London attacker Khan wanted to train in Kashmir for first hand terror experience

Usman Khan

New Delhi, Dec 01: The London Bridge attacker, Usman Khan had planned on setting up a Madrasa and training camp near a Mosque in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. He had wanted to have first hand experience in terror related activities in Jammu and Kashmir.

Khan who was shot dead, following the attack that claimed two lives in London had been convicted for his role in the Stock Exchange terror plot. He had also planned an attack on the home of Boris Johnson, who was the Mayor of London in 2012.

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London Bridge attack: Why India must continue its relentless war against illegal immigrants

immigration_UKA Pakistani origin terrorist killed two people and injured three others. The incident has raised concerns about immigrants. India has been fighting its own battle with illegal immigration and what is worse is that there has been severe opposition to it.

A terrorist of Pakistan origin struck at London and killed two people, while injuring three on Friday (November 29). The London Bridge attacker was not unknown to the police and had been sentenced in 2012 on terrorism charges.

After spending his late teens in Pakistan, he left school. On his return to the United Kingdom, he started preaching radical Islam on the internet. This brings us to the larger issue with regard to the immigrants.

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London Bridge attack: The 3 other times Pakis were involved in international terror incidents

Khuram Shazad Butt

The investigations into the London Bridge terror attack threw up the name of a Pakistani. Khuram Shazad Butt was one among the three who unleashed rampage on London Bridge on June 3 in which seven persons were killed.

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London Bridge attack: The Pakistan connection

Incident on London BridgeThe focus is back on Pakistan and this time in connection with the London Bridge terror attack. Seven persons including three attackers were killed in the attack that took place on Sunday.

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