In 2020 most policemen were martyred in naxal attacks, Kerala topped injury list due to riotous mobs

New Delhi, Sep 16: Left Wing Extremism claimed the maximum lives of police personnel in 2020, the latest report released by the National Crimes Records Bureau shows.

59 police personnel were martyred due to naxalite related incidents, while 36 lost their lives due to terror, the data also shows. The highest number of deaths of police personnel due to naxal related incidents was 55 and all these cases were reported from Chhattisgarh. Maharashtra and Jharkhand reported 3 and 1 such incidents respectively.

Chhattisgarh reported 12 cases of police personnel losing their lives due to a riotous mob. This was followed by Assam and Delhi, which reported 8 and 1 cases respectively.

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Chaos in Kabul and the lurking danger of Keralites who joined the ISIS trying to return

New Delhi, Sep 03: With reports stating that nearly 20 persons from Kerala who joined the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) are roaming free in Afghanistan, an alert has been sounded in India.

Security agencies say that these persons could try and make their way back into India. An alert has been sounded at the airports as the agencies suspect that they may try and make their way back into India.

Several have already indicated that they wanted to return to India, but the government’s position is clear that it does not want any of these ISIS returnees back on their soil.

One of the key concerns with these persons is that they could be sent back to India with an intention of further spreading the ideology of the ISKP in Kerala and other parts of the country. The Indian government’s position is that once such persons return, they could become an inspiration for many and the recruiting may only go up.

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Radicals in Kerala could use Kabul bombings as inspiration to recruit more for ISIS

New Delhi, Aug 27: The suicide bombings at the Kabul Airport are a grim reminder that the Islamic State cannot be written off as yet.

A few months back, it was being said that the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) had stopped getting the desired traction it may have hoped for. Several of its people were killed while many others were arrested. In this context one must recollect that the ISKP has managed to attract nearly a 100 people from Kerala alone. This became more evident when it was revealed that the gunman involved in the Kabul Gurudwara attack was from Kerala. 25 people were killed in that attack.

Earlier this month, the mother of Nimisha Fathima urged the Indian government to bring her daughter back from Afghanistan. Fathima along with her husband and several others had left Kerala to join the Islamic State in Afghanistan a few years back. Her husband was killed in an air strike, following which several ISIS operatives had surrendered before the Afghanistan government. With the Taliban taking over, it freed many of these operatives from jail.

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Why a Taliban victory would inspire many radicals in Kerala, Tamil Nadu

New Delhi, Aug 26: The security planners in India are closely watching the developments in Afghanistan as the Taliban continues to create havoc. While opening up diplomatic channels will take several more months, the worry for India at the moment is within.

The Intelligence Bureau has flagged concerns about several terror groups and sympathisers using the Taliban victory as a morale booster. This could very well lead to many more radicalisation camps coming up in the country, an IB official tells OneIndia.

Radical elements in Kerala and Tamil Nadu have shown signs for long of being sympathetic towards foreign terror groups. In Kerala certain elements had mourned the death of Osama Bin Laden. Groups such as the Base Movement are derive their ideology from the Al-Qaeda.

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No strikes: Jihad in Kerala is focused more on changing mindset of the local Muslim

New Delhi, Aug 19: The mother of a girl from Kerala has once appealed to the Indian government to help bring her daughter back from Afghanistan. The mother of the girl who joined the ISIS in Afghanistan has been released by the Taliban it has been claimed.

This claim comes in the backdrop of raids that were conducted by the National Investigation Agency relating to the ISIS Kerala module. Two highly radicalised women from Kannur in Kerala were arrested by the NIA and the agency said that one had even travelled to Iran to join the ISIS in Syria. They have been identified as Mizha Sideeque and Shifa Haris.

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NIA raids at former MLA’s son’s house in Ullal in connection with suspected ISIS case

New Delhi, Aug 04: Officials of the National Investigation Agency raided the residence of the son of former MLA B M Basha on Wednesday in Ullal, Mangaluru. The raids are in connection with a suspected ISIS case.

The raids were conducted on the suspicion that the family of Idinabba’s son, B M Basha has links with the Islamic State. The agency suspects that Basha’s daughter had gone missing from Kerala and may have joined the ISIS. The raids were led by the Director and Inspector General of the NIA.

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COVID-19: With a TPR of above 12% is Kerala following a double standard model

New Delhi, July 28: The Supreme Court had recently lashed out at the Kerala government for lifting restrictions as part of Bakrid. The fact of the matter is that the restrictions were lifted in regions where the Test Positivity Rate (TPR) was above 15.

The TPR in Kerala is 12.35 per cent, which is way higher than the national average of 2.51 per cent. The reports coming in from Kerala indicate that India is on the brink of a third wave, something that the experts have been warning about. On Tuesday, Kerala reported 22,129 fresh COVID-19 cases and the Kerala Health Department said that 156 persons lost their lives. The total death toll now stands at 16,326. Further reports also say that among the new cases, 20,194 people have been infected through the spread locally.

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Why are Indian agencies opposing the return of Malayali ISIS recruits from Afghanistan

New Delhi, July 05: Nimisha Fathima’s mother Bindu filed a petition in the Kerala High Court seeking the repatriation of her daughter who had left India and joined the Islamic State in Afghanistan.

The habeas corpus petition sought a directive to the Centre to bring Fathima and her grand-child back. They have been lodged in a jail in Afghanistan since 2019.

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NIA charges Kerala man who helped set up ISIS province in forests of South India

New Delhi, June 16: The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet against an ISIS terrorist from Chennai. The case was first registered by the Q Branch CID, Chennai against Syed Ali, a resident of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. 

The case arose following the arrest of a few persons who had conspired at Salem and Chennai who had fraudulently activated SIM cards by using multiple identity documents of various persons without their knowledge and consent. 

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