Student’s suicide: ‘System at Hyderabad Varsity needs to be overhauled’

rohit---facebook-and-storysize_647_011816123527Hyderabad, Jan 20: The death of Rohith Vemula, a scholar at the Hyderabad University, has sparked protests and debates across the country.
Even as the calls for Union Minister, Bandaru Dattatreya to step down get louder, there is also a demand being made to overhaul the administration at the university.

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Rohingya Muslims flock Hyderabad

Pic: The Hindu
Pic: The Hindu

The Andhra Pradesh government will have to deal with an issue pertaining to the Rohingya Muslims who have steadily been taking shelter in the old city of Hyderabad. Official sources say that at the moment there are around 1500 Rohingya Muslims who are in Hyderabad and they had come here a couple of months ago to take shelter in the wake of the violence in Myanmar.

Most of these people have taken refuge in the old City of Hyderabad which has dominant Muslim population. An officer with the Hyderabad city intelligence unit says that they feel safe in this place and hence have settled here. We are however keeping a vigil on their movements, the officer also added.

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Assasination plot- PM petitioned

Muslim groups have submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister’s office demanding the intervention of the Union Government in the wake of the arrest of various youth in connection with the assasination plot which was busted by the police of Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.
The Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee in its memorandum condemned the arrest of Muslim youths from different parts of India and expressed that the police action is based upon malicious intention and dishonesty. These arrests are the result of nexus between anti Muslim police groups of Hyderabad and Bangalore working with the support of Hindutva outfits. This committee believes that the main intention of these arrests is to divert the attention of people from the court verdict against the criminals of Gujarat genocide and ongoing genocide of Muslim in Assam. As per reliable sources the police arrested these youths in illegal manner, detained and tortured them and then as per the practice after completing these formalities declared them arrested.
Those who are arrested belong to Journalism, Medicine, Science and technology as well as students. By this way Muslim will be looked with suspicion in journalism, and in scientific institutes, and their future will be dark in these fields and they will be denied job opportunity in future.
The police statement on these arrests is nothing but a bundle of lies. The Bangalore police chief lalkhurma said that police arrested these youths when they were asleep and a pistol was in their hand. Now the big question is that whether they were sleeping with a pistol in their hands and how can they carryout their “operation” with a Pistol? Police also said that computer, laptop, cell phone, hard disk are recovered from them. It is a matter of commonsense that these are the essential materials in day to day life, these are not dangerous weapons.
Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee demands that the Prime Minster of India intervene and order high-level enquiry on these arrests and stop the arresting of innocent Muslim youths.
Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee appeals to the people of India, Mass organizations, social activists and political leaders to come forward to condemn this inhuman act and demand to stop unjust arrest of Muslim youths.
CLMC has full confidence that in near future all these youths will be acquitted with honor by the court of law. And state governments of India will once again be in the dock and will tender apology and compensation, General Secretary of the CLMC also stated in the memorandum.

The mercy plea of a police constable

Mohammad Abdul Qadeer was a constable who fired at his superior as he refused to take his orders to shoot at an irate mob during the 1990 communal riots that rocked the city of Hyderabad. It is now 22 years since he has been in jail as a life convict and today there has been a plea been made to the President of India to grant him mercy and release him on humanitarian grounds as he is unwell.

Qadeer today is 55 years old and suffers from various ailments. He is the eldest of the 9 siblings. Married to Sabira Begum in the year 1986, Qadeer has four children, two sons and two daughters. His children have hardly seen their father since he went to jail exactly four years after his marriage and has been released on parole only once in the year 2011 for seven days.

It was in the year 1990 that Hyderabad was rocked by severe communal rioting. Qadeer was a constable at that point of time. While on duty he was given orders to fire at the irate mob. Qadeer however argued that he would not fire at a group of people who he believed were innocent and not responsible for the riot. An argument took place between him and his superior and when the pressure to fire at the mob grew, he drew his gun out and fired at the officer as a result of which his superior died.

Immediately after this he surrendered himself before the police. He claims that he was tortured by the police no end. He remained for a few days in police custody before being produced before the court. In the court he made an emotional appeal to the judge stating that he could not bear to see the officer firing at the innocent people who were losing their lives. Despite requesting the officer to stop and also not to persuade him to fire at this mob, his pleas were turned down. It was not planned, but an emotional act as he was unable to bear the killing of innocent people.

The court however sentenced him to life imprisonment. Since then he has been in jail. During his long tenure in jail he was shifted between the jails at Rajahmundry, Visakhapatnam and Warangal. Today he is at the Cherlapally jail.

During his stint in jail he faced many acts of inhumanity. One of the relatives of the deceased officer had even gone to jail and beaten him up badly as a result of which he injured both his hands and legs severely. Qadeer who is lodged in a high security cell was taken to a doctor and has been advised to amputate the leg.

In his mercy plea he states that he completed his sentence in the year 2004, the mandatory 14 year term for a life convict. However he has not been released as yet. His family members say that he suffers from various ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, mental depression

The Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee which has taken up his cause says that generally any government releases  life prisoners on the basis of their good conduct. But in this case, even after the completion of 14 years he remains in jail. He has done 22 years in jail and his health has completely collapsed. He had killed a police officer only to protect the life of innocents. Even though he has completed his term of life sentence, he is not released only because the governments are taking revenge. Thus, he is a political prisoner.

Lateef Mohammad Khan the convenor of the committee says that they have made an appeal to the President of India to intervene in this matter. He may not survive too long due to the various ailments that he suffers from. At least in his last few days he should be allowed to spend time with his family. He has suffered more than what he ought to have and hence this case should be considered on compassionate grounds.

His family members too make a similar plea and say that they should be able to spend time with him. He needs his family very much today and the President should be compassionate while going through this case. He has suffered enough.

Mecca Masjid- 5 years later

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It is the fifth anniversary today and this is a case that has taken many twists and turns and even today to a large extent remains a mystery.

The Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee which has single handedly fought from day one for the justice of the Muslim youth who were detained in this case say that even today despite a whole other angle to this case coming out, justice has not been done as yet.

As per the official government records in Andhra Pradesh there were 100 youth who were arrested in connection with this case. Interestingly all these youth today are acquitted as the police failed to establish any connection they had with the blasts. However today it is common knowledge that the investigations have gone the other way and the CBI says that it was the doing of some Hindu activists.

Lateef Mohammad Khan, the convenor of the CLMC says that although the government states that 100 youth had been arrested, the real picture is something different. In my knowledge, there were at least 300 youth who had been detained in this case. Moreover the compensation which has been awarded has been very unfair. Only 20 persons have got a compensation of Rs 3 lakh. The government says that 80 others have been compensated Rs 20000, but in reality only 40 persons have got this amount.

Moreover what sort of pittance is this when the police did nothing but ruin their lives. However what is more ironic is that we had sought action against those police officials who for their selfish reasons arrested these youth. Instead of taking action against them, the government had rewarded these police and also promoted them. Our battle to this effect to take action against these cops continues till date in the civil court at Hyderabad. The families and also the youth who had faced this torture will get justice only when these cops are booked and action taken against them, Khan also adds.

On the investigation front, many Muslims in Hyderabad feel that the government and investigating agencies are not serious to investigate this case. If carefully examined the blast and subsequent police firing and also the other bomb blasts in the country it can be said that there is something suspicious that is being shielded and the real culprits are being protected.

We strongly feel there is a nexus between a group of Hindutva police officers and Hindutva organizations. Actually the blasts were part of a greater conspiracy hatched by Hindutva elements present in the government and non-government agencies There is a reason to believe this because immediately after the blast at, police opened fire on the Muslims who were helping the victims of the blast and also blamed the Muslims for the blast which is reported in the secret report of police.

The copy of the confidential report prepared by the police a copy of which is with us, states the blast was due to the difference between the Ahle Hadees and Sunnatul Jamaat. Ahle Hadees targeted Sunnatul Jamaat in this blast. The police registered two FIRs. One case was handed over to CBI and another case was retained by the Hyderabad police.

The Muslims till date cry foul over this and say that in the name of investigation the police started picking up hundreds and hundreds of Muslim youths, illegally detained and tortured mercilessly. They propagated through media that Muslim youths have taken the responsibility of bomb blasts. They also disclosed the tampered recordings of Narco analysis test to the media. This clearly reflects the intentions of the investigation agency as they wanted to divert the blast investigation so that many aims can be fulfilled with a single shot. This may be to divert the attention from Sohrabuddin encounter, to bring down the morale of Muslim community, so that they cannot live with human dignity.

On the current investigation there is nothing much to really harp about for the police. There was an initial euphoria over the confessions made by Swami Aseemanand which was of course later withdrawn. Today the National Investigating Agency is in the picture and one could say that the case is dragging on at a snails pace. While the NIA has claimed that it is aware of who is behind these blasts, it has however not yet managed to track down two very important persons alleged to be behind these blasts. The likes of Danger and Ramji Kalsanghra are still on the run and the investigators say that their arrests would be vital for the closure of this case.

The NIA infact is still trying to connect the dots in the investigation into the various other blasts in the country which has been blamed on some Hindu organizations. However these are mere leads and nothing very concrete has really emerged. They are yet to track the source of funding and also the group that actually provided the logistics for the Mecca Masjid blasts. One source in the investigating agency pointed out that these things do take time and it a deep rooted network and would take a bit of time to solve. Moreover the NIA has been handed over with this daunting task where it had to undo a lot of mistakes that were initially committed by the police when they went the other way at first. A lot of evidence has gone missing and it is very hard to start off an investigation especially when it has been probed in a complete opposite direction for nearly 3 years before the NIA took over.

Telangana- Muslims want to stay away

The Telangana movement was the biggest problem for the Congress in Andhra Pradesh. It had all the ingredients that could have any political party worried about its future. The unity was impeccable- however that was once a upon a time and today all that one gets to see is infighting, communal tension and a complete lack of political will.

The split in the Telangana movement is wide in the open. It is the minorities and the Dalits who constitute 40 per cent of the Telangana population who are now saying that they prefer to remain in a united Andhra Pradesh rather than have a Telangana which is controlled by communal forces.

The last couple of months have seen a couple of communal clashes in the region which is the reason why the minorities have started to feel insecure. They are also blaming the political Joint Action Committee for not taking into account the rise of the BJP in the region.

Minority leaders say that it all began with the death of Professor Jayashankar. Under him the movement was perfect as it was fought only on one issue and that was the granting of a separate state. However following his death a vaccum was created and the movement today has gone out of control. Political parties such as the TRS are worried about their position in the region and in the bargain many persons have been trying to take over the movement. The clear divide within the movement has given both the state and union government plenty to relax about. There were deadlines which had been set to come to a decision on the movement. Both the Congress and the TDP leaders from the Telangana region were supposed to resign from their positions, but that has not happened and this could well be attributed to the complete lack of interest and pressure from those who are fighting the cause.

Lateef Mohammad Khan, who heads the Muslim Forum for Telangana says that they had hope. It was horrifying for the Muslims to live in a united Andhra Pradesh. But today looking at the way things have been shaping up, they would prefer the existing set up than a separate Telangana which they feel would be controlled by communal forces. We do not want the RSS ideology to rule the new state. The Congress had played its cards right when it put down the leftist movement. Under that movement there was only the talk of a cause and no religious feelings. Telangana was the religion, but today that is not the case. All of us, the Christians, Muslims and the Dalits have decided to stay mum and not take part in the movement because under today’s situation if the state is created then it will be hell for us.

There was the Sangireddy riot and today the beef festival incident and moreover the number of rallies and processions being taken out by communal forces has all increased two fold and this is not giving any sort of security. The election result at Mehboobnagar was the turning point and the moment the BJP won there we realised that the region would be ruled by communal forces, Khan also pointed out. Other Muslims point out that this is the time that the JAC should step in and take control. However the JAC is on sleep mode. It is time they take control and have a confidence building exercise.

While the unity among the various communities in Telangana looks shaky there was also a major shake up at the Osmania university recently in the form of the beef festival. There is anger between the students and also not to mention the animosity. Student leaders say that it was an unwanted controversy and over something as simple as food the unity in the campus has been shaken up. There are groups and sub groups within the campus fighting the Telangana movement. Their ideology is not the state hood today, but it is more about how to battle among each other to have their say.

A JAC leader requesting anonymity says that the divide and rule ploy has worked for the ruling Congress. I would not say that they entirely stage managed it, but they did add fuel to the fire. There is no pressure what so ever on them today and even their MLAs from the Telangana region have forgotten that they need to resign to step up the pressure as the movement is in tatters today.

However the other view point to the emergence of the BJP in Telangana is that finally there is a party which could counter the TRS. The TRS has been running the movement as if it was their sole property. But today the BJP looks like an emerging force and this would keep the TRS on tenter hooks as the BJP has a bigger say at the centre today. They also say that there was a need to have a party like the BJP as it is in a better position to take a call on Telangana than the TRS.

However this divide has given the likes of the Congress and also the YSR Congress ample breathing space. They are expected to make good use of this split and each one of them have been targeting the minorities and the dalits who today very openly proclaim that they would rather stay in a unified Andhra than a separate Telangana ruled by communal forces.

Telangana leaders say that the game is not up. All this has taken place only due to delayed decisions. Had the leaders from the region in the ruling parties been more firm then the issue would have been resolved a long time back. However all attempts are being made to strike a balance and ensure that the movement is back on track, the leaders also say.


Mecca Masjid compensation- No happiness as yet!

For 16th youth who were illegally detained in connection with the Mecca Masjid case there will be a small bit of relief when the Government of Andhra Pradesh hands out a cheque of Rs 3 lakh each as compensation.

It is public knowledge as to how the Mecca Masjid case was a victim of many twists and at the end of it several Muslim youth from Hyderabad were released after they had been illegally detained for months together.

The Mecca Masjid case is considered to be the turning point in the history of Hyderabad as the allegedly wrong investigation at first changed the social dynamics. The question now is will the government’s decision to hand over compensation to the youth bring about that much required sense of peace in the Muslim community who feel that they have been wronged as part of this investigation. Not many would agree and say that for starters the list that has been drawn up is selective and many youth have been left out. Secondly the biggest compensation would be to punish those officers who conducted a wrong probe, thirdly they would have preferred it if the government gave this money out from the government coffers instead from the Mecca Masjid funds and lastly they would like to see the real culprits behind bars.

According to Lateef Mohammad Khan, the convenor of the Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee which fought for the case for these youth, it could be considered to be the beginning, but it is not the end of the road. The anger and the hurt among the community will go away only if more action is taken. Look at the list of youth who are being compensated. Does the government mean to say that there are just 16? According to me there are 80 more youth who were illegally detained and they are not part of the list. I wish the 16 youth had rejected the compensation, but it would be unfair to suggest that since these are poor youth who are in need of money and the government is aware of their desperation.

Today we Muslims feel bad at the manner in which the government has treated us. They have destroyed our families and are now throwing money at us as though we are beggars. The fight would continue and we are not withdrawing the case of compensation and damages that we have filed before the civil court.

The other thing we would like to ask is why is the government protecting the 20 odd police officers who have conducted this probe in the first place. The government despite knowing that these officers have erred have promoted them. Moreover the government has hired senior lawyers to protect them.

The government is also aware that the firing in the aftermath of the blast was a mistake. The Bhaskar Rao commission has stated that the police did what they had to do, but could have taken precautions. We have challenged this before the High Court and the government has chosen to fight us over there too.

With regard to the CBI probe into the case, we find it to be very slow. There are some accused persons in custody, but why are they not looking into the local angle of the case. We know the persons who have supported these groups, but no one seems to care.

Merely throwing compensation at us is not the solution. I wish the above mentioned issues are addressed and a proper rehabilitation package is granted.

Khan provides us with a list of youth who do not find a mention in the list of those who should have been compensated.

Sameer Khan, Naseeruddin, Masood Ahmed,  Imraan Khan, Syed Ismail Baig,  Syed Zulfiqar Ahmed, Abdul Raffey, Abdul Wassey, Shakeel, Abdul Saleem, Sheikh Mehboob,  Muneeruddin Mujahid ,Abdul Majid  and Abdul Sattar. All these persons were the first to be picked up following the Mecca Masjid case. Some spent months together in jail while the rest were released in 24 hours. All of them have alleged torture by the police and today state that they ought to have been compensated and do not understand why their names had been left out.

The case of Mecca Masjid compensation

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The Mecca Masjid blast and the subsequent police firing is considered to be one of the biggest turning points in the city of Hyderabad. After much deliberation and almost after 5 years, the government of Andhra Pradesh ordered the release of Rs. 70,00,000/- (Rupees Seventy lakhs only) towards expenditure to be incurred in connection with Confidence Building Measures and Compensation for 20 cases affected in Mecca Masjid Bomb Blasts in 2007.

This is something that the Muslim community in Hyderabad has been seeking, but going by the Government order they now say that there is still some confusion and there are many more recommendations that need to be implemented.

Lateef Mohammad Khan who has led this campaign for the Muslim youth who were wrongly detained after the Mecca Masjid blasts says that the government after a very long time first submitted a half hearted apology to the youth who were falsely implicated.

The state government has stated in its GO that Rs.70 lakh towards expenditure to be incurred in connection with confidence building measures and compensation for 20 cases affected in Makkah Masjid Blast in 2007. It is also written in the G.O. that the above expenditure is to be incurred from “Administration of Mecca Masjid and Shahi Masjid Public Garden”. Here we want to make it clear that the G.O. is itself confusing, unclear, unfair because in Mecca Masjid bomb blast the people who died in the blast were Muslims, who died in the subsequent police firing were Muslims and the youth who were illegally detained and tortured were Muslims. And now the money that would be paid for compensation to the victims of police torture is from the Mecca Masjid funds. All we want to ask is why are the funds not sanctioned from the Chief Minister’s fund?

Moreover why is there no mention of any action that needs to be taken against those guilty police officers who are responsible for the torture of the innocent Muslim youth.

The Muslims argue that the recommendations made by the National Commission for Minorities in this case have not been implemented by the Andhra Pradesh government.

The NCM report-

Failure of the police to observe the due process of law while investigating the three bomb blasts in Hyderabad in 2007. Examples of this alleged dereliction of duty include the following:

Disregarding established procedures, the police fired indiscriminately into the crowd fleeing the Mecca Masjid after the blasts which resulted in the death of at least six persons

The suspects were not allowed to inform relatives of their arrest

The suspects were bundled into cars without number-plates, blind- folded and illegally detained in farm houses and private lodges for several days where they were subjected to physical and mental torture. They were stripped naked, severely beaten, administered electric shocks on various parts of their body, including the genitals, and deprived of food and water. The police used abusive language about their women folk and their faith and forced them to hail Hindu deities.No lawyer was present during interrogation of the suspects. Detainees were not produced before a magistrate for remand within 24 hours of their detention. Instead, the time of arrest was shown as later than it actually took place merely to comply with the requirement of remand within 24 hours of arrest.

The suspects were produced before a magistrate after court hours at his residence. The magistrates never asked them if they had been tortured despite tell-tale marks of recent injuries

Some of the suspects had to undergo narco tests whose results have little evidentiary value but which resulted in physical and psychological damage to them. Incidentally, the AP High Court has banned narco tests.

Recommendation: In view of the seriousness of the allegations against the police, and the less-than satisfactory responses given by them, the NCM team urges the union government to direct the CBI to enquire into all the three incidents of bomb blasts in the city in 2007. As of now, only the Mecca Masjid blast case is being investigated by the CBI.

Urgent measures are also needed to address other major grievances of the Muslim community: better education facilities in Urdu schools, creation of job opportunities for Muslim youth, adequate representation for Muslims in government employment, and notably in the police force, compensation to families who lost their members in the blasts and an early settlement of the debate now raging in the community about the allegedly indiscriminate sale of Wafk properties. This last point is a cause of much alarm considering the allegations of grave irregularities which are tantamount to a multi-crore scandal.

The NCM team is of the view that the seriousness of the charges levelled against the authorities must not deflect attention from the gravity of the security situation in Andhra Pradesh. In a power-point presentation, the high-ranking police officials provided a detailed and comprehensive account of Jehadi activities in the state and their links abroad, notably in Pakistan and Bangladesh. While it is certainly not the intention of the team to dismiss the serious issues raised in this presentation out of hand, we are firmly of the view that, in their pursuit of the extremely important goal of bringing those involved in extremist and terrorist activities to book, the police must not jettison the due process of law. This would only result in driving Muslim youth into the arms of extremists and give a fillip to those engaged in actions detrimental to communal peace and harmony.

Not enough if promises made at Iftar party

The Muslim Community in Hyderabad is up in arms against Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and they have accused him of following an appeasement policy instead of translating his words into actions.
Lateef Mohammad Khan, general secretary of the Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee says that it has been a big relief for all the Muslims that the real truth in the Mecca Masjid case finally came out. All through the Muslims were being targeted for an attack on their own place of worship. A lot of innocent youth were picked up and now released. The problem is that they still find it hard to get jobs because their character has taken a beating.
Khan says that it is essential that the government provides these youth with character certificates so that they can lead their life normally.
The problem began when Reddy attended an iftar party and told the Muslims present there he has a lot of concern for the community. He also said at the party that he would take action against those police officials who have harassed the Muslims apart from providing character certificates to the youth who were falsely implicated in the Mecca Masjid case.
What the Muslims argue is that these statements are false and despite them sending him a request through fax to this effect he really has not done anything.
The government on the other hand is protecting the accused police officials who harassed the Muslims. Senior advocates have been appointed to defend these officials in the court.
The community today demands that the CM tenders an unconditional apology and also pass a resolution to this effect in the Andhra Pradesh assembly.
Further it is also demanded that Andhra Pradesh State Minority Commission report on Illegal detention, and torture of Muslim youth prepared by Advocate Ravi Chander be tabled before in Assembly.
The government is defending the accused police officers by appointing the top most lawyers against the compensation suit of Muslim youth filed in the City Civil Court, and it is showing the policemen responsible for torture as “unknown”. The congress government should present all these police officers in the court.
Muslim youth have been acquitted by the court but the cases are still open and in these cases hundreds of youth are still shown as absconding. Government should immediately close these cases.
Muslim women were put behind bars and slapped cases on them. Five lakh rupees of surety were given to bring back those women from the jail. The government should apologize to the Muslim women and withdraw the cases and return the surety amount. The nexus between the Hyderabad and Gujarat police should be exposed. Action should be taken against the policemen involved in the Sohrabuddin murder case.

Samjautha & ors-NIA has much to do and undo

Samjautha Express- pic, dailybhaskar
There was one thing common where the Samjautha Express, Ajmer and Mecca Masjid blasts are concerned. All these three cases today as per the investigations are inter-linked and it is only a matter of time before the National Investigating Agency closes these cases.
The NIA has a dual job in all these cases now. Apart from having a lot to do they also have a lot to undo in all these cases. When one takes into account all these cases, at least 110 members from the Muslim community were arrested after being blamed for these attacks. While many of the accused in the Mecca Masjid blasts were let off by the court after investigations took a different turn, the same exercise will have to be conducted in the other cases as well.

Slow on Ajmer and Hyderabad:
The NIA will however be bundled with problems before all these cases come to a close. They have managed to file the chargesheet in the Samjautha case and sources say that this was done first only because of the international ramifications it has. Moreover it was also a means of putting pressure on Pakistan to act in the 26/11 case.
Activists from Hyderabad and Ajmer however say that they wished the same speed was applied in these two cases as well. Lateef Mohammad Khan from Hyderabad says that the situation is the same in Ajmer and Hyderabad and there are a lot of people awaiting justice. Only once the NIA files its chargesheet in both these cases will the innocent youth be able to rest in peace. These activists say that the accused persons in all these cases are more or less the same. However they are hoping that the probe would pick up since at the moment it appears as though these two cases have come to a stand still.

Arif Qasmani:
While this is one part of the case the other question that is being asked by several persons is the UN report relating to the Samjautha case. The UN report dated 2009 still shows Arif Qasmani, a close Dawood Aide as the key plotters of the Samjautha express blasts. Qasmani a resident of Karachi who today facilitates the movement of Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan is shown as one of the main accused in this case. It is said that he had raised funds through Dawood to fund this attack.
The Samjautha chargesheet however does make any mention of this which would mean that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba angle is not being looked into. So far as the UN report goes that would be changed once the trial is complete and the information sent across. However what investigators say is that Qasmani continues to be a major threat to India and what they have been able to ascertain is that he was the major player in the 2006 train blasts.

The Confession:
While the NIA was never easy thanks to the multiple angles in all these case, the job was made slightly easier with the confession of Swami Aseemanand. However today he has decided to withdraw the confession stating that it was done under duress. The NIA however points out that confessions are never the sole aspect of a chargesheet. The leads are picked up from the confession and independent investigations are conducted based on those leads. The withdrawal of the confession would not have any impact on the case. The links and the roles of these persons have been ascertained and now the battle is before the court. His confession also covered both the. Ajmer and Mecca Masjid blasts and this withdrawal will not have any impact on any of these cases, investigators also pointed out.

Indresh Kumar: This was one of the names that did the rounds all through the past few months. However Kumar has not been shown as an accused in the Samjautha chargesheet. No doubt that the NIA dug very deep into this particular angle of this case, but the fact was that the material which was found on him was not convincing enough to name him as an accused in the case. The investigators however point out that this is no indication that a clean chit has been given. It is just that more evidence needs to be brought forward in order to even name him in the case.
Moreover the case relating to Kumar is not a simple one. Considering the position that he holds any wrong move could have horrible political ramifications and hence the NIA would want to tread carefully on this aspect.
Indresh Kumar was once questioned by the CBI and is likely to be questioned by the NIA too. They would also be exploring the alleged rivalry between Colonel Purohith and Indresh Kumar in order to get further leads on this angle to the case.

The absconders:
While it is believed that the Ajmer, Samjautha and Mecca Masjid blasts were carried out by one module while the Malegaon blasts were staged by another, investigators would continue to see if the two are linked. Sunil Joshi, Ramji Kalsanghra and Sandeep Dange are the common persons in all these attacks. Swami Aseemanand too had spoken about Kalsanghra and Dange stating that they had bombed Malegaon.
While investigators feel that the big fish have been netted in all these cases, there are many aspects that remain incomplete thanks to the fact that two very crucial operatives are still missing. Dange and Kalsanghra are very crucial not only to the case but also to the busting of these modules. Take all the blasts mentioned above. These two were part of each and every meeting. They have taken part in meetings convened by Sadhvi Pragya Singh, Sunil Joshi and also Aseemanand. Moreover these were not ordinary foot soldiers and had ample information on the functioning of the entire module. The duo were extremely close to Sunil Joshi (now dead) who is considered to be the big boss of all these operations. In fact it was Joshi who wanted the Samjautha express blasts to be carried out as he wanted to eliminate the Pakistanis on the train. Not only will the duo provide information on all the operations and the manner in which the modules have been functioning, but they will also be able to help investigators find more clues on the Joshi murder, which again is suspected to be an insider job.