Close aide of UK based Khalistan terrorist Paramjit Pamma held in UP was plotting series of sinister acts

New Delhi, Feb 10: Earlier this week a joint team the Punjab and Uttar Pradesh police arrested an accomplice of a suspected pro-Khalistan terrorist from Lucknow.

He has been identified as Jagdev Singh. The police said that the accused is linked to the pro-Khalistan terrorists, Paramjit Singh Pammah and Maltani Singh. Paramjit is currently in UK, while Malkani is in Germany. 

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Churning the communal cauldron: Handlers in Italy, Canada, UK fan the Khalistan movement

New Delhi, Feb 09: The agencies have been speaking about an outside hand that is desperately looking to fan violence amidst the farmer protests.

Repeated statements are being made by pro-Khalistan elements from countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom on the farmer protests.

The government has even asked Twitter to suspend accounts that are putting out such content which threatens national security. 

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Khalistan, the real intent: Why demand for repeal of farm laws is just an excuse

New Delhi, Feb 05: It started out as a farmer protest against the farm laws, but over a period of time, it became a propaganda tool for pro-Khalistan elements.

The tweets by the likes of Rihanna and Greta Thunberg only went on to show that foreign elements had started to comment on the internal affairs of the country and that too on a law that was passed by the Indian Parliament after due deliberations.

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Delhi on ‘very high alert’ as ISI backed Khalistan forces look to infiltrate tractor parade

New Delhi, Jan 26: The national capital is on a state of very high alert as the farmers get ready to take out a tractor parade. The Intelligence Bureau has warned that pro-Khalistan elements backed by Pakistan’s ISI would look to hijack the protests and disrupt peace in Delhi.

On Monday, the Delhi Police said that over 300 Twitter handles had been traced to Pakistan that were created to sabotage the rally. The proscribed outfit, Sikhs for Justice has been threatening strikes and has even tried to influence the farmers’ protest on several occasions.

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In Sikhs for Justice case, NGO and their source of funds come under NIA scanner

New Delhi, Jan 18: The National Investigation Agency is examining the role of several NGOs including Khalsa Aid in connection with the Sikhs for Justice (SJF) case.

The NIA is probing to find the financial link between the NGOs and the Sikhs for Justice which has been accused of funding these organisations. The SJF according to the agencies fund these organisations and direct them to incite violence, create hatred and also propagate the cause of Khalistan. 

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How the pro-Khalistan Sikhs For Justice is influencing the farmers’ protest

New Delhi, Jan 15: In the backdrop of the Attorney General of India, K K Venugopal telling the Supreme Court that the Khalistanis have infiltrated the farmer protests, the Sikhs For Justice (SJF) has announced a reward for anyone hoisting the Khalistanis flag on Red Fort on Republic Day.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, chief of the pro-Khalistan, SJF said, ’26 January is coming and on the Red Fort there is an Indian Flag. Remove the Tricolour on January 26 and replace it with a Khalistan flag. 

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Not the desired traction, but ISI and its Indian stooges continue to push the Khalistan movement

New Delhi, Dec 16: Zulfikar Bhutto had once said that Pakistan will also have a Bangladesh carved out of India, but it would be on the Pakistan border. This was a reference that he made to Khalistan.

While Pakistan continues to push its Khalistan agenda, the fact of the matter is that it has not found many takers in India. Movements such as the Referendum 2020 by the banned outfit, Sikhs For Justice have not any traction in India.

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Properties of Sikhs for Justice terrorists ordered to be attached by government

New Delhi, Sep 08: The government of India has ordered the attachment of immovable properties of two designated terrorists part of the Sikhs for Justice.

The government under Section 51A of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act of 1967, ordered the attachment of the immovable properties of two designated terrorists, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in Amritsar district, Punjab and Hardeep Singh Nijjar in District Jalandhar, Punjab.

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NIA arrests key conspirator of Khalistan group Sikhs for Justice

New Delhi, June 24: The National Investigation Agency has arrested a key conspirator linked to the Khalistan group, Sikhs for Justice.

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Khalistan terrorist Happy PhD killed due to illicit affair with married Muslim woman in Lahore

img_0239New Delhi, Feb 03: The killing of top Khalistan terrorist Harmeet Singh alias Happy PhD could have been due to an illicit affair and not a financial dispute over a drug deal as had been reported earlier.

The Intelligence agencies in India are trying to gather more information about how the chief of the Khalistan Liberation Force was killed. At first it was said that he may have been killed by a local gang near Lahore due to a financial dispute.

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