Why we should worry about the ISIS returnees of Kerala and those de-radicalised

New Delhi, June 25: Local police reports from Kerala state that over the past three to four years, over a 100 persons from the state have joined the Islamic State.

Added to this, the agencies are also keeping a close watch on over 2,000 elements who had attempted to join the ISIS, but were caught and de-radicalised. It is a delicate situation says an Intelligence Bureau (IB) official. We need to keep a very close watch on these people and it would take sometime before we are entirely sure that they have returned to the mainstream, the officer also says.

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Kashmir to Kanyakumari: NIA gets on the job as ISIS looks to spiral out of control

New Delhi, June 21: Pakistan is having a problem of plenty, where the Islamic State is concerned. In the region, it has not stormed into areas like it did at Mosul or Faluja.

The outfit has used the online recruiting took effectively to bring in the numbers.

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Fighting radicalisation to the finish: Why the NIA will have a busy outing in TN, Kerala

isisuaeNew Delhi, June 18: The National Investigation Agency (NIA)’s raids at Tamil Nadu and Kerala have revealed a larger picture about both radicalisation as well as the gradual rise of the Islamic State.

Security experts say that radicalisation in the state is deeply infested and the issue had been ignored for long. Successive governments had ignored the issue a close look at the situation suggests that both Tamil Nadu and Kerala have had a similar problem.

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SIMI link to ISIS: Why Kerala, Tamil Nadu have become ticking time bombs

New Delhi, June 15: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) made a significant arrest in the Kerala-Tamil Nadu Islamic case when it arrested Sheikh Hidayathullah.

During the course of the investigation, it was learnt that he was subscribed to the ideologies of both the ISIS as well as the Students Islamic Movement of India.

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Two modules, one modus operandi: NIA on ISIS modules in TN, Kerala

Mohammed Azharudeen

New Delhi, June 14: The National Investigation Agency says that the mastermind of the Sri Lanka bombings could be linked to at least 3 cases that are being probed in India.

The revelation came in the wake of the NIA conducting raids at several locations in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday. The NIA also went on to add that the Coimbatore module has more members and is found to be very similar to the ISIS operations in Kerala. Both modules had planned on carrying out attacks in South India similar to the Easter bombings, the NIA also said.

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ISIS was recruiting from Kerala, TN to strike in South India: NIA

New Delhi, June 12: The National Investigation Agency which conducted raids at Tamil Nadu has registered a case against one person, suspected to be part of the Islamic State.

The person has been identified as Mohammad Azharuddin. The NIA said that he is suspected to have recruited persons from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, with an intention of carrying out attacks in South India.

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Tracking the roots of Islamic radicalisation in Kerala by Zakir Naik

zakirnaikNew Delhi, June 11: In recent developments, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has said that it would be moving the Interpol to bring back controversial Islamic preacher, Zakir Naik from Malaysia to India.

Malaysia on the other hand said that it reserved the right to refuse an extradition. However India and Malaysia both have extradition treaties. For India bringing back Naik is crucial as he is being investigated for several crimes by the Enforcement Directorate and National Investigation Agency (NIA).

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Why is India’s most literate state Kerala producing the most ISIS terrorists

New Delhi, June 08: Kerala is a 100 per cent literate state. It is one India’s best tourist destination and offers probably the best cuisine.

Attached to all the positives is a lurking problem as well. It has been described as a ticking time bomb, thanks to problem of radicalisation and the very fact that the maximum number of cases of people leaving for the Islamic State have been reported from this state.

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Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu: With a free hand, the radicalisation problem is curable

New Delhi, May 29: For the Intelligence agencies, the rate at which radicalisation has grown in states such as Kerala and West Bengal has been alarming. Several officials have in the past complained that the lack of a free hand and the immense politicisation of the issue had led to such a rapid rise in radicalisation in these states.

The minority appeasement has been one of the major reasons for these states becoming problematic. The same could be said about Tamil Nadu as well, where the first case relating to the Islamic State had been reported.

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Boat with Islamic State terrorists: Cops seek information from locals

New Delhi, May 28: A high alert was sounded following intelligence reports that a boat carrying 15 Islamic State Terrorists had set off from Sri Lanka to Lakshadweep islands.

In the wake of this alert, the Kerala police chief met with security officials to review the situation. The police is seeking information from the locals regarding the boat.

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