Protest at Gateway of India: Mumbai cops charge 36

New Delhi, Dec 29: The Mumbai police have filed a chargesheet against 36 persons who staged a protest at the Gateway of India in Mumbai against the attack on students at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

Lawyers Mihir Desai, Susan Abraham, Lara Jesani, Lokshahir Sambhaji Bhagat, students and activists, Suvarna Salve, Bilal Khan and CPI leader Prakash Reddy among others have been named in the chargesheet. 

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Anti CAA stir that led to riots would be covered by definition of terrorist act: Delhi Court

New Delhi, Oct 28: Acts that threaten the unity and integrity of India, in as much as causing social disharmony and creating terror in any section of the people, by making them feel surrounded resulting in violence is also a terrorist act, a Delhi court has said.

The observations were made while rejecting the bail application of a 27 year old student Asif Iqbal Tanha of the Jamia Millia Islamia in connection with the Delhi riots case.

The police accused Tanha of conspiring with former JNU student, Umar Khalid to overthrow the government by setting up a chakka jam (road block) in Muslim dominated areas. 

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Delhi riots: Conspiracy grew in organic manner after formation of Muslim Students of JNU

New Delhi, Sep 22: The conspirators of the Northeast Delhi riots had plotted to bring the government to its knees.

They sought to enforce the withdrawal of the newly amended citizenship law and timed the execution of their conspiracy with the visit of US President, Donald Trump, the Delhi police said in its chargesheet.

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Lal Salam, Pakistan zindabad: Documenting anti-national acts at JNU

gateway-mnRuckus at campus is an age-old trick followed by the Left. Chants like Lal Salam or activities to back the naxalites are nothing new. Most students are used by the Opposition to set their political narrative and target the nation.

The protests at the JNU would show that the Opposition would go to any length to use students to serve their political ambitions. We witnessed this in 2015 and we are witnessing the same even today.

It is an age old trick by the Left to begin a ruckus at a campus, knowing fully well that there would be a chain reaction. In 2016, the protests began at JNU and spread to Jadhavpur and Hyderabad Universities. It is similar even today and the protests at JNU have spread to other institutions as well.

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Not us, it was the Left Unity goons says ABVP

protests-11New Delhi, Jan 06: The members of Left Unity have been trying to disrupt the process of registration for the new session in Jawaharlal Nehru University and have forced a lockdown for the last two days across various centres of the University.

The member students of ABVP protested against their disruption of Internet today, after which they were attacked by the members of Left Unity. Many ABVP members were injured in this attack by the Left Unity, a note read.

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JNU: Learning change management and how not to fall into the extreme Left trap

Protests in JNU continue even though the administration decided to partially roll back the hostel fee hike only for students below the poverty line category and removed the provisions for the curfew timing and also the dress code

JNU wall of shame, shut down JNU, Left Killing JNU are some of the trends one has been seeing on social media for quite some time. The Jawaharlal Nehru University is back in the news and yet again for all the wrong reasons.

While this time the ongoing protest is largely over the proposed fee hike provision in the Draft Hostel Manual, back in 2016 it was about Azfal Guru. The students have also been protesting the new rules pertaining to the deadline to return to the hostels and also the dress code.

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Naxal bloodbath: Here is why Left extremists in JNU won’t speak up

sukma2.pgA gruesome attack on the Central Reserve Polie Force personnel by Left-Wing extremists or terrorists or Naxalites and the so-called epicentre of a democratic voice, the JNU is silent. Over the past many years, we have heard complaints about a Naxal ideology brewing on the JNU campus. In this context, one also needs to mention that it was at the same campus that Bharat ki barbaadi, slogans were raised.

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