One gored to death, other dies of cardiac arrest at jallikattu event

jalliTwo persons were killed at a jallikattu event in Sivaganga district, Tamil Nadu on Sunday. While one of them was gored to death, the other died of shock. A 32 year old engineering graduate who was a spectator was attacked by the bull. He died on the spot.

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Jallikattu: SC will decide if the sport falls under the ambit of culture

jalliNew Delhi, Feb 1: The key question before the Supreme Court is whether Jallikattu or the bull taming sport falls under the ambit of culture under Article 29(1) of the Constitution. The article deals with whether citizens have the right to take measures to conserve their culture.
A Bench comprising Justices Dipak Misra and R Nariman observed that they would decide whether a sport like this is safe. Conservation of culture should not involve inflicting unnecessary pain or suffering to animals, the Bench said.

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All Jallikattu pleas to be heard by SC on Jan 31

The Supreme Court would hear all matters pertaining to Jallikattu, the bull-taming sport on January 31. The court informed the litigants that all matters pertaining to the issue would be clubbed together and taken up for hearing.

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Jallikattu violence: A Coimbatore meeting of extremists under scanner

Chennai, Jan 27: The Intelligence Bureau and the Tamil Nadu police are investigating a meet at Coimbatore in October 2016. It is alleged that in this meeting extremist groups plotted to create violence in Chennai and IB believes this may have been the same group that caused the violence at Marina where the Jallikattu protests took place.

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Jallikattu is about saving the bull, not promoting the sport

jallikattu-story_647_011516104547The Jallikattu protests in Tamil Nadu have been compared with the compared with the Arab Spring of 2010. It was a mass movement that forced the government to not just promulgate an ordinance allowing the sport, but also pass a bill quickly. Many said that the protests were aimed at legalising the bull taming sport and preserving tradition.

But many have argued that the issue has now gone beyond sport and tradition and is all about protecting the native breed of the animal. There are six native breeds of bulls in Tamil Nadu and one of them called Alambadi has been declared extinct.

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TN’s Jallikattu bill challenged in SC

jalliA petition has filed in the Supreme Court challenging the bill on Jallikattu passed by the Tamil Nadu government. The Animal Welfare Board of India moved the court stating that the bill was illegal and against the law.

The matter is likely to come up for hearing on January 30.

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TN’s Jallikattu Bill on shaky ground as Centre pulls out of litigation

jallikattu-story_647_011516104547New Delhi, Jan 25: On Tuesday the Centre informed the Supreme Court that it was withdrawing the notification on Jallikattu. It was clearly a move to pre-empt and adverse order on the issue. The Union government had on January 2 2016 issued a notification by which it allowed the use of bulls, including their exhibition and training as performing animals in Jallikattu with certain conditions.
This notification was stayed by the Supreme Court and a final order on this has been reserved. In the meantime Tamil Nadu passed a bill legalising Jallikattu. The Centre feels that the notification is unnecessary in the wake of the bill being passed. It is now up to the Supreme Court to decide on whether it would allow the notification to be withdrawn or not.

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Stone-pelter or cop? Chennai violence no different from Kashmir

chennaiThe nation watched in shock as the until-then peaceful Jallikattu protests in Chennai turned violent on Monday.
There was even one horrific sight in particular which showed the policemen pelting stones back at the mob.

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Jallikattu: Why is the judiciary silent on police excess at Chennai?

marinaChennai, Jan 24: The judiciary off late has been accused of being overzealous when it decides to hear some matters which ideally should be under the purview of the legislature.

In the Jallikattu matter, there have been allegations of interference made against the judiciary by the general public. It was the Supreme Court which first banned Jallikattu and later went on to stay a notification permitting the sport.

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Anti-India posters at Jallikattu protest venue under IB lens

marinaChennai, Jan 24: The ministry for Home Affairs is closely monitoring the situation in Chennai after the Jallikattu protests turned violent on Monday.

The Intelligence Bureau which is also monitoring the situation has reported that there were several anti-India posters that had come up at the Marina Beach which had become the epicenter of the protests.

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