High voter turn out- What does it mean?

Pic: Outlook
Pic: Outlook

A high voter turn out means that the people are looking for a change. While this is the general belief among the people of Karnataka, analysts feel that it may not be the factor always.

Sandeep Shastry, one of Karnataka’s most renowned psephologists explains to rediff.com what a high voter turn out would mean in the formation of the next government.

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What Rahul failed to do

Pic: Indian Express
Pic: Indian Express

Rahul Gandhi who has addressed over 3 rallies in Karnataka ahead of the elections may have managed to change the fortunes of his party to an extent in the rural belts. However what he has failed to do is quell the rebellion within the Congress. Narendra Modi on the other hand addressed two major rallies in Bangalore and Mangalore. While the prospects of the BJP may not have changed in the entire state as a result of the two visits, it did have an impact in at least these two cities and the neighbouring areas, the BJP feels.

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SMK on campaign- Will it make a difference?

Will he or will he not was the question? S M Krishna is back on the streets campaigning for the Congress in Karnataka which faces the May 5 assembly elections.

He is not an aspirant for the post of Chief Minister in case the Congress comes to power in Karnataka. Many leaders in the Congress who have been loyal to him had requested him to campaign for them. They feel that Krishna could swing the Vokkaliga votes to some extent and more importantly he may make a difference in the IT sector of Bangalore as he had earned the tag of hi-tech Chief Minister once upon a time.

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