Migrants have been taken care of, no cause for concern, MHA tells Supreme Court

migrants-1aNew Delhi, Apr 27: The Ministry of Home Affairs has told the Supreme Court that it is personally supervising all the directives and also added that the migrants cannot be moved during the lockdown.

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10 lakh migrants staying in shelters, 85 lakh meals provided since March 24, Centre’s data says

migrants-1New Delhi, Apr 09: The Haryana and Delhi governments provided two out of every three meals given to migrant workers and the needy through food camps during the lockdown.

While Kerala did not give out any meals through food camps, it provided shelter to nearly half the people given shelter across the country, the Union Government said in a report submitted in the Supreme Court.

The government said that out of the 54.15 lakh meals given to people by the different state governments, 22.38 lakh meals were provided by Haryana. In the case of Delhi, it is 12.32 lakh.

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Migrants as foot-soldiers: How JMB is becoming India’s most dangerous terror group

New Delhi, Oct 14: The Chief of the National Investigation Agency, Y C Modi said at a conference earlier today that the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) had increased its activities in Bihar, Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka. He further went on to say that the names of 125 suspects had been shared with the related agencies.

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Kerala’s anti nationals and how the migrants add to the problem

kerala_map_sThiruvananthapuram, Aug 3: The arrest of Abdul Wahid (24) a migrant labour from Bengal in Kerala for allegedly disrespecting the Indian National Flag is another grim reminder of the anti national activities that are fast spreading in the state.

A native of Bokhara, Murshidabad in West Bengal, Wahid was accused of posting a photograph of a dog wrapped in the Tricolour and being chased by a tiger holding a Bangladesh flag.

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