Cauvery row: SC sidesteps Karnataka resolution, but warns against disobeying 6,000 cusecs order

krsSidestepping the potential Constitutional minefield laid by the Karnataka assembly’s September 23 resolution not to release water to Tamil Nadu, the Supreme Court today directed the state to release 6,000 cusecs for three days (September 27 – 29).
Karnataka has sought modification of the earlier Supreme Court order and told the Bench today that it will be able to release water only in December.
A bench comprising Justices Dipak Mishra and U.U Lalit observed that disobedience of the top court’s order is no solution in a federal structure.

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Gutter water has flown into BJP

He was the self declared moral police man of Karnataka. Pramod Muthalik the chief convenor of the Shri Ram Sene today is being asked one question and that is why has he been silent about the recent incident where two BJP legislators were caught watching a pornographic clip in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

However Muthalik who today is in Bangalore to oversee measures to be taken ahead of Valentines Day, says that the gutter water has entered into the Karnataka BJP. In this interview with, Muthalik says that when gutter water enters into one’s home, the smell is always disgusting and never sweet.

What are your plans for Valentines Day?

Every year we have protests against this disgusting Western culture and this year too we will protest.

The past two years have been peaceful and your activists have not resorted to anything violent. We hope this year too it would be the same.

Do not worry about that. We have no intention of turning violent. All we are trying to do is convey a message that Western culture is not suited and people in India should not be celebrating Valentines Day at any cost as it is against our culture.

What programmes do you have on mind for Valentine’s Day?

We have held meetings and have decided to oppose it. However no force would be used. We are going to all colleges and hotels and requesting them not to allow any sort of Valentine’s Day celebration. In addition to this we are also distributing pamphlets in which we speak about the ill that could befall us by following a Western culture.

What if you find people celebrating Valentine’s Day? Will there be violence then?

No there shall be none. All we will do is first advise them and if they do not listen then complain against them to the police. We expect the police to take action against such persons who follow Valentine’s Day which according to be is obscene culture.

Recently some members of your organization were arrested for hoisting a Pakistan flag. This was construed as a tactic by you to incite communal tensions so that your organization gains some footage. Is this correct?

First of all my men have been fixed. The persons who were actually responsible for the incident were not my men. These were persons from the RSS and the Vishwa Hindu Parishath. The men who they finally arrested were good workers who were working for a cause. They wanted to fix me and my organization and hence the real culprits were shielded. There has been a ploy to always drag the name of my organization. It is alright let them go on doing it. We will continue to fight for the cause. I have clarified this before too and also said that we are becoming the sacrificial goats in every issue.

Now over to the latest controversy about the BJP MLAs and the porno incident. You did a lot of moral policing. Why this silence on this issue?

I am not quiet. You asked me I am talking. It is nothing but a dirty incident which has lowered the dignity not only of the party, but also of the people of the state. It is condemnable and action should be taken.

Action will be taken or has already been taken. But what do you plan to do about it considering you raise your voice against anything that is remotely wrong?

We are planning a series of protests in the days to come. We have a meeting of the core committee tomorrow following which we will launch a series of agitations against these ministers. We will continue to fight until the MLAs are ousted completely from their memberships. A mere resignation from the post of minister is not good enough. They are answerable to the voter who has elected them and hence they should be ousted from their post of MLA too. We will not let this issue go so easily.

You have been closely associated with the BJP once upon a time. It is said that the BJP is a cadre based party with a load of morals. What happened to those morals?

A lot of gutter water has flown into the BJP today. When gutter water flows in the smell is never sweet it is always disgusting. Hope you understand what I mean. The BJP for the sake of power has taken in a lot of persons from the Congress and the Janata Dal (S) to ensure that it has the numbers. In the bargain the party has lost its charm and has too many unwanted elements. This has led to a dip in morals and also increased corruption and greed within the party.

Are you saying that there are more such persons in the BJP today?

Yes at least 50 per cent of them are such persons and this is unfortunate as this is not how the party was built up. It had lot of morals and values at first but today it is the opposite. Look at the incident in the assembly which happened two days back. It has sent such a bad message and society has been ruined. If leaders behave this way then what example are they setting?

Are you happy with the action against them?

No there has been no action at all. The system needs to be cleaned up immediately. For that to happen a strong message has to be sent or a precedent set. I feel that these MLAs have to first be sent home and then to jail. My protest would demand that. The system needs a desperate change and for that such persons should not be anywhere close to public life.

Your thoughts on the Malpe rave party issue.

We have submitted a memorandum and hope that action will be taken to prevent such incidents. I have decided to adopt a non violent stand and all future battles will be fought without any violence and we will not get provoked unnecessarily.

Kar debates Pak flag issue-Minister watches Dirty Picture

There was some more embarrassment for the government in Karnataka when a minister was caught watching a porn clip when proceedings were on in the Legislative Assembly.
The television camera crews which were stationed in the legislative assembly caught the minister, Lakshman Savadi watching a clip on the former’s mobile phone. The minister was said to be watching the clip while the assembly was engaged in a heated debate regarding some miscreants hoisting the Pakistan flag in a village in Northern Karnataka. Savadi is the Cooperative minister. The opposition has demanded that action be taken against this ministers for lowering the dignity of the house.