Nepal borders no longer stopover for Jihadis, but a control centre against India

New Delhi, Feb 10: Amidst the huge rise of radicalisation in the country, a new worry for the security agencies is the large number of Mosques and Madrasas that are coming up along the border areas.

The Intelligence Bureau has learnt that a large number of Mosques and Madrasas have mushroomed in Nepal very close to the Indian border. An IANS report while citing sources said that the number of Mosques has gone up from 760 in 2018 to 1,000 in 2021. On the other hand the number of Madrasas has gone up to 645 in 2021 as opposed to 508 in 2018.

This is clearly the handiwork of the ISI and these Mosques and Madrasas are set up close to the Indian with the sole intention of radicalising and instigating the people against the country. Not only have these places managed to instigate and radicalise the youth in large numbers, but they have been hiding spots for criminals indulging in crime, terror and fake currency racketeering from the states of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar.

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NIA’s latest chargesheet shows Bengal, Kerala are happiest hunting grounds for Jihadis

New Delhi, Feb 27: Earlier this week, the National Investigation Agency had filed chargesheet against 11 terrorists from West Bengal and Kerala in connection with an Al-Qaeda conspiracy case.

The case was registered by the NIA based on information about an Al Qaeda inspired module operating in the states of West Bengal and Kerala under the leadership of Murshid Hasan. The members of this module were in the advanced stage of a conspiracy to execute terrorist attacks in different parts of the country.

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Southern Islamic Caliphate: A plot involving Jihadis from Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala

New Delhi, Arp 25: The establishment of an Islamic Caliphate has been top of the priority of the Islamic State. Now, with the Colombo bombing, it has come to light that one of the prime accused Zaharan Hashim had instructed jihadis not only in Sri Lanka, but also in Tamil Nadu and Kerala to help establish a southern Caliphate.

On September 1 2018, a case was registered at the B-3 Variety Hall police station in Coimbattore. The case pertained to a criminal conspiracy hatched by the accused with the intention of furthering the objectives of the ISIS by targeting Hindu leaders and activists.

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Rohingya threat to national security, could be used by ISIS: Centre in SC

rohingya3The Centre has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that the Rohingyas are a national threat. The centre said that they could be used by terror groups such as the Islamic State. The government said national interest warrants their deportation and the court should not interfere in the proceedings. The centre also said that there are intelligence alerts that some Rohingyas are linked with terror. These groups are active in Jammu, Delhi, Mewat and Hyderabad, the centre further stated. The next date of hearing is on Monday.

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Why are jihadis happy with Trump’s travel ban?

donaldA video titled,’The Americans will turn on the Muslims, has gone viral in jihadi circles following the ban on all immigration and visa holders who are citizens of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia.

The executive order issued by American President Donald Trump, is the most talked about subject in jihadi circles today.

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ISIS using cloud technology for continued online presence

techterNew Delhi, Oct 14: The use of cloud technology has now caught the attention of the ISIS. The ISIS which runs a website called the boasts that is far superior to YouTube and also speaks of how they are using cloud technology.
The members who are running this website have thrown an open challenge to security agencies that they will continue to function even if they are blocked. This platform which is being run by technologically advanced jihadis claims to maintain an online presence at all given times.

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Wannabe jihadis in India want to strike in the name of ISIS

ISIS FLAGThe investigations being conducted into the busting of a module at Ratlam and also the waiving of flags in Kashmir were initially believed to be connected to the ISIS.

However the investigations have now clearly shown that these were wannabe ISIS groups who took the name of the outfit in a bid to spread fear. Wannabe jihadis aim to spread fear

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Pakistan’s incorrigible nuclear staff: Is Al-Qaeda targeting them?

paknukesHow safe are the nuclear weapons in Pakistan?
Everyone across the world has expressed a great deal of concern over the safety of these weapons and often expressed apprehensions that it could well fall into the hands of Jihadis.
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World Cup 2015: Why Jihadis hate cricket?

pak-medThe world cup frenzy is sure catching up in all cricket-playing nations. While the anticipation is high and excitement levels on a frenzied pitch, there are however a group of people who are not entirely happy.

The Jihadis or the so-called protectors of Islam have once again gone on to issue rules and regulations to their fighters on how to target the cricket and why the game is a bad idea for those fighting the “holy war.”

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