Luxury watch to layouts, 43 complaints against Siddaramaiah before Lokyukta

siddharamThere are 43 complaints of corruption against Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah pending before the Lokayukta. The complaints are pending in various stages.

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SIT can now prosecute former Karnataka Lokayukta in graft case

TH30_BHASKAR_RA_TH_1635988eNew Delhi, July 13: In a major boost to the Special Investigating Team, the Karnataka Governor and the government has granted sanction to prosecute the former Lokayukta Justice Bhaskar Rao . The sanction has been granted under Section 197 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Justice Rao who stepped down as the Lokayukta had come under the scanner following the arrest of his son, Ashwin. It was alleged that Ashwin was running an extortion racket. It was further alleged that Justice Rao had known about it and even delayed action against his son.

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Karnataka’s Anti Corruption Bureau to commence work next week

The Karnataka government will issue an official order to set up the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) in the state. The creation of the ACB has been marred by controversy with a large number of persons stating that it is being created only to weaken the Lokayukta.
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We are not de-stablising the Karnataka Lokayukta, says legal advisor to government

lokaThere is a major debate on in Karnataka regarding the fate of the once powerful Lokayukta.
With the government announcing the formation of the Anti Corruption Bureau that will report to the Chief Minister of Karnataka, doubts have been raised about the powers of the Lokayukta with many stating that it would weaken the institution considerably.

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Former Karnataka Lokayukta to be probed for intentional omission of information in extortion racket

TH30_BHASKAR_RA_TH_1635988eBengaluru, Feb 26: The government of Karnataka is yet to give its consent to prosecute former Lokayukta, Justice Bhaskar Rao.

Last week the Special Investigating Team had sought sanction to prosecute Justice Rao on the charge that he had not informed the law enforcement agencies about his son who was alleged to be involved in an extortion racket.

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Sanction to prosecute former Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Rao sought

TH30_BHASKAR_RA_TH_1635988eBengaluru, Feb 23: In a bid to prosecute former Lokayukta, Justice Bhaskar Rao, the Special Investigating Team (SIT) has sought sanction of the state government.
The SIT is probing corruption charges against Ashwin Rao, the son of Justice Rao who was forced to step down following allegations.

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New Karnatka Lokayukta likely in 2 days

srnayakBengaluru, Jan 18: The Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah is set to meet with the Governor and recommend the name of Justice S R Nayak as the new Lokayukta.
The post of Lokayukta has been lying vacant since Justice Y Bhaskar Rao resigned following corruption allegations against his son and other members in the institution.

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Karnataka Lokayukta on leave again: Governor appraised of situation

TH30_BHASKAR_RA_TH_1635988eNew Delhi, Sept 29: The uncertainty in the Lokayukta continues with Justice Y Bhaskar Rao once again extending his leave. This time he has extended his leave up to October 21.

This is in fact the third time that he has extended his leave ever since the Lokayukta was rocked by allegations of extortion in which Justice Rao’s son is one of the accused.

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Lokayukta needs a clean up- Justice Hegde

It is better to quit, if one feels unwanted: Justice HegdeThe Karnataka Lokayukta Act has been amended and this paves the way for the ouster of Justice Y Bhaskar Rao, Lokayukta of Karnataka. The opposition BJP in the state of Karnataka has started a signature campaign seeking the ouster of the Lokayukta. The amended act which was approved by the Governor of Karnataka a few days back makes the process to oust the Lokayukta simpler.
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Karnataka Lokayukta: Special session to oust Justice Bhaskar Rao?

TH30_BHASKAR_RA_TH_1635988eThere is more trouble ahead for Justice Y Bhaskar Rao, the Lokayukta of Karnataka. The assent given by the Governor of Karnataka, Vajubhai Vala to the Karnataka Lokayukta (Amendment) Bill of 2015 now empowers the Legislature of the state to remove the Lokayukta.

Last month the Karnataka Legislature had empowered itself to remove the Lokayukta Justice Bhaskar Rao and had even simplified the procedure.

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