Coordinated effort needed for a peaceful Amarnath Yatra says Vijay Kumar

kvijaykumarIn his first meeting since taking over as adviser in Jammu and Kashmir, K Vijay Kumar directed that coordinated efforts need to be in place. Kumar and Chief Secretary, B V R Subramanyam convened a meeting with the Jammu and Kashmir police.

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Hizbul arrest- Has the Delhi police got it wrong?

HizThe Delhi police appears to be fighting its case despite being on a back foot following the arrest of Sayeed Liyaqat Shah. The police have now released a sketch alleged to be an aide of Shah.

On a close reading of the case, it appears that the Delhi police have got this case a bit muddled up. Sources say that it would be a face saving exercise from now on and the issue will be given a quiet burial once the National Investigation Agency takes over the case. Even though the Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde has said that the NIA would take over the case, it would be quite sometime before the hand over actually happens. The Delhi police would try and put up a case to ensure that it does not lose face. Continue reading “Hizbul arrest- Has the Delhi police got it wrong?”

Expecting Assam type scare wave after Kasab hanging

Pic: NYtimes

A couple of hours after the hanging of Ajmal Kasab, the Intelligence Bureau had issued a general alert regarding possible retaliatory strikes in India. A host of security agencies today are studying the threats and ascertaining the seriousness of the same as there have been many such warnings that have been issued in the past couple of days. Continue reading “Expecting Assam type scare wave after Kasab hanging”