What does BJP see in Sriramulu?

Photo courtesy: The Hindu
Photo courtesy: The Hindu

Do you believe Sushma Swaraj or Sriramulu on the issue of an alliance or merger? Yesterday Sriramulu, an accused in the mining scam who had left the BJP to form the BSR Congress party said that his return to the BJP has been cleared by Rajnath Singh and Sushma Swaraj. A while ago, Sushma Swaraj who had once called Sriramulu her son tweeted, “I am opposed to the BSR alliance or merger with BJP in Karnataka. I have conveyed to Shri Raj Nath Singhji in writing that BJP must not permit this,”

These conflicting statements have put the Karnataka state BJP in a spot of bother. They were desperate to rope in Sriramulu and even finalised the same three days back. Sriramulu too agreed to the same and made this announcement before his party workers and also the press in Bellary.

The statement by Sushma Swaraj cannot be taken lightly by the state BJP unit. Now it is being decided that they would not openly show an alliance and could enter into a post poll arrangement with Sriramulu. Political observers say that the BJP needs to be careful while picking its allies. Bringing back Yeddyurappa has not gone down too well with the urban voter, but the BJP decided to take this risk since he could make a difference in the Lingayat strong Northern Karnataka and also his home town of Shimoga.

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For Modi I will win 20 seats in Karnataka

Pic: The Hindu
Pic: The Hindu

The mood in the Bharatiya Janata Party, Karnataka is upbeat ever since its strongman B S Yeddyurappa decided to come back to the party. He was the man who led the BJP to power in Karnataka, remained the Chief Minister for three years, stepped down on corruption charges, left the party and then formed his Karnataka Janata Party before returning to the BJP a year later.

Yeddyurappa appears to be relieved and after a very long time he looks like he in a place where he belongs. After all it has been a 40 year association with the BJP which came to an abrupt end last year. My decision to come back to the BJP was taken in the interest of the people of Karnataka. It was my duty to ensure that Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister and I can help the BJP get over 20 seats in Karnataka in the 2014 elections, Yeddyurappa says in this interview with rediff.com.

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Yeddy is back

B S Yeddyurappa, former Chief Minister of Karnataka has officially rejoined the BJP today. After a marathon meeting with members of the BJP at the Taj West End Bangaloren he officially merged his Karnataka Janatha Party with the BJP.
He was personally invited today by party chief Prahlad Joshi, former CM Jagadish Shettar and former Dy CM K S Eshwarappa.
Yeddyurappa said that he will work for the party and ensure that they come out victorious in the forthcoming general elections.

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Yeddy- I am back for Modi

B S Yeddyurappa whp has decided to come back to the BJP says that his return is unconditional, in the larger interest of the country and also Narendra Modi. 
Yeddyurappa who had officially announced his return to the BJP yesterday told reporters in Bangalore that he held discussions with Rajnath Singh in detail and decided to merge his KJP with the BJP.

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Yeddy in BJP- Official now

bsy1_0_0_0_0B S Yeddyurappa has made it official- he will join his former party the Bharatiya Janata Party soon. Speaking at a function at his home town in Shikaripura, Shimoga, Karnataka, the former Chief Minister said that he has decided to return to the BJP.

He also pointed out that he would merge his Karnataka Janata Party with the BJP. Yeddyurappa had earlier pointed out that he would ally with the BJP, but later that decision was reversed and now he has decided to get back to hios former party. Yeddyurappa has however not indicated the date of his return to the BJP. He said that some formalities were left and that would be completed very soon. He indicated that it would be sometime in the middle of January. Continue reading “Yeddy in BJP- Official now”

Yeddy confuses again

B S Yeddyurappa says he has not got any formal invite from the BJP to rejoin them and says his priority would be to work for the Karnataka Janatha Party for the forthcomin Parliamentary elections.
In the just concluded executive committee meeting of the KJP, the party sent out all sorts of mixed signals. On one hand the party authorised Yeddyurappa to take any decision he wanted on the other hand they resolved to fight the Parliamentary elections with vigour. His party members told him not to commit anything to the BJP unless there is an official written communication. The party workers also felt that it would be better if they allied with the BJP instead of merging with it.

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Yeddy to stay in KJP

Pic: Indiatimes
Pic: Indiatimes

B S Yeddyurappa has once again said that he would retain the identity of his Karnataka Janatha Party and would only support the National Democratic Alliance since Narendra Modi is the Prime Ministerial candidate. Although it was being said that he would dissolve the KJP and join the BJP, Yeddyurappa, the former Chief Minister of Karnataka stated to the media in Bangalore he would only support the NDA.
Several BJP leaders are spreading rumours that I would join the party after dissolving the KJP. We want to put an end to all these rumours and state that the KJP will remain a separate identity  and will never merge with anyother political party.

(This story first appeared on rediff.com)

Modi- Taming the southern allies

map-south-india1The BJP’s battle for South India in the 2014 elections is going to be an interesting one. While many thought that the BJP will go in for a pre-poll alliance, it now appears that the party has decided to fight the elections on its own in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra and this decision has been taken at the insistence of Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP.

Modi has told his party men that it would be in the best interest of the party if they did not ally with anyone as of now. Going in for a pre-poll alliance would only drive away prospective allies and Modi felt that it was not the right time to make any sort of commitment now.

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KJP will retain identity

B S Yeddyurappa, former Chief Minister of Karnataka who walked out the BJP said that he would maintain the identity of his newly floated party, the Karnataka Janata Party.

Addressing the state executive meeting of the KJP he said that the merger with the BJP has not materialised. We would not be thinking of a merger and would like to keep the identity of the KJP intact.
He however added that they would support the NDA since is being led by Narendra Modi now.‎ We would remain an individual entity and support the n NDA. There is also no question of me joining the BJP.

Yeddy to return, but conditions galore

‎B S Yeddyurappa who had quit the Bhratiya Janatha Party is all set to return and according to sources he may decide by next month in the presence of Narendra Modi.
Yeddyurappa had formed the Karnataka Janatha Party after quitting the BJP over a year back. The KJP will have two meetings today and tomorrow in which a date for the merger or his return to the BJP would be decided.

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