The fall and fall of Lalu Prasad Yadav and fly

laluyadavLalu Prasad Yadav today faces one of his toughest battles. He is embroiled in a host of cases. The raids on his residence in connection with the irregularities in the IRCTC on Friday by the CBI added yet another case to his bio-data.

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How Lalu’s family bagged a Rs 90 crore plot for a throw away sum of Rs 62 lakh

lalu1The Central Bureau of Investigation today carried out raids at 12 different places including the residence of former Railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav. The CBI is probing the alleged misconduct in giving out contracts for railway hotels.

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CBI raids Lalu, files case in alleged land scam

lalusadThe Central Bureau of Investigation has registered a case against former Bihar chief minister Lalu Prasad Yadav, his wife, son and also four others. The case was registered in connection with the alleged irregularities in the tenders for hotels in Ranchi and Puri in 2006 when Lalu was the union railway minister.

BSY- Back ache, bargain, surrender and now jail

B S Yeddyurappa former Chief Minister of Karnataka will spend time in the parapana agrahara jail, Bangalore until October 22. After a long wait the former CM accused in a land scam finally surrendered before the Lokayukta court which remanded him in judicial custody until October 22.
Yeddyurappa whose bail plea was rejected today went up before the Lokayukta court a while ago and surrendered himself. The court remanded him to Judicial custody.
The Lokayukta court had earlier issued an arrest warrant while rejecting his bail. Followinfg this the Lokayukta police had gone up to his house to arrest him.
The Lokayukta police led by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Abdul Ahad reached Yeddyurappa’s home at the Race Course Road, Bangalore in a bid to arrest him.
However Yeddyurappa did not want to be picked up by the Lokayukta police. He excerced an option available before him to surrender himself instead. He had been saying that he would go before the Lokayukta court and surrender himself.
Meanwhile there were crowds outside Yeddyurappa’s residence. His legal team had advised him to excercise the option to surrender before the court instead of going along with the Lokayukta police. Their move to file an appeal also could not go through today since tomorrow is a holiday. Although the High Court has an entire day sitting today, it was not possible for them to file an appeal on such a short notice, a member of his legal team informed.
Yeddyurappa surrenders will be lodged in the Parapana Agrahara jail 20 kilometres from Bangalore. He would have company in Katta Subramanya Naidu who was a cabinet minister while he was the Chief Minister. Naidu is in jail in connection with another land scam.

Yeddy in big trouble

In a major set back to former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa the special Lokayukta court has rejected his bail plea. This would mean that he would have to be arrested by the police and sent to custody.
The special Lokayukta court was hearing a matter pertaining to a land scam case. the Lokayukta police have however not indicated the date as to when Yeddyurappa would be arrested. They informed that they are yet to get the warrant from the court. The warrant is likely to be issued soon and another hearing has been fixed for Tuesday.
In all there are 22 accused in the case including Yeddyurappa’s sons Raghavendra and Vijyendra. The sons have however got bail from the court today.
Yeddyurappa was however not present before the court. He was supposed to be present but at the last moment he stayed away on the ground that he had a back ache. He even produced a medical certificate through his lawyer.
The former Chief Minister’s legal team is now prepearing an appeal and in all probability they would be able to file the same before the High Court only on Monday.
Meanwhile at the High Court Justice B S Patil who was seized off the matter regarding the same case challenging the validity of the Lokayukta probe has recused himself from the case. He recused himself after the petitioner expressed that he had no faith in the judge.

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Kar Guv accepts Lokayukta’s resignation

The Governor of Karnataka, H R Bharadwaj has accepted the resignation of Justice Shivraj Patil who stepped down as the Lokayukta yesterday. The Governor in a communication from the Raj Bhavan stated that the resignation has been accepted. Justice Patil had submitted his resignation to the Governor after allegations in connection with a land scam were made against him.

Bharadwaj- Agent or Governor?

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Hitting back hard at the Governor of Karnataka, H R Bharadwaj, Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa said that he is not a cowards, he will not turn around and run but will face all the problems and come out victorious.
Addressing a packed press conference in Bangalore an hour after two complaints were filed against him following the sanction for prosecution by the Governor, the CM said that the Governor should have had the basic courtesy to at least talk to him before issuing such an order. This order smells of malafide. He has not sent me a copy of the order neither has he given me a chance to explain my stand before passing such an order. Why was he in such a hurry to pass an order when there are two other forums probing the same case?

On being asked whether he would step down, Yeddyurappa asked would it be sensible to just step down when a complaint is filed. I have no reason to resign and I will not since I am confident that I will come out clean and as an honest person at the end of this. Yeddyurappa also refused to pass any comments on the statements made by Home Minister P Chidambaram who had said that the BJP had taken to the streets. He said he has great respect for him and would prove his innocence.

The Governor has come to Karnataka with a malafide intention. He has not only converted the Raj Bhavan into an opposition office, but has been acting against the BJP government. A Governor ideally should advise the government but in the case of Bharadwaj, he has done nothing but acted as an agent of the UPA and issued statements against the government after every public function. This is unbecoming of a Governor especially Bharadwaj who has so much experience. None of his statements have helped the government function in peace but each statement has had a bad intention and on most occasions it has been insignificant. The Governor is unable to digest the image and the support of the people that I have. I have time and again proven that I enjoy the support of the people. Be it the Corporation elections or the local body polls, the people have voted for the BJP and the Governor cannot digest this. What more can I say about him who we all know is an agent of the Congress and the Janata Dal(S).

The Governor has over stepped his brief and has been speaking a lot. I kept quiet respecting the chair, but he has no such consideration and does not want the government to function. I am going with my MLAs and the MPs to New Delhi and will complain against him with the President of India on Monday. I sincerely hope and wish that he functions with more dignity, he also said.

Why is the opposition making such a mess of everything? Why don’t they come to the assembly and discuss. I will go ahead with the budget session on February 3 and I sincerely hope that the opposition will play a more constructive role. The father son duo of Deve Gowda and H D Kumaraswamy are making a lot of noise. Do you think I have nothing against them? Do you think that they have been very honest. Let them come down and meet me in the assembly and I am ready to debate with them about their misdeeds. I have had volumes of documents against these opposition leaders. I did not make any noise about it since I wanted focus on the development of the state first. But the opposition has mistaken this to be my weakness. Don’t hide and disrupt the assembly proceedings. Come there and I will show you the proof he warned the opposition.

The matter against me is now in the court. I will stand there and fight the cases and come out clean. I have faith in the court and I am not going to run away anywhere.

I want to thank the people of Karnataka for making the Karnataka Bundh a success. The people have expressed their anger against the governor and they have not taken lightly the Thief statement against me. This statement has hurt the sentiment of the people of Karnataka. The success of the bundh is only an indication that they have are disgusted with the Governor his insignificant letters, statements against the government and also his agent like role in the recent Karnataka government crisis.

The Legal Battle ahead for Yeddi

Photo courtesy: megamedianews
Chief Minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa finds himself in yet another mess and this time the trouble has been caused after the Governor accorded sanction for his prosecution in connection with a land scam. Even as the entire state of Karnataka remained shut following the bundh call given by the ruling BJP, advocates from both the BJP’s side as well as the opposition kept the courts busy.
The road ahead for B S Yeddyurappa is a tough one as he finds himself embroiled in at least three legal battles pertaining to the same land scam. We spoke to a couple of legal experts on this issue and they explained the road ahead for the Chief Minister.
The first question that has been raised by the opposition is whether he would tender his resignation following the sanction for prosecution. The Chief Minister and also the party high command have clearly ruled this out stating that mere filing of cases is no indication that he before is guilty. However Yeddyurappa cannot take these developments lightly since if any court finds him guilty he will find himself in an embarrassing situation.

The Chief Minister’s legal team is working overtime to protect their leader. The first thing that they would be doing is moving the High Court on Monday morning seeking a stay of the Governor’s order against the Chief Minister.

However the more important battle would be before the Special Lokayukta court before which two petitions seeking prosecution of the CM have been filed. Two advocates moved this court a while ago after they had been granted permission to file these cases by Governor H R Bharadwaj. This case would come up for hearing on Monday morning. When proceedings commence before the special court, the judge would hear the two lawyers who have filed their petitions and they would have to provide sufficient grounds against the CM. The lawyers will have to provide material to show that the CM and the rest of his men are guilty of indulging in a land scam. They would also have to substantiate their arguments with ample material which will be considered by the court.

If the Special Court is satisfied with the arguments advanced by the two lawyers then it can order an investigation into the alleged misdeeds by the Chief Minister. Since the court is a special Lokayukta court it would first ask the Lokayukta police to conduct an investigation into the case. However the court could also direct the Government to initiate an inquiry either by another agency which the government may deem fit.

The interesting part is that these two complaints have been filed before the Lokayukta court despite there being a similar complaint against the CM pending before the Lokayukta. In Karnataka there are only two courts which deal with the Prevention of Corruption cases- the Special CBI court and the Lokayukta court. However this complaint could not have been filed before the CBI court since the agency does not have the jurisdiction to probe a case against the Chief Minister in the absence of a specific order by the High Court, Supreme Court or the Union Government.

However these proceedings before the Special Court will be subject to an order of the High Court which will hear the petition on Monday. The CM’s team has decided to approach the High Court on Monday and seek a stay on the order of the Governor. In case the High Court does grant a stay then the proceedings before the Special Court cannot proceed. However the CM’s team may not get a stay soon since the opposititon has decided to file a caveat which would mean that no order can be passed without hearing the other party.

The troubles for the CM do not end here. While this case on hand may be the immediate headache for the CM, he still has to face proceedings by the Lokayukta and also the Commission of Inquiry headed by Justice B Padmaraj. While the Lokayukta is acting on a complaint given to him by the opposition the commission of inquiry has been set up by the government itself.

Justice N Santhosh Hegde, Lokayukta of Karnataka when contacted said that it is too early to say what would happen now. All the three cases are the same and each one will need to be investigated. I really do not know what to say about this since all the three appear the same to me and I do not know if there was a necessity to have three separate proceedings.
Counsel for Yeddyurappa, Vivek Reddy says that the case before the High Court will be extremely crucial since a lot would depend on its order. The High Court under Article 226 of the Indian Constitution has exceptional powers and can even strike down or stay an order of the Governor. Moreover there is no bar on the High Court to even issue notice to the Governor. Our first priority would however be to obtain a stay on the order of the Governor. Not only has he overstepped his brief, but he has also granted permission for proceedings when there are already similar proceedings before two other authorities. Another thing that is lacking in the Governor’s order is that there is no sufficient reason given when the order was passed.
The legal team for the opposition which has been gunning for Yeddyurappa’s head however says that there is no bar for the Governor to pass such an order. We will give a suitable reply in all the courts that they have decided to move. There is also no bar in having two proceedings and a complainant is entitled to move any forum that he is comfortable with. Hence the Governor has done no wrong in passing such an order.

The Karnataka Crisis

BJP supporters protest against the Karnataka Guv's grant of sanction to prosecute CM B.S. Yeddyurappa. Photo courtesy:The Hindu
A day after Karnataka Governor HR Bharadwaj gave his sanction to prosecute Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, two advocates — Sirajin Bhasha and K N Balakrishna — have filed separate petitions before the Lokayukta special court on Saturday.
The two lawyers, who had first moved the Governor seeking sanction to prosecute the Chief Minister, moved the special court with two separate petitions.
The chief minister has been made a prime accused in both the petitions.
While the first petition involves the chief minister and six others, the second petition names Yeddyurappa, his two sons and 14 others.
Both petitions seek proceedings against the chief minister and others for alleged land scams.
The petitions, which have been filed before Special Judge C B Happar, will come up for hearing on January 24. Meanwhile, the legal team of the chief minister has already begun preparations to move the Karnataka high court on Monday against the order of the Governor.

CM to move High CourtKarnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa will move the high court on Monday challenging the order of Governor HR Bhardwaj granting permission to prosecute him in connection with a land scam.
A member of the chief minister’s legal team told that the petition, seeking a stay on the Governor’s order, will be filed on Monday morning and could come up the same day, as there was urgency in the matter.
In the petition, the chief minister would contend that there has been bias while passing the order. Yeddyurappa would also state that dual proceedings in the same case cannot be initiated.
His contention would be that he has already set up a commission to probe the land scam and in such an event the Governor could not have ordered prosecution in the same case.
The last point that would be raised would be that a copy of the Governor’s order had not been served on him and specific reasons for prosecution had not been given.
Meanwhile, the Opposition too will move a caveat on Monday, seeking to be heard before any order is passed on Yeddyurappa’s petition.
While the political fiasco continues, parts of Karnataka remained shut in the wake of the bandh call given by the Bharatiya Janata Party. Schools and colleges remained shut in most parts of the state. Minor incidents of violence were reported in Bengaluru, Mysore and Shimoga following which security was beefed up.

Ministers pitch in:A group of ministers from the Bharatiya Janata Party in Karnataka took out a protest in front of the Raj Bhavan in Bengaluru on Saturday expressing displeasure over Governor HR Bhardwaj’s order sanctioning the prosecution of Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa in a land scam.
The ministers met Governor Bharadwaj and told him that he should have at least had the courtesy to send the Chief Minister a copy of the order.
Governor Bhardwaj’s order was delivered later in the morning to the Chief Minister’s office. The governor had on Friday sanctioned Yeddyurappa’s prosecution following a petition by two advocates.
Addressing the protesting BJP members, senior leader H N Ananth Kumar said the party would request President Pratibha Patil to recall the Governor.
In Karnataka, the Congress and the JDS lost the Assembly polls in 2008, Lok Sabha elections in 2009 and zilla and taluk panchayat polls last year, he noted.
“They (Congress and JDS) don’t have people’s mandate. They are indulging in back-door politics,” Ananth Kumar said.
Accusing the Governor of hatching a “conspiracy”, he asserted that the Yeddyurappa government would complete its five-year term
BJP members raised slogans like “get out, get out Governor” and “Raj Bhavan: Extension of 10, Janpath”.