SJF threat real, but MEA letter on Khalistani elements fake

New Delhi, Dec 14: A letter has been shared on the social media regarding a warning by the Ministry of External Affairs. It says that the MEA has warned against anti-India activities and propaganda of Khalistan extremists around the people.

However officials have said that the same is fake. It states that the letter was issued on November 8 and was shared on social media platforms. Officials confirmed that the letter was never issued by the MEA.

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Top Khalistan terrorist charged by NIA for trying to incite Sikhs against India

The NIA charged Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a resident of Jalandhar Punjab. The case pertains to the conspiracy hatched by the accused and others to carry out acts of terror in India. He sed to send funds to India through various channels include hawala.

He was in the process of developing a network of sympathisers and cadres to undertake targeted killings in Punjab. He was also trying to arrange arms and ammunition from his Pakistan based associates, the NIA said.

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Highly radicalised terrorist arrested in Punjab and not surprisingly link goes back to the UK

New Delhi, Nov 26: The Punjab Police made an important bust with the arrest of a highly radicalised terrorist who claimed that he was operating an outfit known as ‘Kaum De Rakhe.’

‘Kaum De Rakhe’ was being used to collect funds under the garb of social work. The arrested operative Ranjit Singh told the police that it was through this group that he managed to get in touch with highly radicalised groups in the United Kingdom and the other countries. He also said that he extended help to set up sleeper cells under the garb of social work.

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ISI, Khalistan forces will try taking advantage of instability in Punjab 

New Delhi, Oct 01: Pakistan is known to use to its advantage any instability in India. Be it protests or political issues, the ISI has known to engineer trouble and take advantage.

In Punjab, the situation is volatile courtesy the political circus following the ouster of Captain Amarinder Singh and later on the resignation of. Navjot Singh Sidhu. It is a well known fact that the ISI has been trying to bolster the Khalistan movement in Punjab.

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Why the rise of Sikh separatism in the United States needs to be flagged harder 

New Delhi, Sep 15: The Indian security agencies have repeatedly stated that the Khalistan terrorists backed by the ISI would look to make a comeback. While the terror modules within the country are largely under control, the worry is the rise of Sikh separatism.

For several years now, groups backing the Khalistan movement have operated in the United States, Canada and London. The Sikhs for Justice in particular is a notorious outfit led by proscribed terrorist, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. He was declared as an individual terrorist under the UAPA from promoting secessionism and encouraging Sikh youth to take up arms.

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Be extra vigilant against drones: MHA to agencies ahead of Independence Day

New Delhi, July 26: With Independence Day approaching, the Ministry of Home Affairs has instructed the security agencies to be extra vigilant about any flying objects. The MHA has also advised the agencies to shoot down such objects if they try and go near sensitive areas. 

The Intelligence Bureau has also sounded an alert ahead of Independence Day and said that terror groups would look to strike in the national capital. Groups such as the Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Khalistan groups would look to carry out terror strikes in Delhi, an IB official told OneIndia.

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Top arms smuggler linked to Khalistan terrorists arrested

New Delhi, July 07: A top arms trafficker with links to Khalistan terror groups has been arrested by the National investigation Agency. Gagandeep Singh was picked up from Uttar Pradesh.

Based on the information received by the Punjab Police, it was revealed that Arshdeep Singh and Ramandeep Singh based abroad had formed a gang and were involved in an extortion racket.

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Modus Operandi: Babbar Khalsa raises funds in Canada, ISI channelises it for terror at Wolverhampton

New Delhi, Apr 20: The recent chargesheet filed by the National Investigation Agency against 7 operatives of the Babbar Khalsa International in connection with a narco smuggling case clearly suggests that the ISI continues to be backed heavily by the ISI, which is aiming cause a huge unrest in the country. 

When a clean up act was launched in Punjab against the Khalistan terrorists, several of the top brass fled to Pakistan and took shelter with the help of the ISI. In 2012, the Intelligence Bureau put up a report indicating that the Babbar Khalsa was attempting a comeback in India with the help of the ISI. 

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Close aide of UK based Khalistan terrorist Paramjit Pamma held in UP was plotting series of sinister acts

New Delhi, Feb 10: Earlier this week a joint team the Punjab and Uttar Pradesh police arrested an accomplice of a suspected pro-Khalistan terrorist from Lucknow.

He has been identified as Jagdev Singh. The police said that the accused is linked to the pro-Khalistan terrorists, Paramjit Singh Pammah and Maltani Singh. Paramjit is currently in UK, while Malkani is in Germany. 

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Churning the communal cauldron: Handlers in Italy, Canada, UK fan the Khalistan movement

New Delhi, Feb 09: The agencies have been speaking about an outside hand that is desperately looking to fan violence amidst the farmer protests.

Repeated statements are being made by pro-Khalistan elements from countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom on the farmer protests.

The government has even asked Twitter to suspend accounts that are putting out such content which threatens national security. 

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