Kerala Love Jihad: Is there an Islamic State link?

hadiyaThe National Investigation Agency has found a large conspiracy in the Kerala love jihad case. It has been found that Shafin Jahan whose marriage with Hadiya was annulled by the Kerala High Court was in touch with two chargesheeted operatives of the Islamic State.

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Kerala Love Jihad: Wife not a chattel, husband can’t be guardian says SC

hadiyaThe Supreme Court said that a wife is not a chattel and husband cannot be her guardian. The observation was made during the hearing in the Hadiya case on Monday.

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Kerala Love Jihad: Hadiya married of her own will, NIA tells SC

hadiyaThe National Investigation Agency has said that Hadiya had married a Muslim man of her own will. The NIA in its status report said that it also did not find any financial trail linking Hadiya or others in the case.

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Kerala Love Jihad: Hold proceedings in-camera, father urges SC

LoveJihad-1An application has been filed in the Supreme Court urging that the interaction in the Kerala Love Jihad case be held in-camera. The father of the girl who converted to Islam before marrying a Muslim man has sought that the proceedings be held in-camera and not in open court.

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Kerala Love Jihad: They put the fear of hell in us, confessions of the trapped women

LoveJihad-1As the National Investigation Agency continues with its probe into Love Jihad in Kerala, more women are coming forward and narrating horrific tales of conversion. All these statements which are part of the NIA’s case files indicate that it is a systematic approach that has been adopted to lure and trap vulnerable women. The NIA had said that the case it is probing is not just a one off incident, but there is a systematic plan in place to trap young women into conversion to Islam.

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Kerala Love Jihad: Not isolated but sustained effort to convert vulnerable Hindu girls to Islam


The investigations being conducted by the National Investigation Agency in the Love Jihad case is not an isolated incident, but part of a sustained effort to spread the menace. The Supreme Court had recently directed the NIA to probe a case of Love Jihad from Kerala. The case cropped up after the father of the girl complained that his daughter was forcibly converted to Islam and married off.

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