TDP- Can Rajnath break the ice?

tdpbjp2Will Rajnath Singh manage to break the ice in Hyderabad? His visit to Hyderabad today is being closely watched even as the Telegu Desam Party leaders have refused to interact or meet him over the issue of alliance.
On the other hand the Congress continues to push the Telangana Rastriya Samithi for an alliance and the latter has been playing hard to get. Basically the BJP is desperate for an alliance in Seema-Andhra while the Congress wants the same in Telangana.

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Now Pawan Kalyan to launch party

It is raining political parties in Andhra Pradesh. Just a while after Kiran Kumar areddy decided to launch a new party, Chiranjeevi’s brother Pawan Kalyan too will start a new political party on Sunday. The brother of the superstar who has a huge fan following in Seema-Andhra will make this announcement on Sunday.
Pawan Kalyan has however decided to contest the elections both from Seema-Andhra and Telangana unlike Kiran Reddy. Although his party will mot be a factor in Telangana, there is a good chance of him upsetting the dynamics in Seema-Andhra where he has a huge fan following.

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Seema-Andhra to get new party

kiran1Seema-Andhra will have a new party and the same would be headed by former Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy. He is to make an announcement to this effect at 4 PM at a press conference today.
By his side will be 12 other leaders from the Congress including “pepper spray,” Lagadapaty Rajgopal. Kiran Kumar Reddy who had earlier indicated that he would not float a new party has now changed his mind as he smells a chance in Seema-Andhra. Armed with his own resignation from the Congress and also the fact that he stood against the formation of Telangana, he will woo the voter on these counts. Continue reading “Seema-Andhra to get new party”

Andhra Pradesh after Kiran Reddy


With the resignation of Kiran Kumar Reddy as the Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh faces a great possibility of being governed under a President’s rule. The Congress Core Committee is still discussing this issue and will take a final call on the issue only once the Rajya Sabha also clears the Bill.

The Congress is opposed to the idea of appointing a new Chief Minister at this moment in Andhra Pradesh. Appointing a leader from Telangana as the CM is completely ruled out as the Congress does not want any further wrath from the Seema-Andhra leaders. Bringing in a man from Seema-Andhra would not be acceptable to the Telangana leaders. Moreover it could also cause a great deal of infighting among the Seema-Andhra leaders. Continue reading “Andhra Pradesh after Kiran Reddy”

Telangana notification on 21st

rayal_telanganaThere are a couple of procedures that need to be followed before the state of Telangana can be formed. The Lok Sabha has passed the Bill today and this means a major hurdle has been crossed.
The next move would be before the Rajya Sabha where a similar process needs to be followed as was done in the Lok Sabha. In all likelihood it may come up tomorrow or if time does not permit, it will be taken up on Thursday.
If the Rajya Sabha defeats the Bill, then it will need to redone by the next government.

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Telangana at 4.30 PM

The Telangana bill in Parliament is expected to get the nod by 430 PM today. Sonia Gandhi has made it clear to all her ministers and MP’s in Parliament that she does not want any delay in the passage of the Bill.
However the Congress has kept Wednesday as a reserve day in case the bill is not passed today. Continue reading “Telangana at 4.30 PM”

Lagapati to BJP, Kiran party doubtful


Even as Kiran Kumar Reddy the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh readies his resignation, the chances of him floating a new party appear to be very bleak at the moment. Armed with the support of just 2 MPs and One MLA, it appears that he may just sit idle for sometime.

Kiran Kumar Reddy expected that all the leaders from Seema-Andhra will support him in the launch of a new party. However the cozying up by Lagapati Rajgopal, Rayapati Sambasiva Rao and Sabbam Hari to the BJP has become a game changer. All the three MPs who were suspended from the Parliament are in constant touch with Venkaiah Naidu and Rajnath Singh since the past two days. They feel that it would be better to go along with the BJP and capitalize on the Narendra Modi wave and target the 40 per cent urban votes in Seema-Andhra. They also feel that a tie up between the TDP and the BJP will also help them in the long run. Continue reading “Lagapati to BJP, Kiran party doubtful”

Telangana-Modi understands violation of federal concept

Pic: The Hindu
Pic: The Hindu

Keeping all options of a tie up with the BJP open, Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief of the YSR Congress Party says that he is ready to ally with the party if they defeat the Telangana bill in parliament.
Jagan Reddy who is expected to win a lion’s share of the votes in Seema-Andhra is in New Delhi to protest the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and he says in this interview with that he will show the strength of the Telegu people to Sonia Gandhi.

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Telangana- Let the last ball be bowled


Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Kiran Kumar Reddy who was supposed to resign after the Bill on Telangana was placed before the Parliament now says that no decision will be taken until the last ball is bowled.
When asked to comment about the future course of action, Reddy told the media let us wait and see and we are hopeful that the Bill shall not be passed. There is time till the 21st of this month before anything could happen and after seeing the pain of the people we are hopeful that the Bill will not be passed. Continue reading “Telangana- Let the last ball be bowled”

Sabbam Hari, immolation, drama and what not

Pic: The Hindu
Pic: The Hindu

Expect a day of huge drama in case the Telangana Bill is tabled in the Lok Sabha today. Kiran Kumar Reddy has said he will resign once the bill is tabled, the Andhra Pradesh NGO’s have called for a bundh in Seema-Andhra, but the one to watch out for is the threat of self immolation by Sabbam Hari, the Ankapalli MP who was expelled from the Congress two days back along with 5 others.
I am ready to die to keep the state united as I consider the decision of the Congress to be a very bad one. If the Bill is tabled in the Parliament, there will be a self immolation and I am very serious about it, he says. There is no internal democracy left in the Congress and it will pay the price in the elections, Sabbam Hari says in this interview with

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