Nobody bombed Mecca Masjid: Why this key is key to the probe

meccaIn the Mecca Masjid blast case, the NIA judge shot down the arguments put out by the probe agency stating that there was evidence to prove the charges against the accused. The court acquitted five persons in the case including Swami Aseemanand.

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Bhagwat assasination plot

Pic: India Today
Pic: India Today

Is Mohan Bhagwat, the Chief of the RSS an accused as claimed by a magazine which says it interviewed Swami Aseemanand or is he is a target of some fanatics as per the probe of the National Investigation Agency.
The NIA has made it clear that no where during the investigation into Aseemanand had he ever said that Bhagwat had blessed the bombings. However an angle that they had probed was regarding an assassination plot by Sunil Joshi and others. It was found that Joshi and some of his accomplices had hatched a plan to kill Bhagwat since they were unhappy with him. Continue reading “Bhagwat assasination plot”

60 hrs of footage and no vital leads

cctvThe 60 hours of CCTV footage which the Special Cell of the Hyderabad police have on them will be crucial to cracking the twin blasts case. In all the police have managed to get access to footage available on four cameras at the blast site, but the clearest image they have is from a private camera which was installed on top of a house in the area. Continue reading “60 hrs of footage and no vital leads”

‘No witchhunt against Muslims’

The Muslims in the Old City of Hyderabad would be reminded of the police action against them following the Mecca Masjid and twin blasts. However this time around they say that the police have not jumped the gun and would look to investigate this matter in a free and fair manner.

Latheef Mohammad Khan, the convenor of the Civil Liberties Movement Committee which had fought for the cause of the Muslim youth says that there has not been a witch hunt as yet. I have not got any complaints of the Muslim youth being rounded up. Continue reading “‘No witchhunt against Muslims’”

Samjautha accused just a pawn-Geelani


There was a confession made by an accused in the Samjautha Express blast that he was the one who fired at Professor S A R Geelani, who was acquitted in the Parliament attack case. However Professor Geelani is of the view that the man in question is just a pawn and the system was behind the incident as there were many others who were unhappy with the incident. Continue reading “Samjautha accused just a pawn-Geelani”

Assasination plot- Who is the real mastermind?

The assassination plot which was busted in Karnataka has more to it and now police officials say that they are on the look out for the mastermind in the case. Although it was being said that Akram who was arrested on the first day of this probe was the mastermind, now the police say that these youth had a boss in Bangalore to whom they used to report. Police sources say that the man in question is Zakir Ustaad a resident of the JC Nagar area in Bangalore. It was he who had motivated these youth to carry out the operation. The entire operation was planned by Zakir along with Akram and they had marshalled the youth for this operation. During the questioning of all these youth it came to light that this person Zakir who is considered to be a criminal was the one who was staging the operation. It was Zakir who first approached Akram, a friend of Shahid Bilal before the this operation was planned. It was decided that they would gather like minded youth from various sections and also from different states and plan out an operation targeting Hindu leaders and also anti Muslim journalists. Ustaad who is said to be a point man for the HuJI in Karnataka is said to have picked Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Hyderabad and also Maharashtra for this operation. Ustaad on the other hand coordinated with a handler in Saudi Arabia who helped with funds and also other support. They even took the help of the local underworld for this operation which had supplied them with arms and also money. Karnataka was the first in the hit list considering that it had a BJP government. They had picked journalists and also an MLA and placed them under their watch list. It was felt that the reaction to any assassination of this nature would get a horrible reaction and there could be riots all over. In the aftermath of riots it would have become easier for them to recruit more youth for similar operations. Moreover the HuJI has also been looking for newer recruits in Southern India and this operation would have helped a great deal. However they wanted to ensure that no person from the HuJI or any other terrorist outfit was roped in for this operation as they wanted to keep the heat low. Only the bigger operatives were from HuJI while the rest were handpicked ensuring that they had no trail what so ever. This team also chose youth in Hyderabad since there has been a bit of tension following the investigations into the Mecca Masjid blasts. A couple of corp orators have always been blamed for the manner in which the youth were targeted during the Mecca Masjid probe. It was being felt that there was change that was taking place in Hyderabad and hence eliminating the persons responsible for anti Muslim activities would help their cause and also enhance the recruitment process. In Uttar Pradesh the main reason for choosing a couple of youth was due to the various incidents that had taken place in Azamgarh. It is believed that there have been atrocities in the name of investigation and hence some leaders over there had to be targeted in a bid to seek revenge. There were also four arrests in Nanded. It is said that the first of the incidents concerning a Hindu group in an act of terror was busted at Nanded. It is believed that this group which was busted a couple of years back had planned on carrying out a blast and sought to blame the Muslims for the attack. Since then there has been some animosity and hence youth were chosen from there for this operation. The police say that picking up Zakir Ustaad would help the investigation. Being the point man in the operation he could give a more detailed explanation to the international link to the operation, police sources say. It is a country wide operation and the pieces are being joined together, the police say.

An aling NIA- Witch hunt or ego?

In a span of hardly 5 days two persons accused in the Malegaon and Mecca Masjid blasts case were granted bail by the court. Ironically the bail granted was not on the basis of merit, but thanks to the failure of the National Investigating Agency to file a charge sheet in the stipulated time frame of 90 days as mandated by the Code of Criminal Procedure. A clear indicator that in both these cases the NIA has not managed to put up a case for the courts to take cognizance.

The first question that comes to mind is whether the NIA has enough against these accused persons who they rounded up by the dozen. However while speaking to scores of officials in Hyderabad, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan it becomes very clear that it is an ugly ego battle on between the local police and the NIA which is hurting the cases bad.

Many legal experts and police officials who have been following these cases closely (Malegaon, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer and Samjautha) are of the view that the road ahead for the NIA looks very tough and there may be many more accused who would come out on bail due to the fact that the charge sheets are not filed in the mandatory period.

On the first of June, a Hyderabad court granted bail to an accused by the name Bharath Ratheshwar. The NIA had arrested him in connection with the Mecca Masjid Blasts case. The court had granted him bail on the ground that the NIA had failed to file a charge sheet even after being granted time of 180 days. The Cr.PC makes it clear that a charge sheet shall be filed in 90 days after the arrest failing which the accused is entitled for bail unless the investigating agency is able to give sufficient reason for the delay.

On Tuesday another accused in the Malegaon blasts-2008, Lokesh Sharma secured bail on similar grounds that the NIA was not able to file the charge sheet in the 90 day stipulated period.

In addition to this there have been other cases too in which bail has been granted to the accused. Sham Sahu, Shivnarayan Kalsanghra and Ajay Rahirkar, all accused in the Malegaon case too were granted bail. While granting bail to these accused persons, Justice A M Thipsay of the Bombay High Court had virtually held that there was no evidence against these persons. They were granted bail after spending three years in jail.

While the NIA says that these are complex cases and need a lot of time for investigation, many others feel that the proofs are not coming by because the investigation or re-investigation into these cases started off as a witch hunt exercise for political reasons.

NIA sources say that there has been lack of cooperation from the local police who form the back bone of any investigation. Moreover these cases were investigated in a particular direction for many years and we got the job to un do the mess which has only made the job much harder. The basic piece of evidence is procured by any investigating agency from the spot where the incident took place. The accused were walking free for nearly four years before we could take over the probe and during this period a lot of evidence has gone missing.

The local police who were initially handling these cases say that the NIA has been pretty arrogant while handling these cases. They cannot look at the police personnel as accused in the case and treat them as one. Just because they are a centralised agency that does not mean we are subordinates and we too need to be treated properly.

However the basic understanding that one gets while looking at these developments is that the cases have been used more as political weapons. Ganesh Sovani who represents Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur in the Malegaon case says that this is a result of witch hunt. They have conducted arrests on the anticipation that these persons are accused in the case. It is nothing but an artificial investigation in furtherance to fix people for political needs. When the start of an investigation itself is such then the NIA is left with very little choice but to fabricate evidence. However it wont be too long before the cat is out of the bag because even the courts these days are very cautious while dealing with such cases.

The NIA has appeared desperate while handling these cases, says a senior police official. They are definitely under pressure to crack these cases. The agency was set up with a great deal of hype and we had all welcomed the formation of a central agency. However when goes through the Harshal Vasani case from Rajasthan it becomes clear that the NIA is desperate. Vasani had filed an affidavit stating that he was offered Rs 1 crore by the NIA to name a couple of senior RSS leaders in these attacks.

The news on the ground level too is not too good and it has become evident that the NIA has been getting no support from the local police. The tussle if clear as we speak to some of the police men who had initially handled these cases. They have a long list of complaints against the NIA. However what one gets to see is that it is a clear ego battle. What has emerged is unhealthy competition and this is hurting the probe. Many even point out that the NIA has been trying to undo their investigation. If they are trying to undo the investigation that means we are helping those who are trying to put us in bad light.

The NIA which says that the local police have not been helpful say that they get answers in yes or no and on some occasions have been told to refer to the earlier reports for their probe. A probe can never work on a yes or no and we need more details. Moreover what is the point in referring to earlier reports when they were wrong in the first place.

The other issue that the NIA faces is that most of the junior officers have often told them to speak to their seniors in the department. Now, in order to speak to higher ups there is a procedure that ought to be adhered to and this obviously takes up a lot of time. The other issue that they have found is the lack of support from the local intelligence wings. The local intelligence wing and the local police work in tandem and it appears as though they have ganged up against the NIA which again is hurting their cause no end.

The case status with regard to the above mentioned blasts is nothing to boast about for the NIA. There have been scores of arrests that have taken place, but the NIA is falling short at the crucial moment. There have been many conspiracy angles and also one must mention that some accused who had made sensational revelations have withdrawn their statements. All this put together is making the dots very hard to join.