Southern Islamic Caliphate: A plot involving Jihadis from Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala

New Delhi, Arp 25: The establishment of an Islamic Caliphate has been top of the priority of the Islamic State. Now, with the Colombo bombing, it has come to light that one of the prime accused Zaharan Hashim had instructed jihadis not only in Sri Lanka, but also in Tamil Nadu and Kerala to help establish a southern Caliphate.

On September 1 2018, a case was registered at the B-3 Variety Hall police station in Coimbattore. The case pertained to a criminal conspiracy hatched by the accused with the intention of furthering the objectives of the ISIS by targeting Hindu leaders and activists.

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Rohingya threat to national security, could be used by ISIS: Centre in SC

rohingya3The Centre has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that the Rohingyas are a national threat. The centre said that they could be used by terror groups such as the Islamic State. The government said national interest warrants their deportation and the court should not interfere in the proceedings. The centre also said that there are intelligence alerts that some Rohingyas are linked with terror. These groups are active in Jammu, Delhi, Mewat and Hyderabad, the centre further stated. The next date of hearing is on Monday.

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Amidst Rohingya Muslim crisis, Jihadis call for boycott of Myanmar goods

rohingya.jpgJihadis have called for a boycott of good made in Myanmar in the wake of the Rohingya Muslim crisis. Jihadi handles on the social media were seen condemning the persecution of the Rohingya Muslims.

Why are jihadis happy with Trump’s travel ban?

donaldA video titled,’The Americans will turn on the Muslims, has gone viral in jihadi circles following the ban on all immigration and visa holders who are citizens of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia.

The executive order issued by American President Donald Trump, is the most talked about subject in jihadi circles today.

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ISIS using cloud technology for continued online presence

techterNew Delhi, Oct 14: The use of cloud technology has now caught the attention of the ISIS. The ISIS which runs a website called the boasts that is far superior to YouTube and also speaks of how they are using cloud technology.
The members who are running this website have thrown an open challenge to security agencies that they will continue to function even if they are blocked. This platform which is being run by technologically advanced jihadis claims to maintain an online presence at all given times.

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Wannabe jihadis in India want to strike in the name of ISIS

ISIS FLAGThe investigations being conducted into the busting of a module at Ratlam and also the waiving of flags in Kashmir were initially believed to be connected to the ISIS.

However the investigations have now clearly shown that these were wannabe ISIS groups who took the name of the outfit in a bid to spread fear. Wannabe jihadis aim to spread fear

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Pakistan’s incorrigible nuclear staff: Is Al-Qaeda targeting them?

paknukesHow safe are the nuclear weapons in Pakistan?
Everyone across the world has expressed a great deal of concern over the safety of these weapons and often expressed apprehensions that it could well fall into the hands of Jihadis.
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World Cup 2015: Why Jihadis hate cricket?

pak-medThe world cup frenzy is sure catching up in all cricket-playing nations. While the anticipation is high and excitement levels on a frenzied pitch, there are however a group of people who are not entirely happy.

The Jihadis or the so-called protectors of Islam have once again gone on to issue rules and regulations to their fighters on how to target the cricket and why the game is a bad idea for those fighting the “holy war.”

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Watch what you say- You are watched today

netraStarting today your experience on the phone or the internet will be different. India’s snooping programme is underway and suspicious actions will be watched by multiple agencies using both Netra and the National Cyber Coordination Centre.

It is not intended to invade into privacy an official with the Intelligence Bureau tells The response mechanism has been late all these days while handling issues on the internet and through such programmes we will have real time information.

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Stop digging temple wealth for the sake of our Dharma and God

Sri Padnamanabhaswamy temple,

Our temples in India have trillions of Rupees and this was revealed when the vaults of the Sri Padnamanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala was opened recently.

There is a raging debate that is on with regarding to money found in the temples. Whether it should be used for public purpose or should this be kept a secret is the question that is on everyone’s mind today.

R Vaidyanathan a Professor of Finance at IIM says three things regarding this issue- it is the wealth that belongs to the Lord, the wealth is Inter generational equity and with countries such as the United States of America and also countries in the Middle East being on the decline, the time was just not right to reveal such details. Professor Vaidyanathan in this interview with says that Jihadis have always had their eyes on our temples and revealing of such details will only tempt them to attack our temples and steal the wealth which belongs to our Lord.

Could you explain the dangers in revealing details about the wealth in our temples.

The temples of India contain several billion dollars worth of treasures and such details have been revealed at a time that is dangerous for our polity. Given the economic depression in Europe and the also the acute unemployment situation in the USA, such news items could tempt such countries. Let us take note of the fact that the US had invaded Iraq on the ground that there were some weapons which was ultimately not there. If we open up the vaults of our temples then such factors could only tempt such countries. The US is a declining empire and they have a huge amount of economic crisis and all this just sets a dangerous precedent.

So are you saying that the US like the British invade our temple wealth?

I am not saying they would, I am just saying they could. Moreover this is not just about them. Temples are targets of terrorists and they could invade them too. Giving out such details to those terrorists could only attract them into our temples in order to loot our wealth. The Middle East too is under crisis and they could also prove dangerous to our temple wealth. Under such a situation we need to be cautious.

So what are you suggesting that we need to do with all this wealth? Let it lie idle?

It has been lying idle all these years. Why should we take it out now? We are not getting any Godly benefit by taking it out of the coffers at the moment. When one talks about temple weath which has been accumulated from the days of our Maharajas, this present generation cannot assume that it belongs only to us. It has inter generational equity and hence my great grand children too have a right over this wealth. How can we pull it out and say let us build roads with this money?

But don’t you think that wealth cannot lie idle all the time?

I am not saying that. Going by the present situation in the entire world, all I am saying is that the time is just not right to make such revealations. Moreover this wealth does not belong only to this generation. The previous generation did not get its benefit, so how can we claim a right over it? As of now it would be best if that wealth is left alone. These treasures were donated to the temple by devotees over centuries, and rightfully belong to Lord Vishnu, who cannot even be fully seen from any angle by devotees. He is the true owner of this wealth and this truth should be internalized.

So, who should handle this wealth?

Let it just remain there and be handled by the trust as was being done all these years. The time now is most inappropriate to try to list the billions of rupees worth of diamonds and rubies and sapphires owned by our temples. We all know that a significant portion of our politicians have a criminal background and even parts of the judiciary are corrupt. The bureaucracy is also compromised. Hence where government finances are completely out of alignment with revenue realities, the temptation will be to use these invaluable treasures to fulfill the insatiable personal and political greed of our politicians to fund populist schemes like “food security” for all with resources belonging to Lord Vishnu. Already more than 80% of the incomes of major temples is used for “secular” causes rather than for “sacred” purposes.

I am sorry to sound repetitive. But once again I would like to ask, what use is this wealth if it will lie idle?

During the days of the Rajas, such money was in the reserve fund. It was used only at a time of natural calamity when the rest of the coffers went dry. The money belonging to the Lord should be used only when the Lord creates a calamity. We must appreciate our Kings who had kept this wealth safe for us. In the past the Kings have used this wealth to wriggle the society out of a crisis. We must keep the wealth for the same.

Do you mean that we have gained nothing by revealing the details of this wealth?

Absolutely nothing. The Jihadis will eye our temples more. Other countries in distress will have their eyes on it. As a result of all this we will have to pray in temples in the presence of gun trotting security guards. The entire atmosphere in temples will be vitiated.

You say that some Hindu maha sabhas are quiet about this issue. Why is this the case?

I don’t think they have understood the full import of what is happening.

So what do you suppose be done now?

For the sake of Dharma and for God’s sake, our courts and powers should stop digging for treasures in our temples. We need to have a temple protection force and the responsibility should be shared between the Central and State government. We are speaking in terms of trillions over here and there is a need to protect this wealth from prying eyes. This is national treasure and hence the protection ought to be very high.