Aseemanand’s Modi claim unsubstantiated

Pic: jagaran
Pic: jagaran

With Swami Aseemanand denying that he ever named Mohan Bhagwat in an interview to the Caravan he has only displayed yet another case of dropping big names and then backtracking.
An officer who had questioned Aseemanand tells that he is known to drop big names in a bid to divert the probe and when we decide to act on it, he has always backtracked. He has also once taken the name of Narendra Modi during his questioning, but there was absolutely nothing to suggest that the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate was aware of anything that Aseemanand was up to. In the case of Modi, Aseemanand had said that he had met him during an RSS event in Ahmedabad and told him, “it is decided that I will become the Chief Minister. Let me come to power and then I will do your work.” Continue reading “Aseemanand’s Modi claim unsubstantiated”

NIA flop show

nialogoIt has been five years since the National Investigation Agency was set up. The premier investigation agency which was to probe terror cases in India would not be proud of itself considering the fact that it has cracked or brought just one case to its logical end.

Many cases including the 26/11 attacks case are dragging at a snail’s pace and at times it appears as though there is a clear lack of direction. While the experts point out that it is a bit harsh to say that the NIA is dragging its feet on the 26/11 case since most of the accused are out of the country, it would not be wrong to say that there is a clear lack of will in the rest of the cases.

The only case which has been taken to its logical end is the bomb blast case at Kozhikode. Two persons were recently sentenced to life by a court in Kerala. While the NIA can pat itself on the back for this case, it sure has a lot of introspection to do in the rest of the cases.

All cases pertaining to Hindu terror which included Malegaon, Ajmer, Mecca Masjid and Samjautha were handed over to the NIA. When Swami Aseemanand made the confession statement in which he named several persons alleged to be involved in these cases, the NIA thought it had nailed it. However it was the same lacklustre approach that cost the NIA these cases and till date they are not able to put out a definitive chargesheet on these cases. They had taken the confessional statement for granted and did not expect him to retract. The moment the statement was retracted in court, it was back to basics for the NIA. Today they are unable to find proper evidence against Sadhvi Pragya Singh and more importantly have not been able to nab two other accused Ramji Kalasanghra and Sandeep Dange. Continue reading “NIA flop show”

NIA readies Sunil Joshi murder chargesheet

suniljoshiThe National Investigation Agency is all set to file its chargesheet in connection with the Sunil Joshi murder case. The agency which has been investigating this case for over a year now say that the motive was to ensure that secrets do not get out and also add that it was the work of his close circle.

The prime intention of the murder on December 29 2007 was to ensure that Joshi does not spill the beans on the activities. Joshi was accused of being an extremist and it was also stated that he was the one who knew everything about the Malegaon blasts. There was a tussle between him and some of associates and he had decided to come clean on the entire issue. This the NIA says was with an intention of entering into public life and he wanted a clean slate. However this did not augur well with the rest of his troop as a result of which they murdered him.

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Indian Mujahideen- Building a Hyderabad base

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The city of Hyderabad which was rocked by two powerful explosions a little over a week ago is limping back to normal, but investigators are finding it hard to make any concrete breakthrough in the case. The National Investigation Agency which has taken over the entire investigation now is relying heavily on a new dossier of the Intelligence Bureau prepared with the help of the Octopus (anti terrorism agency of Andhra Pradesh) to study the pattern which could have led up to the blasts. Continue reading “Indian Mujahideen- Building a Hyderabad base”

‘Don’t target Muslims’


With the Hyderabad police rounding up several Muslim youth for questioning in connection with the Hyderabad blasts case, civil rights groups are up in arms and say that this sort of witch hunting will only prove fatal to the probe.

The Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association and the Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee Hyderabad say that the investigations into the Mecca Masjid blasts too commenced in the same manner, but the culprits turned out to be someone else.

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Did 5 people check-in before the blasts?


Even as the Hyderabad police struggle to find vital clues into the twin blasts that rocked Hyderabad on Friday, they have found that the accused persons had booked themselves in a hotel at Dilsukhnagar and had stayed there for over 10 days.

We have gone through the registers of all the hotels in the area and found that five persons had checked in ten days before the blasts. We have scanned through the entire records and find that there are no proper details regarding these five persons, police officials told Continue reading “Did 5 people check-in before the blasts?”

Sai temple was original target


A major lead that has emerged in the investigations is that the plan to attack the Sai Baba temple at Dilsukhnagar was changed at the last minute and this was thanks to the visit by the commissioner of police to the temple yesterday in the evening. Continue reading “Sai temple was original target”

The twice unlucky blast victim

For Abdul Wasif Mirza it could not get any worse. He had lost his leg in the 2007 Mecca Masjid blasts and yet again in the blast of last night he was injured. For the 25 year old Mirza it was like any other normal day and he was selling t shirts on the pavement near the bus stand.
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Owaisi, Telangana, terror, the deadly cocktail

hbadPolitical chaos, a separatist movement, communal speeches and now a terror attack. Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh have never been so volatile and it appears the situation may only worsen in the days to come.
Many from Hyderabad are worried about the disruption of peace and feel that issues such as Owaisi, speeches by hot headed Hindu leaders, terror attacks and political instability is making a heady cocktail. Continue reading “Owaisi, Telangana, terror, the deadly cocktail”

IM signature, but too early to say

Although the Hyderabad blasts bear the signature of the Indian Mujahideen, the police and the Intelligence Bureau say that it is too early to pin point the blame on this outfit. The group is capable of carrying out an attack of this magnitude, but their base is considerably weaker in Hyderabad as per reports of the Intelligence Bureau. Continue reading “IM signature, but too early to say”