States should take more steps to mitigate migrant distress says MHA

migrant-trainsNew Delhi, May 19: The Ministry of Home Affairs has sought more proactive coordination between the states and the Ministry of Railways on the issue of special trains.

For routes, where the migrants are known to be already travelling on foot, arrangements could be made by the states, which are en route, for designated rest places, taking into account the requirement of sanitisation, food and health, Union Home Secretary, Ajay Bhalla said in a letter to the Chief Secretaries.

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MHA okays special train services for stranded persons

trainNew Delhi, May 01: The moment of migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students and other persons stranded at different places is also allowed by special train, the Ministry of Home Affairs has said.

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To use trains or not: MHA to decide soon on how stranded people can be taken back

migrant-wrokersNew Delhi, May 01: The clamour by the states to run special trains to ferry stranded persons due to the lockdown is increasing.

The Union Home Secretary, Ajay Bhalla in his order earlier this week permitted states to take back stranded migrant labourers, students, tourists and pilgrims. However, the order made it clear that the states shall only use buses as a mode of transport. The order also says that the stranded persons shall be brought back only by road.

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Who is a stranded person: MHA makes its rules clear to states

ilegal-immigrantsNew Delhi, May 01: As states start working out logistics to get migrant labourers, students, tourists stranded, the Ministry of Home Affairs has said that the key word to be followed is stranded.

Earlier this week, the MHA had issued guidelines in which it permitted states to bring back migrant workers. However, it made it clear that this would be applicable only to those stranded due to the lockdown.

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