Love Jihad is real, Christian women being lured into trap says Kerala Church

New Delhi, Jan 16: Love Jihad is a reality the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church has said. The largest Christian segment in Kerala said that Christian women are lured to join the Islamic State terror group after conversion.

Love Jihad has grown in Kerala in such a manner that it is endangering secularism and social tranquility. “It is a reality that there is love jihad targeting Christian women in Kerala. Out of 21 persons who joined the ISIS, half of them had been converted from Christianity. It should be an eye-opener for us,” a press note from the Synod, the supreme body of the Church said.

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Kerala, Bengal make it official: Say no to NPR

npr.jpgNew Delhi, Jan 16: Kerala and West Bengal have communicated to the Registrar General to put on hold the exercise of the National Population Register (NPR). The Registrar General has received the communication, two weeks after both the state governments had said that the NPR would not be implemented.

The states had written to their respective district magistrates saying that this process would be detrimental to public and hence the same be put on hold, a Home Ministry source confirmed to OneIndia.

The source, however, added that the Home Ministry has no reason to believe that these states would not cooperate. The manpower for such an exercise is drawn from the states.

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Radicalising is a lucrative job in Kerala: You could earn up to Rs 40 lakh

radical-keralaNew Delhi, Jan 02: Rs 40 lakh can be quite a lucrative amount. This is the amount that is being offered in Kerala to those who are ready to radicalise people.

Kerala has over the years become a hub of radicalisation and there are several groups in the state, which preach radical Islam.

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India’s biggest internal security headache would be the migrants from Bengal, radicals from Kerala

radicals-immigrantsNew Delhi, Jan 01: Illegal immigration and radicalisation are two major national security concerns. The bulk of these problems are contributed by Bengal and Kerala. In many cases, both are directly inter-connected and both these states do not appear to have woken up to the problem, despite being warned. Is it the politics of vote bank?Let us call it that.


Kerala unlike West Bengal has one major positive. It is a 100 per cent literate state. However attached with this is the problem of radicalisation.

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Keralites, Bangladeshis part of riots around CAB in UP, Delhi

UP-riotssNew Delhi, Dec 29: The police have now found a Kerala angle to the protests around the newly amended citizenship law. Intelligence Bureau officials pointed out the presence of people from Delhi and Kerala during the riots that broke out in Uttar Pradesh.

The police while relying on CCTV footage have identified the rioters and even pasted posters with their photographs.

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Recruiting through a ruckus: SIMI’s role in CAB protests revealed

CAB1-mnIt has now come to light that several protesters who created a ruckus in Uttar Pradesh were outsiders. The SIMI has its strongest networks in Uttar Pradesh, Mangaluru, Delhi and Kerala. Investigations being conducted in various places where the violence broke out have all suggested an extremist link to the protests.

There is more than what meets the eye. While the critics of the newly-amended citizenship law have been quick to question the police action against the ‘peaceful’ protesters, investigations being conducted by multiple agencies suggest that the protests are orchestrated in such a manner that they turn violent.

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With Kerala providing perfect fodder for radical Islam, we must be wary of ISIS returnees

isis-retyrnees-mnIf we were to take Maldives, France and Germany as examples, it quite evident that the ISIS returnees pose a great threat to the country. Resistance by local communities in Kerala to any sort of action against this threat is not helping India’s situation either

Four nations that have witnessed a rapid increase in the number of Islamic State related activities are Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Maldives.

Maldives in particular has witnessed a surge of ISIS related activities in recent years and reports state that at least 250 from the country have left the archipelago to join the outfit and four had been killed in the battlefields of Iraq and Syria.

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NIA re-arrests accused in Kerala Professor Palm Chopping case

nialogoNew Delhi, Dec 19: The National Investigation Agency has re-arrested a member of the Popular Front of India in connection with the Professor’s Palm Chopping case.

The arrest was carried out after the Supreme Court stayed the order of the Kerala High Court granting mail to the accused.

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Kerala should worry about its radical Islam instead of Citizenship (Amendment) Act

kerala-radicalisationKerala should worry about its radical Islam instead of Citizenship (Amendment) Act

While the state of Kerala has seen huge protests over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, one cannot miss the irony of the rise of radical Islam in the region

Kerala is one of the many states where the Citizenship (Amendment) Act would not have much of an impact. However, joining the bandwagon of those who are opposing the legislation, Kerala’s chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the CAA would not be implemented in the state.
Vijayan said that the BJP was executing the RSS agenda to divide the nation on communal lines. The statement is an ironic one considering the fact that the state of Kerala has the highest number of Islamic State recruits, the highest number of ISIS modules and over the years has become one of the most radical states in the country.

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Tamil Nadu is soon beating Kerala in terms of a highly radicalised state

tamilnadu-radicalisationNew Delhi, Dec 01: Raids by the National Investigation Agency continued in Tamil Nadu in connection with the Islamic State related case.

The raids were conducted in Thanjavur district and Tiruchirapalli city of Tamil Nadu based on warrants issued by NIA Special Court, Ernakulam.

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