militancy in Punjab.

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Failure to revive in Punjab-BKI tests international waters

There has been much talk about the revival of militancy in Punjab. Although many alerts such as these have been put up, the Indian agencies have managed to successfully keep militancy down in Punjab.

However now the radar against two outfits, the Babbar Khalsa International and the Khalistan Commando force is high yet again and Intelligence Bureau officials say that they have been operating globally in a bid to revive themselves.

The movement launched by the BKI has found more sympathisers abroad when compared to India. The idea is to keep the movement afloat and what the BKI had realised that it needs to generate a great deal of funds in order to keep their operations going. Continue reading “Failure to revive in Punjab-BKI tests international waters”