Malayali Christian who embraced Islam killed in Libya says Islamic State

New Delhi, June 07: The Indian intelligence agencies are verifying claims that an engineer from Kerala who joined the Islamic State had died in Libya. 

In an ISIS document titled Know your Martyrs, it is claimed that Abu Bakr Al-Hindi, a Christian by birth had embraced Islam while working in the Gulf. The document further claimed that he is the first ‘Istishhadi’ from India to be killed in Libya. ‘Istishhadi’ is a suicide bomber or martyr killed in an attack. Ads by 

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Maharashtra man who joined ISIS held in Libya

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480Thane, Dec 10: The Thane man who had joined the terror outfit ISIS has been held in Libya, the Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) has claimed.
Enforcement agencies in Libya picked up the 28-year-old Tabrez Mohammad Tambe, ATS officials have claimed.

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2 Indians held captive in Libya released

New Delhi, Sept 15: Two Indians who were held captive in Libya have been released. Announcing the same on her Twitter handle, External Affairs minister said: “Happy to inform that T Gopalkrishna and C Balram Kishan have been rescued. They were being held captive by a group at Libya since July 29 2015.”

On July 29, four Indians were abducted by a group suspected to be owing allegiance to the ISIS. All of them worked with the University of Sirte in Nothern Libya. On the day of the abduction, the four were planning on traveling to the airport to reach India.

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Kerala IT engineer abducted in Libya released

05-regi_joseph_jpg_2922028eAn IT engineer from Kerala who was abducted in Libya in March this year has been released.
The Indian Embassy in Libya said that the release of Regi Joseph has been secured and he is currently with his family in Tripoli.

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Back from Libya: They have a local to thank profusely

libyaKochi, May 13: For the 18 people who returned from the war torn Libya after being stranded for six months, it was a happy home coming. While there may be a debate between the Kerala and the Union Government who paid for their return, there is one interesting fact that one must bear in mind.
The Indian Embassy in Libya was not exactly helpful. It was a Libyan national who took in the 18 persons of which 11 are children. Their return itself was magical, say Joy A J the father of Nivya who returned to Kerala.

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Libya abductions: Why does the ISIS like teachers?

Is the ISIS fond of teachers? Vijay Kumar and Ramakrishna, the two teachers who were abducted in Libya could only thank their stars as the ISIS militants had a change of heart. The reason given to them, ” you are teachers. We like teachers and hence we will not harm you.”
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Libya abductions- The nightmare

For the two teachers from Karnataka who were abducted allegedly by the ISIS and then released, it was the end of a nightmare. Mulbagal Vijaykumar of Bangarpet and Lakshmikanth Ramakrishna from Raichur managed to return to their university safely. The Ministry of External Affairs which has been working on this issue since yesterday is confident that the other two teachers, Gopikrishna of Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh and Balram from Hyderabad too would return safely
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Indians abducted by ISIS in Libya

tripoliThe four Indians abducted at Libya by suspected ISIS men were picked up from the Tripoli area government officials confirmed.
The exact area of the abduction is Sirte town near Tripoli where abductions have taken place in the past as well.
This is considered to be a strong hold of the ISIS and the Indian government had issued an advisory to all Indians to return.

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Libyan incident-India on alert

The Intelligence Bureau has issued an alert to all the state governments to step up security and also keep a close watch on elements who may try and disrupt peace in the wake of a derrogatory video against Prophet Mohammad . This video had led to the death of the US Ambassador to Libya yesterday.
Thr IB in its alert stated that some groups may try and take undue advantage of the situation and cause trouble. The alerts are especially high in Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka where in the recent past there has been high radicalisation and also a strong anti US sentiment.
Sources in the intelligence bureau say that the alert is generalin nature. It is just a precautionary alert. Even a small incident somewhere could lead to a wave of incidents and we want that revented, the official said. Such videos have been causin a great deal of concern and it was seen that even in the Bangalore assasination plot, such videos had been found on the hard drives of the accused persons.
The IB says that there have been instances and intercepts to show that some organisations particularly the religious ones are urging protests against this video. Such protests need to avoided at any cost as if emotions flow high then it could be dangerous, the alert also states.

The Addis Ababa declaration

The Addis Ababa Declaration which was adopted at the end of the second Africa-India Forum Summit called on all countries to ensure that acts of cross-border terrorism do not occur and that their territories are not made a base for terrorists.

Both India and Africa condemned piracy and terrorism in all forms and called for active prosecution of persons who subscribe to such heinous crimes. We unequivocally condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. An act of terrorism anywhere is a threat to the entire international community.

We recognise the need to further strengthen international cooperation to combat global terrorism and for compliance of all member states with all international terrorism conventions and related protocols and United Nations Security Council’s resolution on counter-terrorism, the declaration stated.

Further the declaration also called on all states to cooperate with each other in order to prosecute, render legal assistance, extradite with maters pertaining to international terrorism. On the issue of piracy which has becoming a major menace, the declaration condemned such acts. The leaders condemned kidnapping, hostage taking and demanding ransom and also the political concessions in such cases. We express serious concern at the increase in such incidents, the declaration said.

During the summit, India voiced serious concerns regarding the threats posed by the Somali pirates. Nearly 11 per cent of the sea farers are Indian nationals and some of them have been taken hostage too. There have been over 200 attacks, including about 70 successful hijackings and ransoms have been paid to the pirates for securing the release of hostages and ships. India took note of the African position on the condemnation of the payments of ransom to terror groups.

The declaration also states, “ we take note of the UN security council reseloutions of 1970 and 1973 on Libya and stress that efforts to implement them should be within the leter and spirit of those resolutions. We call for immediate cessation of hostilities in Libya and urge the parties in conflict to strive towards political solution through peaceful means.

In the declaration India supported Africa’s claims for permanent membership of the Security Council. On its part Africa backs India’s claim to a permanent seat with full rights in an expanded Security Council the declaration also read.