IM’s Assam bomber

bodhgaya-suspectIn the wake of the National Investigation Agency issuing a fresh alert to the Himachal Pradesh police about a possible strike at the Buddhists in the state, the investigation agency has been probing a couple of youth from Assam in connection with the Bodhgaya attack.

The investigations conducted by the NIA so far reveal that the bomber whose picture they had released last week was a man of Assamese origin and could have possibly been hired by the terrorist group to carry out the strike.

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Terror outsourcing, IM style

IMThe National Investigation Agency has its task cut out as with each blast that rocks the country, a new theory or a new module emerges. The chargesheet that the NIA recently filed paints a helpless picture as at the end of it the agency realises that the key men are still at large and appear to be operating with a lot of ease.

The NIA lists Yasin Bhatkal, Riyaz Bhatkal, Mohsin Choudhary, Amir Reza Khan, Tahsin Akhtar, Dr. Shahnawaz Alam, Asadullah Akhtar, Ariz Khan, Md. Sajid, Md. Khalid and Mirza Shadab Beg as absconders. If one looks at the dossier on the Indian Mujahideen these are the men who have been controlling the outfit since the past many years.

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Bodhgaya- It is clear that nothing is clear

Bodhgaya_CCTV_295While viewing the CCTV footage collected by the National Investigation Agency in connection with the Bodhgaya blasts, there is one thing that is clear and that is nothing is clear.

An NIA official would tell, “the overall imagery is nothing but pathetic and has made our job extremely difficult. It is with great difficulty that we finally managed to put out a sketch of one of the bombers. The final image was put out more thanks to eye witness accounts and the reliance on the CCTV footage was minimal.” Continue reading “Bodhgaya- It is clear that nothing is clear”

Hindu angle ruled out in Bodhgaya

afp-bodhgayaThe National Investigation Agency probing the Bodhgaya attack has ruled out a naxalite or Hindu extremist link and states that everything now goes on to show that it was either an outsourced group of the Indian Mujahideen or the outfit itself which could have carried out the attack.

While the blast bears the stamp of the Indian Mujahideen, the sketch of the man released by the NIA bears a resemblance to a Buddhist. This had initially led to a lot of confusion and the investigators thought that it could be an insider job. However after the CCTV footage was shown to some of the inmates, they confirmed to the NIA that the man was not a Buddhist since the manner in which he did the parikrama was wrong. An NIA officer told that according to the inmates, the Parikrama around the Buddha statue is done in a clockwise direction, but this man on the footage was doing it anti clock wise. According to some of the eye witnesses they had seen this man do the parikrama wrong, but none of them questioned him. Continue reading “Hindu angle ruled out in Bodhgaya”

Bodhgaya- Is he the bomber?

bodhgaya-suspectIt was either an insider job or some one from outside pretending to be Buddhist who carried out the Bodhgaya attack, the National Investigation Agency has said. The NIA which released the sketch of one of the suspects told that the sketch has been prepared based on eye witness accounts and also some of the hazy CCTV images that emerged during our probe into the matter.

The NIA which has been probing the case for nearly to weeks now says that this was a image that they managed to get from a distant CCTV camera and they prepared the sketch by speaking with eye witnesses also. The suspect is seen in a ceremonial Buddhist dress and was spotted according to eye witnesses at 5 AM this morning. However based on the sketch when some of the inmates were questioned they have denied knowing this person, NIA officials also pointed out. Continue reading “Bodhgaya- Is he the bomber?”

Bodhgaya- An outsourced operation


Back in the year 2010, when Bodhgaya was surveyed by a bunch of Indian Mujahideen operatives, the idea was to carry out attacks on religious places to gain attention and of course cause destruction. An officer with the Research and Analysis Wing tells that it appears to be an outsourced operation to the Indian Mujahideen. This is just a pre-cursor before the Lashkar-e-Tayiba launches a major war in support of the Rohingya Muslims at Myanmar.

A note that was circulated by the Research and Analysis Wing around 6 months back to the Government of India stated that a front called the Difa-e-Musalman was being set up by the Lashkar to fight in Myanmar. It is a major operation for the Lashkar and a large number of persons were being recruited and trained for this operation. Continue reading “Bodhgaya- An outsourced operation”

IM handle traced- Where else? Pakistan


Indian agencies have managed to track the twitter handle of the Indian Mujahideen which claimed responsibility for the Bodhgaya attack to Pakistan. Sources tell that the handle is being managed under the name @indianmujahideen from Karachi.
The Indian Mujahideen’s twitter handle is a relatively new one and has just tweets. NIA sources say they had sought the help of twitter to track down the account. It appears to be a recently created handle. The agencies say that it could be a genuine account and being handled by the numerous operatives including tech chief Abdus Subhan who is in karachi now.

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Bodhgaya- SIT to join in

mahabodhi_350_070913115643The Bodhgaya probe is likely to be split up between the National Investigation Agency and a Special Investigation Team. While the NIA will focus on the modus operandi and the intra and inter country angle to the blast, the SIT to be formed by the Bihar government will look out for the accused.

An officer with the NIA tells that while the funding for the blasts have come in through a channel in Bangladesh, the entire operation was carried out with the help of the local operatives. It was a fast executed operation and the perpetrators of the blast used the locals from Bodhgaya who were familiar with the area. Based on our inputs we would pass on information to the SIT which would only comprise local police and they would be in a better position to nab the local operatives and hand them over to us, the officer also pointed out.

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Appeasement helps IM go global

im1The National Investigation Agency will seek help from the security agencies in Bangladesh for more clues into the Bodhgaya terror strike in which 10 bombs exploded. NIA officials say that they have intimated both the Intelligence Bureau and the Research and Analysis Wing to seek more information from Bangladesh regarding the operational capabilities of an outfit by the name Hizbut Tahrir which since the past three years has been working closely with the Indian Mujahideen.

The story of the IM-HT nexus dates back to the year 2010 when the Darabanga and West Bengal modules of the Indian Mujahideen were being set up and getting ready for activation. With the IM- Lashkar-e-Tayiba nexus splashed around all across the globe, the ISI forged a relationship with the HT and the outfit was directed to work with the IM in India. Continue reading “Appeasement helps IM go global”