Islamic extremist ideology-SIMI the fountainhead

terrorniaThe First National Investigation Day and First Shri Radha Vinod Raju Memorial Lecture by M K Narayanan, Governor of West Bengal:


National Security: The Expanding Terrorist Dynamic

The subject of my Lecture today will be ‘National Security: The Expanding

Terrorist Dynamic.’ I have taken the liberty of changing the title of the Lecture

from Dimension’ to ‘Dynamic’ given the rapidly evolving nature of terrorism”. Terrorism today is ‘dynamic’ rather than static’, and hence I felt that ‘dynamic’ is more appropriate to describe the phenomenon than ‘dimension.’

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Conspiracy to kill Rajiv Gandhi- Lead investigator speaks

Every high profile murders have several conspiracy theories attached to them. The latest one that is being spoken about is the one relating for former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi and this is due to a just published book called, Conspiracy to Kill Rajiv Gandhi: From CBI Files, by, K Ragothaman, who was CBI’s chief investigating officer.

Ragotham writes in his book that there were attempts made to protect the LTTE from being called the conspirators behind the killing of Rajiv Gandhi. In this interview with, Ragotham speaks about his book, the conspiracy and also the hurdles that were faced in a probe in which many aspects were hushed up.

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