With Khalistanis having a free run in Canada, UK, India set to send out strong message

India has repeatedly raised concerns about the rise of Khalistan extremism in Canada and the UK, but the countries have turned a blind eye to both the requests and the reminders

New Delhi, Sep 21: With cases of violence against Hindus rising and repeated requests to quell Sikh extremism falling on deaf ears, India has put Canada and the UK on notice.

India has repeatedly raised concerns about the rise of Khalistan extremism in Canada and the UK. Furthermore, these elements operate freely in these countries and plot violent acts in India with the support of their masters in Pakistan.

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Yet another anti-India act reported from Canada and the Khalistan connection isn’t surprising

While radical Islamic groups continue to remain a concern for the Indian security apparatus, it is these pro-Khalistan elements which have also become a nightmare

New Delhi, Sep 15: In yet another anti-India act from Canada, a temple in Toronto was vandalised. Anti-India slogans were scribbled by the Khalistani elements at the BAPS Swaminarayan Temple in Toronto.

The Indian High Commission in Canada has condemned the incident and said the authorities have been requested to investigate the incident and take prompt action against the perpetrators.

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NIA raids at 50 locations expose the dirty nexus between ISI, Khalistanis and gangsters

The raids are important as Pakistan’s ISI is hell-bent on exploiting the nexus between the terrorists and gangsters

New Delhi, Sep 13: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted raids at 50 different locations in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Chandigarh and Delhi to expose the gangster-terrorist network. The agency registered two FIRs in Punjab and Haryana following the recovery of illicit arms and incriminating documents.

The RPG attack at the Mohali police station and the Patiala jail break led to a probe by the NIA which has been working on this case for the past 8 months. It was found that terrorists were using gangsters to further their activities. Due to the terror angle to these gangster related case, the NIA had to step in and probe the matter.

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Yet again: Happy Malaysia’s name in Ludhiana blast exposes international support for Khalistanis

Harpeet Singh alia Happy Malaysia

The Khalistan forces are known to have support in several countries such as Italy, Canada, United Kingdom and even in the US. However, the primary support comes from Pakistan.

New Delhi, Sep 09: The naming of Harpreet Singh alias Happy Malaysia in the Ludhiana court bomb blast case only shows the extent of international coordination the Khalistani terrorists have.

At first, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) named Germany-based Khalistani terrorist Jaswinder Singh Multani in the same case. The NIA alleged that he had coordinated sending in the explosives to Punjab via a drone from Pakistan. On December 23 last year, a powerful blast took place at the Ludhiana court complex. A cop who had planted the bomb died in the blast while six others were injured.

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Islamic State, IAMC, Muslim Brotherhood: The international network hurting India

Groups such as a IAMC and Muslim Brotherhood run a propaganda campaign against India. These groups through their sponsored journalists, NGOs and activists make it a point to comment on every issue in India and make it seem as this is the voice of the nation.

New Delhi, Aug 26: The recent arrest of a suicide bomber of the Islamic State in Russia only goes on to show how strong is the international network to harm India. While the Islamic State has grown largely in India in terms of propaganda and ideology, there is an equally large network outside the country which is constantly looking to damage and hurt India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been the primary target. In Punjab there was a massive security breach. The breach happened in a state where the Khalistan movement is once again gaining steam.

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West’s dubious stand on Khalistan is worrisome for India

The Narendra Modi government has been urging countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada to act against these forces

New Delhi, July 25: The complete reluctance by the western countries to act against pro-Khalistan outfits such as the Sikhs for Justice (SJF) has perturbed the Indian agencies. Officials say that the very fact that the pro-Khalistan groups are getting more dangerous by the day and the reality that the west is refusing to act is disturbing on several levels.

The Narendra Modi government has been urging countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada to act against these forces. New Delhi had in April taken strong exception to the UK allowing a referendum by the Khalistan forces.

The Khalistan groups such as the SJF, Khalistan Zindabad Force among others have been responsible for numerous acts of terror in India. They have been involved in carrying out terror attacks in Punjab and also targeting Hindus in Punjab.

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From terror being outsourced to gangsters to murders, security in Punjab has collapsed

It may be recalled that OneIndia had on May 24 reported that ISI-Khalistan terror groups have been using local gangsters for the deniability factor.

New Delhi, May 30: Famous Punjabi singer and Congress leader Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead on Sunday by unidentified assailants in Punjab’s Mansa district, a day after the state government curtailed his security cover.

Moosewala’s cousin and a friend, who were travelling in a Mahindra Thar jeep with him, were also injured in the attack.

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How ISI bonded its terrorists and Khalistan forces to activate the K2 desk

In 2019, the Intelligence Bureau had warned that Pakistan is activating its K2 operation or desk. In Kashmir, it has roped in the JeM, while in Punjab it is the Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF).

New Delhi, May 12: The bonding between the terror groups from Pakistan and the Khalistan forces courtesy the ISI is a well known fact. For years now the ISI has brought together these two forces with a sole intent of causing damage in India, especially in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) and Punjab.

A report in the Times of India said that a new group called the Lashkar-e-Khalsa had been formed by the Kashmir-Khalistan (K2) desk of the ISI. This group is on overdrive mode to recruit youth on the social media, the report also added.

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RPG attack in Punjab puts focus back on poor security management, rogue drones

A blast occurred outside the Intelligence Department building of Punjab Police in Mohali. ANI Image

A minor explosion was reported at the Punjab Police Intelligence Headquarters in Sector 77, SAS Nagar at around 7.45 pm. No damage has been reported. Senior officers are on the spot and investigation is being done. Forensic teams have been called, the Mohali Police said in a statement.

New Delhi, May 10: The police are probing the role of two suspects believed to have fired the rocket propelled grenade at the Punjab Police’s Intelligence office in Mohali on Monday.

The investigation agencies have learnt that the suspects took a random shot and it was not a targeted attack. The incident once again brings the focus back on the drones which have populated Punjab in recent months. The police suspect that the rocket launcher may have been delivered with the help of a drone.

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Sikhs for Justice raises its ugly head in Himachal Pradesh

Following the incident, all inter-state borders have been sealed. Security has also been heightened at dams, railway stations, bus stands and other vital installations.

New Delhi, May 09: A probe has been ordered after Khalistan flags appeared at the main entrance to the Himachal Pradesh assembly complex on Sunday.

The district administration has set up a probe by the SIT to look into the intrusion and preliminary reports indicate that the incident could have taken place last in the night or early morning.

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