Karnataka Speaker’s order of disqualification will run into troubled waters legally

img_0083New Delhi, July 29: The order of the Karnataka Speaker which disqualified the 17 rebel MLAs is bound to run into troubled waters legally.

The legal team for the MLAs are bound to cite the latest judgment of the Bombay High Court, which said that disqualification under the Tenth Schedule cannot bar a legislator to seek an election during the term of the current assembly.

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Is Governor within his rights to direct Karnataka Speaker, CM to hold floor test?

vajubhai-valaBengaluru, July 19: There were two missives from the office of the Governor on Thursday-one to the Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly and the other to Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy.

Both were directions to hold the floor test which was delayed on Thursday and finally not held.

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Karnataka crisis: All eyes on Speaker

Bengaluru, July 09: All eyes would be on the Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly as he takes a call on the resignations submitted by the 13 MLAs today. The decision by the Speaker, Ramesh Kumar would be crucial to the Congress-JD(S) government in Karnataka.

On Saturday, the Speaker had promised to take up the matter on Tuesday by summoning all the MLAs and speaking to them. While the rebel MLAs would meet with the Speaker, they will not be part of the Congress Legislature Party meeting scheduled to be held at around 9.30 am.

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Kar- Speaker accepts 13 resignations

The Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly has accepted the resignations of all 13 MLAs. 13 MLA’s loyal to B S Yeddyurappa had come out of the BJP and tendered their resignations to the Speaker of the legislative assembly this morning.
With these resignations accepted the strength of the Legislative assembly has come down to 212. The BJP government has a thin majority with 106 seats now. Continue reading “Kar- Speaker accepts 13 resignations”

Yeddy, steady, will he go?

As B S Yeddyurappa gears up to fight yet another battle to save his seat, the 16 rebel MLAs who were given relief by the Supreme Court of India today said that their fight is against the individual and not against the Bharatiya Janata Party.
Karnataka state politics which had remained quiet for quite sometime now has erupted yet again with leaders from various groups holed up in separate meetings.
The Chief Minister Yeddyurappa was however portrayed a calm picture and said that he welcomed this result since it only boosted the party. Out of the 16 rebel MLAs 11 are from the BJP and this result means that they come back into the party. The CM said that with these 11 MLAs back in the party, the strength of the BJP has gone to 121 which includes the Speaker of the assembly and also one independent candidate. The magic number required in the Karnataka assembly is 113.
The 11 rebel MLAs who were disqualified from the party by the Speaker had moved the Supreme Court of India against the order of the High Court which had upheld their disqualification. These MLAs who are now technically back in the BJP are still at New Delhi and also held a meeting. They continue to remain adamant that Yeddyurappa should be changed. We have nothing against the party, our grouse is only against the individual, they say.
The CM who a while ago said that he welcomed the judgment is however locked up at his Dollar’s Colony private residence and is meeting with various party leaders from the state. He is discussing the verdict and how to face the problem in case the Governor or the Opposition insists on a floor test. With him at the meeting are State BJP president K S Eshwarappa, Law Minister Sunil Kumar among others. The composition of this meeting is interesting since it comprises Eshwarappa who has been openly gunning for the head of the Chief Minister. Already there are various allegations against Eshwarappa stating that he has been trying to break the party and become the CM with the help of the 11 rebels.
Yeddyurappa during the meeting has made it clear that there cannot be any leadership change, but better portfolios can be given to them.
The rebels are however in no mood to listen and continue to demand for a change in the leadership. Regarding the role to be played by the 5 independent MLAs who were also disqualified, the BJP says that they cannot comment on this and they are independent to take any decision. However the BJP also adds that it would issue a whip to all its MLAs in case they are asked to prove their majority on the floor of the house by either the Governor or the opposition.