Kerala women fall prey in global trafficking through Kuwait

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New Delhi, Jun 20: An overseas job recruitment and the terror links to it have come to light after a few young women from Kerala recounted their horrors. Several young women managed to escape the racket and returned to Kerala.

Preliminary investigations have shown that the racket is based in Kuwait and under the pretext of job recruitment over 100 women have been trafficked. It has come to light that the women were promised baby-sitter jobs, a free visa, flight tickets and a salary of Rs 60,000.

The women who bit the bait would be taken to Kuwait and then sold off to overseas families. It was also found that the women who resisted were taken to Syria and then sold off to the Islamic State.

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Appease, please, don’t displease: What hinders the fight against Islamic radicalisation in Kerala

Fear of being tripped over is what stands in the way of the fight against radicalisation in Kerala

New Delhi, May 31: The problem of radicalisation in Kerala is debated very often in the Intelligence circles.

The recent incident of sloganeering by a minor in Kerala has put the focus back on the most spoken about subjects in the state-radicalisation. If one closely looks at the manner in which the agencies have worked in Kerala, it is clear that they have given it their all to try and control the menace of radicalisation.

Officials say that they have identified the problem, tracked down the culprits, found their source of funds and even took down social media accounts spreading hate. However all this remains on paper because the political will is lacking or is deliberately lacking, says an official.

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Hate sloganeering in Kerala only shows what rabid radicalisation can do

The video shows a boy sitting on the shoulder of a person and saying ‘sanghis should learn to live properly or they will have to get ready for their final rites.’

New Delhi, May 25: The police registered a case in Kerala after a Muslim boy was seen chanting hate slogans during a political rally last week. The police acted after the Kerala High Court expressed grave concern about children being used in political and religious rallies.

Following the incident that took place at Alappuzha last week, Justice Gopinath of the Kerala High Court said, ‘aren’t hey fostering a new generation that grows up with religious hatred in their minds? When this child grows up and becomes a major, his mind will already be conditioned to this kind of rhetoric. Something must be done.”

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The Kerala Story movie is crucial as radicals attempt making Kerala a Muslim state

New Delhi, Mar 23: The problem of radicalisation in Kerala is nothing new. It has been often spoken about but successive governments have buried the issue and pretended as though everything is hunky dory.

In this context, a much needed film on the plight of several boys and girls in the state is set to be released. Known as The Kerala Story, it is a venture by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and writer-director Sudipto Sen.

The trailer shows a speech by former Kerala Chief Minister, V S Achuthanandan in which he is heard saying that the plan of the Popular Front of India is to make Kerala a Muslim state in the next 20 years.

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Drumming up a phobia: Why has hijab become more important than education

New Delhi, Mar 16: India expressed concern as the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution to proclaim March 15 as International Day to Combat Islamophobia. India while expressing concern over phobia against one religion being elevated to the level of an international day.

India also said that there are growing contemporary forms of religiophobia, especially anti-Hindu, anti-Buddhist and anti-Sikh phobias. The 193 member UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which was introduced by Pakistan’s ambassador Munir Akram.

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ISIS operatives planning violent jihad in India had receed several Hindu Temples

New Delhi, Mar 14: In its supplementary chargesheet against two residents of Jammu and Kashmir, the National Investigation Agency said that the accused persons were involved in recruiting cadres for the Islamic State.

The NIA filed the supplementary chargesheet against Afshan Parvaiz Jarabi and Tawhead Latief Sofi, both residents of Srinagar. The case relates to the conspiracy hatched by the ISIS to radicalise and recruit Muslim youth in India to wage violent Jihad against India.

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With Hijab before Kitab, radicals trying to make Karnataka a Kerala

New Delhi, Feb 18: The hijab row in Karnataka has been making national headlines. While the Karnataka High Court continues to hear the matter, the protests continue and many students have been boycotting schools and colleges.

In this backdrop the name of a group called as the Campus Front of India has come to the forefront. It has been accused of trying to radicalise the students and ensuring that this issue spreads nationally.

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Violence at the drop of a hat because Islamic radicalisation is so deep down south

Recently the US state department had said that there are 66 Indian Muslims fighting for the Islamic State abroad and the maximum are from Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

New Delhi, Feb 15: In recent times protests be it the anti-CAA ones or the recent one relating to the hijab issue have taken violent turns. The anti-CAA protests in particular got very violent and one could see the destruction it caused in Mangaluru and other parts of the country.

This brings us to the often asked question about radicalisation. The fact that the ISIS found so much success in Kerala is thanks to years and years of Islamic radicalisation that went unchecked.

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How Wahhabism found ‘SUPER’ success in Kerala

New Delhi, Feb 12: There has been a lot of talk about radicalisation and the steep rise of Wahhabism in India. This rise of Wahhabism has led to a radical change in approach as a result of which we are witnessing aggression.

In 2015, violence broke out near a Mosque in Bommanhalli, Bengaluru and what was being termed as minor tiff was in fact a case of some youth trying to impose the Wahhabi preachings. When the seniors in the administration of the Mosque opposed these youth, there were clashes in which 4 persons were injured seriously.

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Kerala to Karnataka: How ISIS terrorists are propagating ideology

New Delhi, Jan 30: Deepthi Marla, Mohammad Waqar Lone, Mizha Siddeeque, Shifa Haris, Obaid Hamid Matta, Madesh Shankar, Ammar Abdul Rahiman and Muzamil Hassan Bhat have been named in the chargesheet by the National Investigation Agency in connection with an Islamic State case.

Mohammad Ameen from Kerala was running several ISIS propaganda channels on various social media platforms to propagate violent Jihad the NIA said. All the eight accused chargesheeted on Friday are affiliated with the banned terrorist organisation ISIS and were involved in radicalising, recruiting, organising terror funds and grooming like-minded gullible Muslim youth through different secured social media platforms to perform ‘Hijrat’ (migration) to ISIS-controlled territory for joining the ISIS, the NIA said.

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