Karnataka: Why the BJP is in no hurry to stake a claim to form government

Bengaluru, July 25: The coalition has fallen and all eyes are on the BJP in Karnataka. While there has been talk that the BJP under the leadership of B S Yeddyurappa will stake a claim to form the government, there has been no movement on that front.

On Wednesday, it was rumoured that Yeddyurappa would meet the Governor to stake a claim, following which he would be sworn in on Thursday.

Karnataka: If rebels are disqualified, SC would have to give larger interpretation of its order

rebel-mlasBengaluru, July 22: Speaker of the Karnataka legislative assembly, Ramesh Kumar said in the assembly that the whip would be applicable to the rebel MLAs as well.

When proceedings began in the assembly, he said that he had taken time as he was studying the order of the Supreme Court, which had said that the rebels cannot be compelled to come to the assembly.

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If floor test is not taken on Monday, Karnataka could well stare at President’s Rule

karnataka assemblyBengaluru, July 20: In the past two days, the Governor of Karnataka set a deadline thrice for the floor test to be conducted. While one was issued to the Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, the other two were for Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy.

None of the deadlines were adhered to, which set of speculation that the Governor may dismiss the government.

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Karnataka: How many times has state been under President’s rule, Article 356 explained

karnataka assemblyNew Delhi, July 19: There is a crisis in Karnataka and the Governor of the state has in the past 12 hours issued two deadlines for the government to prove its majority.

In the wake of these developments, while the coalition debates the role of a Governor in the proceedings of the legislature, Raj Bhavan has dashed off a report to the Centre about the happenings in the state.

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Is Governor within his rights to direct Karnataka Speaker, CM to hold floor test?

vajubhai-valaBengaluru, July 19: There were two missives from the office of the Governor on Thursday-one to the Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly and the other to Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy.

Both were directions to hold the floor test which was delayed on Thursday and finally not held.

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Can Karnataka rebels be disqualified: What is the Anti-Defection Law and how does it work?

rebel-mlasNew Delhi, July 18: The Congress in Karnataka said today that there has been a violation of their right under the 10th Schedule of the Constitution.

While the proceedings in the House where a floor test was scheduled has dragged on, there is talk that the Congress would push for the disqualification of the rebel MLAs.

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Congress tends to suffer the most from Karnataka crisis: Dr. Shastri

congress-karnataka-leadersBengaluru, July 17: The numbers for the coalition look very shaky in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on the petitions filed by the rebel MLAs in Karnataka.

If the 15 MLAs rebels refrain from attending the trust vote proceedings on Thursday, then the government is staring at a collapse.

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Courtesy SC order, the whip too can’t save a sinking ship in Karnataka

Vidhana_Soudha_KarnatakaBengaluru, July 17: With the Supreme Court delivering its verdict, the rebel MLAs are at liberty to abstain from the trust vote proceedings to be held in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly on Thursday at 11 am.

As a result of the SC verdict, the MLAs cannot be compelled to attend the House. This would mean a whip issued by the JD(S) or Congress compelling them to be present will not be applicable.

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With liberty granted to rebels, SC spells trouble for Kumaraswamy government

kumar-worriedBengaluru, July 17: The Supreme Court has left it to the discretion of the 15 rebel MLAs on whether they would want to attend the trust vote proceedings in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly tomorrow.

It may be recalled at the time the arguments closed on Tuesday, the rebels represented by their advocate Mukul Rohatgi had urged the court to pass an order, which would not make it mandatory for them to attend the proceedings.

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With rebels remaining firm, who is Congress-JD(S) counting on to win trust vote

karnataka-assemblyBengaluru, July 16: The fate of the coalition in Karnataka hangs by a thread and on Thursday, the JD(S)-Congress government will face a trust vote. BJP leader and former chief minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa sounded confident that the coalition will collapse and his party would form the government in the next four to five days.

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