Kerala hit by another Islamic radicalisation wave: Time to act, its now or never 

New Delhi, Dec 21: The back to back political murders in Kerala has once again thrown up the often spoken about subject in the state and that is radicalisation. Recently the state police sought a ban on the Malayalam translation of a 14th century book Mashari-Al-Ushaaq or the Book of Jihad which has been used in the state extensively by the Islamic State.

While many radical outfits have mushroomed in the state of Kerala, the origins of radicalisation in the state can be traced back to the 1980s when the Wahhabi ideology began making its way. The same problem was found in Kashmir as well, but the ideology became deeply infested for a variety of reasons-one the lack of knowledge and two the lack of political will.

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66 Indian Muslims fighting for ISIS abroad: The top contributors are Tamil Nadu, Kerala

New Delhi, Dec 17: The US State Department said that 66 Islamic State terrorists of Indian origin were operating abroad with the global terrorist organisation.

The report also said that none of the Indian ISIS terrorists were repatriated. Within India, through the end of September, the National Investigation Agency had investigated 34 terrorism cases it indicated were related to ISIS and arrested 160 persons, the annual Country Reports on Terrorism for 2020 issued by the department’s Bureau of Counterterrorism said.

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Killing of another RSS worker shows how deep rooted Islamic radicalisation is in Kerala

A Sanjith

New Delhi, Nov 23: A member of an extremist Islamist group has been arrested in connection with the murder of an RSS worker’s murder in Kerala. The officer bearer of the Popular Front of India has not been named as yet since his identification parade has to first take place as per the norms of investigation.

R Viswanath, district police chief told reporters that the accused was directly involved in the murder of A Sanjith at Mabaram. More arrests will take place soon, the police chief also said.

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Appeasement vs national security: Forests of South India are breeding grounds for terrorists, naxalites

New Delhi, Nov 09: The National Investigation Agency arrested an underground naxalite in connection with the Edakkara Maoist case of Kerala. The arrested persons is identified as R Ragavendran, a resident of Tamil Nadu’s Vellore and he has been accused of taking part in an arms training camp of the naxalites in 2016.

The case is related to the conduct of a training camp, including arms training, flag hoisting and celebrations of formation day of CPI (Maoist) during September 2016 in Nilambur forest, and engaging in ant-national activities threatening the unity, integrity and security of India, the NIA said.

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How an Arabic to Malayalam book on Jihad led to Islamic fanaticism in Kerala

New Delhi, Oct 29: The Malayalam translation of the 14th century Arabic text Mashari-Al-Ushaaq or the Book of Jihad has been used in Kerala extensively by the Islamic State.

In the year 2018, the National Investigation Agency had produced a copy of the Book of Jihad in a special court after scores of Kerala Muslims left the state to join the ISIS in Afghanistan. The NIA claimed that a member of this module, Abdul Rashid had used quotes extensively from this book. It was further stated that it was these discourses that convinced many to join the ISIS as they were told that Jihad is an obligation for the Islamic faithful.

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NIA arrests former LTTE intel wing member in Kerala arms, drugs smuggling case

New Delhi, Oct 07: The National Investigation Agency has arrested a key conspirator in the Vizhinjam arms case.

The agency arrested Satkunam alias Sabesan, a Sri Lankan national in connection with the case. The NIA said that he was a former member of the intelligence wing of the LTTE and was residing at Valsaravakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He was involved in arms and drug trafficking from Pakistan to Sri Lanka. The funds were being used for the revival of the LTTE, the NIA said.

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With Islamic State in overdrive mode particularly in South India, NIA sounds a high alert

New Delhi, Sep 18: The Islamic State is trying to further operations in the country. The recent chargesheet filed by the National Investigation Agency is a clear indicator of how dangerous the group is.

The ISIS had in fact scouted for land in the forests of South India to set up training camps and launch pads. In addition to this, the agency has also noticed an increase in online activity by the group.

The primary concern is still Kerala and the highest number of recruits are emerging from that state an officer told OneIndia on condition of anonymity. The NIA has so far investigated 37 cases of terror attacks, conspiracy and funding which have been inspired by the ISIS ideology.

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In 2020 most policemen were martyred in naxal attacks, Kerala topped injury list due to riotous mobs

New Delhi, Sep 16: Left Wing Extremism claimed the maximum lives of police personnel in 2020, the latest report released by the National Crimes Records Bureau shows.

59 police personnel were martyred due to naxalite related incidents, while 36 lost their lives due to terror, the data also shows. The highest number of deaths of police personnel due to naxal related incidents was 55 and all these cases were reported from Chhattisgarh. Maharashtra and Jharkhand reported 3 and 1 such incidents respectively.

Chhattisgarh reported 12 cases of police personnel losing their lives due to a riotous mob. This was followed by Assam and Delhi, which reported 8 and 1 cases respectively.

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Chaos in Kabul and the lurking danger of Keralites who joined the ISIS trying to return

New Delhi, Sep 03: With reports stating that nearly 20 persons from Kerala who joined the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) are roaming free in Afghanistan, an alert has been sounded in India.

Security agencies say that these persons could try and make their way back into India. An alert has been sounded at the airports as the agencies suspect that they may try and make their way back into India.

Several have already indicated that they wanted to return to India, but the government’s position is clear that it does not want any of these ISIS returnees back on their soil.

One of the key concerns with these persons is that they could be sent back to India with an intention of further spreading the ideology of the ISKP in Kerala and other parts of the country. The Indian government’s position is that once such persons return, they could become an inspiration for many and the recruiting may only go up.

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