Why shouldn’t the Vishakha guidelines not apply to the CJI: Justice Santhosh Hegde

justice-hegdeNew Delhi, Apr 25: The Supreme Court has been in the news, following allegations of sexual harassment made against Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi.

On one hand an in-house committee of the Supreme Court is looking into the allegations, while on the other a Bench is hearing a petition filed by an advocate, who has alleged that the CJI was being framed.

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Is Sidda and Ramaiah the next divide on the cards in Karnataka?

Would you divide yourself as Sidda and Ramaiah, the former Lokayukta of Karnataka, Justice Santhosh Hegde asked. Slamming the Karnataka government’s move to recommend the religious minority tag to the Lingayats, Justice Hegde said that the government had no business to recognise any community as a religion.

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‘Lax security led to Lokayukta stabbing’, says Justice Hegde

Bengaluru: There is no doubt that there has been a security breach says Justice Santhosh Hegde on the incident in which Justice P Vishwanath Shetty, the Lokayukta of Karnataka was stabbed.

Justice Shetty was stabbed by a person called Tejraj Sharma, a resident of Tumkur near Bangalore on Wednesday.

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Totally avoidable says Justice Hegde on SC judges going public

hegdeVery unfortunate is how former Supreme Court judge, Justice Santhosh Hegde termed the developments which unfurled on Friday. Four top judges of the Supreme Court decided to come out an speak out against the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra on the manner in which the Benches were being assigned.

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Sedition charge against Amnesty justified: Justice Hegde

Justice Santosh Hegde. Photo courtesy: The Hindu
Justice Santosh Hegde. Photo courtesy: The Hindu

Bengaluru, Aug 19: The sedition charge against NGO Amnesty International for allowing people to raise anti-India slogans at an event it had organised last week is completely justified, says former Supreme Court judge Santhosh Hegde.

Speaking to OneIndia, Justice Hegde said, “Amnesty International cannot escape responsibility for the slogans by saying none of its employees shouted them”.

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High time the Karnataka Lokayukta is arrested

TH30_BHASKAR_RA_TH_1635988eNew Delhi, Sept 22: There appears to be no solution in sight where the fate of the Karnataka Lokayukta is concerned. Justice Bhaskar Rao, the Lokayukta has been on leave for the past two months and there have been allegations that he has not deputed his work to anyone else.

The Lokayukta’s office is facing corruption charges and to add to it the son of Justice Rao has been accused of making extortion calls using his father’s name. Former Lokayukta of Karnataka, Justice Santhosh Hegde says, “enough is enough.”

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Lokayukta needs a clean up- Justice Hegde

It is better to quit, if one feels unwanted: Justice HegdeThe Karnataka Lokayukta Act has been amended and this paves the way for the ouster of Justice Y Bhaskar Rao, Lokayukta of Karnataka. The opposition BJP in the state of Karnataka has started a signature campaign seeking the ouster of the Lokayukta. The amended act which was approved by the Governor of Karnataka a few days back makes the process to oust the Lokayukta simpler.
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Bansal, Sriramulu- Winning vs morals

bsri1The granting of tickets to Pawan Kumar Bansal, B Sriramulu among others has only gone on to show that winning an election scores over morality and clean governance. The names of around 188 candidates to contest the elections have been declared so far and statistics would show that 56 of them or 30 per cent have criminal cases against them. The BJP has 23 out 62 candidates with a criminal background while the Congress has 33 out of the 126 candidates declared so far.
Justice Santhosh Hegde, the former Lokayukta of Karnataka who had prepared a detailed report on the illegal mining scam says that values that the political parties speak of is only for public consumption. When it comes to elections every party is ready to compromise to get a majority, Justice Hegde tells rediff.com.

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Rajiv assasination- Politics and delay

Death row convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. Pic: The Hindu
Death row convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case.
Pic: The Hindu

One can’t help but hang their head in shame when the lead investigator and his team which probed the Rajiv Gandhi assassination speak about the latest events concerning this case. “It is sad that the every one has forgotten the killing of Rajiv Gandhi and 17 others in a dastardly manner. Instead the entire focus is who should claim credit for the release of these persons who have been convicted by the Supreme Court of India,” says D R Kathikeyan, the former director of the Central Bureau of Investigation who was the lead investigator in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. Continue reading “Rajiv assasination- Politics and delay”

Justice Hegde- No politics for me


The talk of the town is that former Judge of the Supreme Court and Karnataka Lokayukta, Justice Santhosh Hegde will be joining the BJP on Monday. There is also talk that Kiran Bedi would also join the BJP on Monday.
However Justice Hegde laughs it off by calling it one of the most ridiculous rumour he has ever heard. On one hand I have been accused of being the one responsible for B S Yeddyurappa stepping down as Chief Minister because of my mining report. Now Yeddyurappa who quit the party has come back to the BJP and immediately the news floats that I too would be joining the same party. Does this not sound funny to you, Justice Hegde told rediff.com.

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