‘Swear to God, will destroy Jaish-e-Mohammad’: Pak NSA to India

naseerNew DElhi, Mar 19: Naseer Jung Januja the National Security Advisor is an army man first. He speaks like an army man even today and this context it would be interesting to share what he had to say following the Pathankot attack.
When India’s National Security (NSA) Ajit Doval raked up the Pathankot attack and the involvement of the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), Januja replied in true army man style- “I swear to God, I will destroy the Jaish-e-Mohammad.”

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To break Jaish-e-Mohammad, Pakistan must act against al-Rahmat trust

img_0598-1New Delhi, Jan 11: India expects Pakistan to act against those who masterminded the Pathankot attack.
Investigations have revealed that it was the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) which had carried out this attack.
The JeM today shares a cozy relationship with the ISI and this is probably one of the reasons why the al-Rahmat trust continues to operate in Pakistan.

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Pathankot attack: Fifth terrorist gunned down

Delhi, Jan 2: The fifth terrorist has been gunned down at Pathankot, where terrorists launched an attack at the air force station early this morning. While four terrorists were killed earlier today, there was a massive operation that was being undertaken in search of more terrorists. While the security forces managed to gun down the fifth terrorists, they have not yet declared the operation as complete.
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Kashmir Pandits- Why they fear getting back?


As tensions grow between India and Pakistan the Anti Indian terrorist groups plan to raise the ante against the Kashmiri Pandits once again in a bid to seek the local support of the home grown militants in Kashmir.

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ISI’s new tool to target Indian elections


Elections have always been under the radar of terrorists. Each time an election is held there is a prompt warning issued by the Intelligence Bureau regarding a terrorist threat.

The challenge ahead for the General elections would be immense and intercepts picked up suggest that there is more than one group which would be looking to target the elections. According to the information that has been gathered the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and the Indian Mujahideen are the ones looking to disrupt the elections. Continue reading “ISI’s new tool to target Indian elections”

Where is Maulana Masood Azhar?

Pic: Outlook
Pic: Outlook

Afzal Guru has been hanged, but where is the main accused in the case- Maulana Masood Azhar? The answer is simple. He is in Pakistan maintaining a very low profile with absolutely no heat on him whatsoever. His area of operation has been entirely restricted to the Valley alone.

The charge sheet in the Parliament attack case shows Maulana Masood Azhar as the main accused, the man who plotted this horrific attack. The other accused in the case- Ghazi Baba was killed in an encounter with Indian forces while Tariq Ahmed who was also part of the conspiracy is out and living in Pakistan.

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An agreement with Maldives to permit its residents to stay on in India without a visa for 90 days has been proving to be a headache for investigating agencies especially in Kerala. Very recently Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh spoke about the challenges the two countries faced in fighting a common enemy called as terrorism.

Post 26/11, every attempt was made by Pakistan based militant groups to float more modules in Maldives and the message was clear that attacks would be more sea borne in future. Off late Intelligence Bureau reports show that there is a lot of influx of Maldives based terror operatives and they have been frequenting states such as Kerala.

The fact that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba has been setting up modules in Maldives to launch terror attacks is nothing new. However the state in India that they would depend on the most would be Kerala according to reports put out by security agencies. Groups such as the Lashkar have been tapping the modules in Kerala to keep their Maldivian operations afloat. Signs of a Kerala-Maldives link began to show in the year 2007 itself with the arrest of a key operative by the name Asif Ibrahim.

Till date the Lashkar has been using the modules in Kerala to carry out operations in the Maldives, but soon it could be vice versa when the outfit decides to target India. There is a steady growth of the Maldivian modules according to Intelligence reports. Not only are these groups strong ideologically, but they have the capabilities of launching sea borne attacks as well which is probably the toughest form of terror which India can fight.

The Male Sultan park blast was the first time that the India-Maldives terror link cropped up. Executed by an Islamic cell connected with the Lashkar, this attack made Indian agencies sit up and take notice of what was going on.

In this case the police managed to gather a lot of information through the interrogation of Asif Ibrahim who was also connected with the attack. This man who is a Maldivian national was arrested in Kerala and during his interrogation spoke in great detail about the links between the state and the groups in Maldives. The two regions are directly bound by the finance factor and most of the operations that are carried out in Maldives are funded through the modules in Kerala which are hawala experts.

During his interrogation he also goes on to say that they have launched a shadow outfit called the Jammat-e-Muslimeen which is a cover for the Lashkar. All operations connecting Maldives and Kerala are carried out in the name of this outfit. The Kerala police point out that this is nothing but a shadow outfit for the Lashkar and in the name of the JeM a lot of activites have been carried out. The problem is serious and under the guise of a 90 day no visa policy many operatives have managed to come in and go with no problem what so ever. Although there is this glitch, the police say they are taking all efforts to verify the details of those who come into Kerala from Maldives.

However Ibrahim’s interrogation went on to prove that the police were caught napping. They managed to procure arms and also funds with much ease from Kerala when compared to Maldives. Due to various factors in Kerala, the Lashkar has found it easier to stock weapons and also cash in Kerala and have also managed to smuggle it out with much ease, once again using the sea route.

The last of the operations connecting these two modules was the Sultan park bombing. The JeM which is still very much active has remained to remain low key for the moment. Although there has been no major incident, there is still a lot of activity that goes on and hence it becomes extremely important to monitor movements into Kerala, the police feel.

The other interesting aspect is the visit made by another man called Inas Moosa to Kerala before the Sultan Park bombing. His visit is part of the record in Indian circles, but there is no trace of the man today. All the police know through their investigations is that Moosa had come down to Thiruvananthapuram and met with a couple of operatives before the attack.

Although India, Maldives and Pakistan have been speaking of curbing terror activities in Maldives, it does not appear that the Lashkar has let go easily. They have roped their best operatives including the D Gang to carry out operations in the Maldives. The D Gang has in fact set up three front companies in Maldives through which operations go on.

The IB says that all eyes are on Thiruvananthapuram where the JeM is headquartered. This front is a direct link to the Maldives operation. There is an attempt that is being made by the Lashkar to move out of Pakistan and make Maldives a big base and there is a lot of dependancy on the Indian modules for the same.

Apart from records available even the interrogations of various other operatives would show that Maldives is becoming a major hub for the Lashkar. Sarfaraz Nawaz, Sabahuddin among others have spoken about the Lashkar’s plans for Maldives. Nawaz even goes on to say that apart from Kerala they were also planning on linking the Tamil Nadu based modules for operations in Maldives.