Will the COVID-19 lockdown be extended: Here is what to expect

lockdown-33New Delhi, May 28: A lockdown 4.0 comes close to an end, the government is working out measures to face the challenge ahead of May 31. Testing will be further ramped up and stringent curbs could be imposed in some cities, which have been reporting a high number of cases.

While there would substantial easing of curbs in many parts of the countries, those areas which are reporting a high number of cases could be further contained.

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Lockdown 4.0: Bengal to maintain status quo

mamata-banerjee-mn1New Delhi, May 18: The West Bengal government decided to carry on with the arrangements already in place after receiving no fresh advisory from the Union government on Sunday, when the lockdown 3.0 is ending, the state home department said.

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Lockdown 4.0: Important guidelines for you to follow

lock00New Delhi, May 18: With the lockdown being extended to May 31, the Centre has issued a list of guidelines that would have to be followed.

Wearing of face masks is mandatory in all public places, the MHA has sad. Spitting would be punishable with a fine as per the rules and regulations of the respective states and Union Territories.

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Lockdown 4.0 a more decentralised one

lockdown-3aNew Delhi, May 18: The fourth phase of the lockdown is a decentralised one, with the states getting more say. The earlier phase of the lockdown did not give much space for the economic activity and this was flagged by several Chief Ministers.

There are no minute to minute details in the existing phase of the lockdown. There are broader guidelines such as bar on metros, religious activities, schools etc.

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Centre wants strict curbs to continue in these cities

lockdown-6New Delhi, May 18: The Centre has eased several restrictions while announcing the lockdown 4.0.

While the Centre has said that the states should decide on the zones, it also has advised that some cities need the restrictions to continue. Many states have said that they would follow the guidelines announced by the Centre. However some states have also said that the restrictions would continue like earlier as they are reporting a large number of cases.

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Next phase of lockdown: Revival of all economic activity, bar on social-religious gatherings

lockdown-2aNew Delhi, May 14: State governments would be submitting a blueprint to the Centre by tomorrow suggesting ways to exit the lockdown. The states have already started working on their strategy for the next phase of the lockdown.

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